Royal Magician – 41

Chapter 41- First Prince

In a room in the great royal palace, which was called the ‘Red Palace.’

A wine red carpet and statues of silver and crystal.
The paintings that decorated the wall were so valuable, that the price of one of them would be enough for a person to live comfortably for the rest of their life.

A refined scent hung in the air of the room, which was in fact, Prince Michael Ardenfeld’s office.

“How was it?”

The prince’s question concerned the new magician, who he had ordered be added to the investigation.
A knight sat on the sofa opposite to him. It was the captain of the 2nd Unit, Bismarck Alstreim, who answered.

“She exceeded my expectations. Even though she faced a mutated Goblin King, she stood her ground with courage, and fought on the frontlines. And with unbelievable speed, she dodged its vicious attacks and contributed greatly to the fight with incredible firepower. On top of that, she has a talent that goes beyond just magic.”
“I see.”

Michael Ardenfeld said with interest.

“Before I unleashed my own sword attacks, she cast support magic on me. Amidst the battle, she immediately understood my intent, and chose to support me for maximum damage. And in spite of the distance, she succeeded perfectly without chanting. How many magicians could have done the same in that situation?”

Bismarck continued.

“She was able to think broadly and stay calm in that chaos. And was able to make decisions in an instant. Noelle Springfield is much more capable than any ordinary magician. That is what I thought.”
“She impressed you that much? You, who are second only to the Holy Blade?”

The prince sighed with admiration.

“So she went beyond my prediction. Very interesting.”

Bismarck was surprised by his smile.
Michael Ardenfeld had brought tremendous results in multiple departments, and the whole kingdom saw him as most promising.

However, in spite of all the praise, he always appeared to be bored.

The only time he seemed to have smiled during the past several years, was when he had been defeated by the greatest chess master in the surrounding kingdoms.

‘Wonderful. It’s been so long since I’ve been beaten like that.’

However, after a few more matches, even that ended.

‘I am defeated. It pains me to admit it, but you are stronger.’

The grand master said weakly, with his eyes downcast.
‘I see.’ Was all the prince offered. He too looked disappointed.

There was also a kind of loneliness there as well. Or so Bismarck thought.

Excelling in everything meant that he felt bored and lonely.

As part of the kingsguard, Bismarck had witnessed this more than anyone.

And so he noticed it now.

That Prince Michael seemed to be quite interested in Ms. Noelle Springfield.

Perhaps he was hoping that as someone who exceeded his expectations, she would be able to shatter this world of boredom around him.

“Should I suggest her for the Kingsguard again? A mutated Goblin King would have a threat level that is higher than 10. Surely her rank will go up now. Of course, I think it’s possible she will avoid joining again…”
“No, leave her. Gawain Stark has a point. Why tarnish a beautiful flower that is trying to bloom? There is a proper time for everything.”

Michael Ardenfeld said as he gazed out of the window.

“Besides, there is likely to be another incident soon.”
“Another incident?”
“The assasination attempt on the Neunzehla empress. The plague in the north. And the sudden appearance of a mutated Goblin King in the Misty Forest. Do you not think too much is happening in a short while for it to be a coincidence?”
“You don’t mean…”

Bismarck gulped.

“If there is a next, it will be in the western territory. That is my prediction.”

Said the first prince, his golden eyes smiling.

“Now, what will she show us this time?”

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