Royal Magician – 173

Chapter 173 – The Day the Newcomers Arrived

“I am to be 3rd?”

Misha Charlroya, a Gold-rank magician from the 3rd unit, was very surprised.

“You must be joking. Why would I be chosen?”
“You are capable. That was what I determined.”

Luke Waldstein looked at Misha with his piercing blue eyes.

“I thought you wouldn’t even know my name.”
“Rediculous. I always thought of you as a brilliant senior. You supported the frontlines of the Autumn northern expedition with high-level support magic. Though, it’s true that we were never assigned anything together. Still, I was always impressed with how you worked.”

His voice was filled with confidence, and his well-shaped hands were folded together on the desk.

Were she any younger, she would have nodded dumbly with her mind blank.

But Misha was now twenty-seven.

After having some rotten luck with men, she had no delusions now. And she was calm enough to be able to read the meaning behind such words.

“Wait. Let us talk honestly.”
“That is what I’ve been doing?”
“No, you are just pretending.”
“You misunderstand me. I’ve been saying nothing but the truth.”
“Well, if that’s what you insist, then I shall reject the offer. I won’t team up with someone who I cannot trust.”

Luke was silent for a moment.

“Very well.”
“You didn’t know about me, did you? Not even my name.”
“To be honest.”
“How many members of the 3rd unit do you even know?”
“About ten.”
“You really have no interest in people, do you?”
“That’s true.”
“Though, you seem to never take your eyes off of her.”

Luke did not reply.
Misha continued.

“Was it Noelle who recommended me?”
“She said you were good with people, and a brilliant magician.”
“And so you scouted me, in spite of not knowing my name.”
“I am sorry.”
“It’s fine. You’re easier to talk to when being honest.”

Misha said.

“I shall accept the offer then.”
“You will?”
“Well, it is an unexpected and great opportunity for me. I decided to move forward whenever in doubt. It’s what my parents taught me.”
“It is a good teaching.”
“Well, it did result in getting tricked by horrible men and becoming a cat worshiper.”
“Don’t be so hard on yourself.”
“I am fine. My life with my cats is happy enough.”

She said without emotion and then continued.

“Should I talk more formally?”
“You should just be yourself. I think Noelle would prefer it that way.”

(Really, he is always thinking about her.)

Misha thought with a chuckle.

“Understood. I look forward to working with you, Captain.”

◇  ◇  ◇

“So you’re going to be joining us then, Misha!”

I was very happy to hear that news.
As I shouted excitedly, Misha smiled.

“I have plenty of experience, and will support you. It will be like boarding the sturdiest ship.”
“I knew that I could rely on you. And I will.”
“Leave it to me.”

And so the three of us prepared to welcome the others.

As expected, there was a lot of opposition towards us, given the timing.

Still, the unit would consist of Misha, Luke and I. And eight others, making it very small in scale for now.

“We just need to show results, and expand from there.” Luke said calmly.

And then the day arrived that we would welcome the new recruits.
The Royal Magicians Order headquarters was very busy that morning.

“Hey, you. We’re going to place bets, as we do every year. Want to join? It’s only one silver minimum. And you have the chance to win big.”

Said the seniors of the 3rd unit, looking rather suspicious.

This concerned Mr. Gawain’s baptism of hell. The 60 seconds of blood.

If you could survive the magic duel for one minute, then you passed and would receive a reward.

I had been pulled in and caused a great scene back in the day. But it seemed like it would be on an even bigger scale this time.

Mr. Gawain had put posters of himself everywhere, posing with a smug expression. Though, Ms. Leticia had then gone around, tearing them down without emotion.

(What is he doing…)

How dare he cause trouble for my Ms. Leticia!

Damn it. These childish men and their gambling.

“Oh, Springfield. Do you want to buy one?”
“No, I have no interest in such things.”
“Really? I thought you might have a hidden talent for these kinds of things.”
“…Hidden talent, you say?”

I looked up, and he nodded.

“You see, skills like being able to judge the situation are important. Calmly predict and seek out likely outcomes that others have missed. And since you are so incredibly good at watching your surroundings, Springfield, I just knew you would be a natural.”
“…You are not wrong.”
“But, if it has no interest for you, it cannot be helped. It is a good thing that you are honest. I shall just have to find someone else…”
“I’ll take ten on the third-highest odds. And also, put me down for that sevenfold, these sixteen-fold, and these triple over here. The really interesting one is ‘Gawain winning in 15 seconds with a knockout.’ People are quick to assume a newcomer wouldn’t last fifteen seconds against Mr. Gawain. But he’s been playing around a lot recently, and as someone who has fought him, I think the odds are quite good…”

While I ended up using all of my money, I was clearly a genius gambler, and would make a fortune. So there was no problem.

(Once the money comes back, I shall take the new recruits out to eat. Once they are all full, they will see me as a generous and wonderful superior.)

I smiled at this bright future that was close at hand. And like that, made some final inspections of the office before welcoming the new recruits inside.

(Wait. They will surely all be nervous due to being in this new environment. They say that the kids these days are so quick to fold. Perhaps we should create a more welcoming mood and help them to relax.)

Luke was such a sad, self-absorbed monster, that he would never be concerned about someone else. The room was kept efficient and minimalist, removing anything that did not have absolute purpose.

(Luke and Misha have already gone out to fetch them. Since I am alone here, there is only so much I can do with so little time…)

I was ready to give up then, but the feeling of wanting to give them a warm welcome was too strong.

(Even if I cannot make everything perfect, I will try to do as much as I can do.)

And so I activated my best spell… Spell Boost.

Being able to work quickly was my weapon.

(Just you wait, new recruits. I shall blow away any feelings of anxiety, and prepare for you the most welcoming room imaginable.)

◇  ◇  ◇

Twenty minutes later.

The eight newcomers who were chosen for the 7th unit of the Royal Magicians Order, arrived at the room and became speechless.

‘Congratulations on joining! I’m looking forward to working with you!’
Read the large, hand-written sign. And there were chains made of colorful paper.

It looked like someone was having a birthday party for a child. It didn’t help that the magician who greeted them was very short, and was decorated in silly party supplies.

“Wait, I’m not finished yet…”

She said frantically, stepping on and scattering papers. And then she lost her balance.


She fell over.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion.

The party supplies flew in the air.

Crackers went off.

The confetti fell.

As for the magician, she fell into the pile of colored paper, head first, and stopped moving.


A party hat rolled on the ground quietly.

Time seemed to stop for a moment. You could hear the people breathing.

The newcomers were too stunned to say or do anything.

(What is this…)

They gasped, not understanding.

(I don’t know, but joining them might have been a big mistake…)

But behind these confused recruits, stood Luke Waldstein. And he alone covered his mouth and chuckled.

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