My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 439

The angry chaos caused by Ms. Anne

Even as he listened to Mr. Ekenhart’s explanation, Mr. Haines was glaring at Ms. Anne.
While she was not the head of the house yet, she had given her word, so perhaps Mr. Haines could rest easy… No, likely not… Even her hair suggested that she was not normal.
But for a moment, when I saw Ms. Anne answer with downcast eyes, I thought she had grown since the first time I saw her.

“…Now, Anneliese.”

And then she took a step towards Mr. Haines, while Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire moved away.

What was she going to do?
Mr. Haines looked both angry and cautious. I could not blame him.

“…I am sorry!”

As she stood there, Ms. Anne closed her eyes.
And then after a few seconds, she suddenly threw herself to the ground, prostrating herself, and shouted that she was sorry.
Of course, her hair rolls lay limply on the floor as well.

Mr. Haines and the others were terribly surprised. Even Leo looked up in alarm.
Rosalie did not understand what was happening, and watched with a confused expression.

“Even though it was my father, I still bear some of the responsibility! And what he did can not be forgiven! While I might have made a suggestion, and though I was half asleep when I said it, he carried it out all on his own… No, I will not make excuses. I will not try and take the easy way out! Even if I just muttered such suggestions to him in order to make him leave me alone… It does not change the fact that I put the idea into his head! But I never thought that he would actually do it… Still, I will represent my house and apologize! I am sorry! With all of my body and soul, I apologize! I was very wrong! So, uh… Well…I… Umm. What happens now?”

She kept shouting for so long that I was more impressed with the fact that she did not run out of breath.
But by the end of it, she seemed a little confused herself.
And so she had to ask Mr. Haines what to do… Clearly, she was not used to apologizing to people.

“Hah… Anne. Don’t ask something like that at the end.”
“But I’ve never done this before! How should I know what to do!?”

Ms. Claire sighed as she admonished Ms. Anne.
Perhaps it had been Ms. Claire who persuaded her to do this.
And while Ms. Anne shouted like she was angry at Ms. Claire, it was clear that she was frantic.
Someone in her position would not have to make apologies very often.
Not only that, but she would not have known that Mr. Haines would be visiting today… Even I hadn’t known.
Someone like Sebastian might have known… Regardless, it would have been sudden for Ms. Anne, and she would not have had time to prepare.
It had been bold of her to start by falling to the ground like that…but I think she was just causing more confusion now.

“…Well, so there it is… Anneliese has repented for what was done. While I won’t tell you to forgive her, surely you can give her a chance?”
“Huh? Oh, uh, yes…”

While Ms. Anne was still on the floor, Mr. Ekenhart spoke to Mr. Haines.
Mr. Haines looked like he was lost for words, and did not know what to do.
It had all been so sudden, after all…
Though, I wondered if this wasn’t intentional on Mr. Ekenhart’s part.
Mr. Haines had been glaring at Ms. Anne at first, but all of the anger was gone from his face now.
He could avoid having an angry, explosive confrontation, and bring Mr. Haines over to his side… That would be quite a strategy. Or maybe I was just overthinking it…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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