Royal Magician – 174

Chapter 174 – Senior and Junior

“Well then, I shall explain to you the work that you will be taking part in.”

Within the office that looked like a room that was half-ready for a birthday party, Luke Waldstein began to talk in a calm voice.

(He’s going to talk about work in this atmosphere.)

The newcomers mused in awe.

Behind him, the small magician looked quite disappointed as she began to clean up the decorations.

(She’s cleaning it up now…)

Her shoulders slumped as she pulled down the paper chains. On her back, there was a sash with the words ‘Party Fantasista.’

(I can’t concentrate on what the Captain is saying, because of her…)

But in spite of the strange situation, these were brilliant magicians who had passed difficult tests. And so they took notes and listened as Luke explained the important points.

“There are three primary responsibilities that will be entrusted to you. The first is organizing the archive in the great library. Mostly, you will be focusing on translating the ancient magic books that were set aside due to a lack of personnel. The second is to compile records of all of the people who have borrowed books from this list in the past thirty years. Lastly, you will sort out the records concerning the twenty-seven cases and incidents detailed in this document.”

This was all a little unexpected for the newcomers.

Luke Walstein was the youngest magician to become Captain.
He had dedicated his life to his work, and was seen as a genius within the Royal Magicians Order.
And so while the idea of being able to work with him was appealing, it also came with some concerns.

After all, people who were exceedingly brilliant tended to have severe faults as well.

On top of that, it was said that they often expected those around them to live up to their own high standard.

(Can we keep up with him…)

However, this work, the organizing of documents in the library. It almost felt like he was going easy on them.

(He wants to give us simple work until we are accustomed to the job.)

They breathed a sigh of relief.

However, such expectations did not last long.

“Finish all of this today.”

(Tha-that much…)

They gasped when they saw the pile of papers.

“It’s not much, as this is your first day. I’m sure you will have no trouble at all?”

Luke asked as if it was obvious.
His blue eyes held no emotion.

(He’s frightening…)

It was just as a few of the newcomers took half a step back without thinking.

“You’re asking too much!”

Smack. The sound echoed through the room.
Luke looked quite stunned to have had the back of his head assaulted.

Behind him, the small magician was brandishing a paper fan that she had made.

(What the…)

The newcomers were confused.

(She did that to Captain Luke. Is she going to be killed now?)

A chill ran down their spine, but Luke’s response was unexpected.

“Uh, that hurt.”

He rubbed the back of his head as he turned around.

“Such pain is necessary for you right now. This is still the first day! We have to ensure that they are slowly eased into it.”
“I did this much work on my first day.”
“Because you are abnormal. Don’t expect the same thing from others.”

(She was talking to Captain Luke like that…)

Who the hell was this person, they wondered as they watched.

“In that case, you help them, Noelle. Then it should be fine, no?”

(Vice-captain Noelle Springfield…!)

After joining the Royal Magicians Order, she was promoted at a rapid speed and became Vice-captain.

She also represented Ardenfeld and achieved great results at the World Trophy tournament.

Even if she didn’t win, people talked about how she had fought Queen Evangeline Runeforest on equal footing. It had become a legend in the kingdom.

“Fine. I will protect the newcomers. All of you, if he ever says something terrible, you can tell me.”

She said.

“Now, let’s start with organizing the archive in the great library. Follow me.”

Though confused, they followed after her.

In the east district of the grand palace.
Their first job began in the palace library.

“Can any of you read ancient Armeria?”

All eight of them raised their hands.

“Amazing. You are all brilliant.”

Vice-captain Noelle smiled and said, ‘Start by translating this. And tell me when you finish ten pages. I’ll split up the rest depending on your progress.’

As they started to work, the newcomers had the feeling that Noelle really was watching them attentively.

“I see, I see. You are good at more formal writing. Then you should work on this book over here.”

She quickly saw their traits and strengths and gave them work that they were well-suited to.

When they did well, she would praise them with a smile. And when they slacked off, she would let them know immediately.

What was most surprising, was that she did all of this while doing her own work as well.

She was doing more than twice as much work as them, and yet seemed to be able to read their minds. That was how perceptive she was.

(I thought she was strange, but I was wrong. She is an incredibly capable person.)

She finished an unbelievable amount of work as if it was nothing.
As they watched, the small magician started to look bigger in their eyes.

(Well done, Noelle. You have already won their hearts.)

Misha Charlroya was very impressed as she watched Noelle work with the new recruits.

(Her ability to grasp the situation would have made a great first impression. On top of that, her wealth of knowledge and passion towards her job. It was no wonder they were overwhelmed by her. Even I am amazed, and I’ve been working here for nearly ten years.)

Additionally, she was easy-going and kind, which would make her an appealing senior for them.

However, Misha also realized that this whole situation had been made deliberately by a certain person.

(I’m sure this is all according to his calculations. Luke Waldstein. Be cold and apply pressure to them. And have Noelle defend them instead. This carrot and stick method would create a situation where they would have to work actively. By making them dislike Luke, they would become fond of Noelle. In spite of being smart, he has a strange tendency to sacrifice himself.)

The pure emotion behind it all.

A desire to make the person he liked happy.

Misha couldn’t help but sense such emotion behind it, and she scratched her cheek.

(Well, I don’t hate people like that.)

She thought as she led the newcomers and continued to work.

“Alright, the morning work is finished! Let’s go and eat some delicious meat for lunch! Since I am the Vice-captain, you can eat as much as you want. It’ll be my treat.”

Their eyes shone at this.

“Are you sure? It will be quite expensive, given how many there are.”

Misha sounded worried.

“No problem. After all, I am already very wealthy.”
“Hmm? What do you mean?”
“I shall send you a present later, to show my gratitude. Please look forward to it.”

Noelle said with a confident expression.

Misha was puzzled as she was then led to the training grounds used by the 3rd unit.

The spectator seats were filled with magicians and nobles of the court, and they were watching with clenched fists.

(I see. The 60 seconds of blood.)

Ms. Leticia was looking at Gawain with exasperation.

So, Noelle was participating in the 3rd unit’s gambling then.

(Well, given how observant she is, there is a good chance she can win.)

She thought. And then a few minutes later…

Noelle returned without any expression in her eyes.


She was like a silent doll that stared vacantly into space.

“Ahh. I want to see the face of someone who just bet all of their money and lost.”
“Oh, surely no one would do that. The idea of a responsible adult betting everything.”
“I suppose you are right. Yes. Damn it, but I still wish I could see such a face. Just once!”

A pair of nobles said as they passed by.

Noelle looked away frantically.
Misha then looked at her with a kind expression.

“So, you lost?”
“…I did.”
“How much do you have left?”
“Not even one copper.”
“I’ll pay for lunch then. Cheer up.”
“I’m grateful.”

Said the small magician as she walked with slumped shoulders.

In spite of being so good at her work, she had such unfortunate sides as well.

(She really is amusing.)

Misha had to cover her smile with her hand.

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