Paintbrush Summoner – 21

Chapter 21 – Preparing for the Journey

Apparently, living a minimum civilized life resulted in increased interactions with other people.

(Well, it will be a wandering journey that could last for years…)

He had just come out of the Adventurers Guild, feeling exhausted.

He sat down on one of the benches that were installed around the town, and looked up at the sky.

Three months ago, he had told the people at the guild that he had lost his memory. And an Adventurer would teach him different skills when he had time.

As Menew learned very quickly, he was seen as a good student. Though, it had less to do with Menew being good, and more with the fact that he would control time so that he could practice it many times before putting it into action.

In exchange, he would cast Heal on others, though, not enough to earn the Medical Guild’s ire (There were many with chronic illnesses). And then they would go drinking together, and become friends.

Dan had been especially friendly. Perhaps it was because they had fought once, but he looked after Menew, and introduced him to the other Adventurers.

“Travel, eh? Take care! And when you return, let’s go drinking!”

Dan sent him off very warmly.

(I ended up being treated very well.)

In this city, most of the Adventurers were permanent residents. They made it their base of operations, and accepted quests in the nearby area.

You could make a living like that… If it was a game, it would be considered to be at the mid level.

As for ‘Heroes,’ they were wanderers, and would go to dungeons and towns where there were high level monsters.

And so if Menew wanted to travel, he had to say a temporary farewell to the residents here.

While he made his rounds, he saw that the people were more sad to see him leave than he had expected.

Surely it wasn’t just because of Heal. As Adventurers, they were used to saying goodbye.

Currently, Menew was making his way to the Merchants Guild.

While he had deposited his funds here, as he withdrew little by little (in order to pay for drinks), he became quite familiar with the place.

And so Menew wanted to tell them that he would be leaving.

Aside from money for his travels, he also needed to buy Ralph some new gear. He then said his farewells, and it was off to the church.

The Merchants Guild had not been too surprised. They had a longer view of things, perhaps.

And so he rode on Stan and flew towards the church.

Every time he flew on Stan, people would ask to ride with him. But there were just too many people, and so he left such things to Valette.

Valette, the pretty merchant who had a blue divine beast. She was now the talk of the town.

Immediately after the abduction incident, she cried with her father. But she was a magic merchant, and had decided to improve both her skills as a saleswoman and as a magician.

At first, she was saddened when she learned that it had been Sir Ralph who was behind it. But when Menew told her that Ralph had been returned to normal, she swore that if anything like that were to happen again, she would be able to handle it with her own magic.

She regretted greatly that fear of the moment had made her unable to act.

She was able to turn such an awful incident into something that motivated her. Clearly, she was destined for greatness. As someone who was not like that, Menew sincerely wished her success.

“Mr. Menew! Are you finished saying goodbye to everyone?”

As he thought of such things, Valette, riding on Cheeta, came up right next to him. The two flew together as they talked.

“Not yet. I’m headed to the church. Ralph is being let out tomorrow, so I have to finish everything today.”

“I understand. Please take your time!”

So saying, Valette descended into the town.

When he first told Mr. Harnes that about leaving, he tried to stop Menew. But he was used to the idea now, thankfully.

Menew had assured him that Cheeta would stay for protection, as his Valette was his reason for existing.

Regardless, he soon arrived at the church. Stan shrunk down and perched on his shoulder.


When he entered, she greeted him with her usual, warm smile.

“Welcome, Mr. Menew. What is the matter?”

“I am planning to go on a journey. I want to meet the Heroes that you taught me about. I want to make contracts with divine beasts and monsters. I want to become a real summoner.”

Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t said to anyone that he wanted to regain his memories. But no one pried.

It was fine, because he had no memories to get back anyway.

“I see… But you will return?”

“Of course. And I will tell you stories of things that you have never experienced.”

She smiled at that.

“I will look forward to it then.”

“Speaking of things you have never experienced… Could you take a look at this?”

So saying, Menew showed her his status.

She froze and would not move. Just as he had expected, it was unheard of.

It was a good thing he had avoided showing his status to other people. Though, someone at the guild might notice it eventually.

Age: 23
25th, Month of the Snake
Occupation: Summoner, ???
LV. 1
HP: 8,000,000/8,000,000
MP: 9,600,000/9,999,999

Attack: 985
Defense: 598
Magic Attack: 999
Magic Defense: 999
Speed: 575
Luck: ???

Acquired Skills:
Seven Magic Elements, Status Ailment Resistance, Divine Oracle
Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Manifestation of All Things
Divine Artist, Growth Enhancement, Divine Beast Creation

His level was now 2.

“Wh-what, why!? How!? But your status is the same?”

As she shouted, he quickly closed the window and made her sit down.

His level had dropped to 1 as soon as he started studying.

He had meant to ask Seker about it, but didn’t, as he had his own theory.

It then turned to 2 after the abduction incident.

“Sister, I think this is god’s way of telling me to train from the beginning.”

“…A miracle of god?”

“I said it before. About gaining experience to level up. And so after losing my memory, I think that I was level 1 as a person. What was displayed before was showing that I wouldn’t grow if I didn’t realize it.”

“I see… So it’s the result of wanting to start over.”

“Yes. And so I will travel and level up. …But I doubt anyone will believe me, and so this will be our secret.”

“Yes. …Really, you stimulate my curiosity to the extreme.”

Now she wanted to travel as well… And so he promised that he would return to make a report.

“I will return one day. I promise.”

“Yes, I shall be waiting.”

Like that, he separated from her and walked back to the Harnes mansion. It was close by, and it was good to walk sometimes.

“I was waiting for you, Mr. Menew! Now, come this way!”

For some reason, he was greeted by the owner, Mr. Harnes himself.

“Uh, ah, huh?”

As the manager at the guild, Harnes was very busy, and they would usually only talk a little over breakfast and dinner. He had never been greeted like this before.

And then Menew was taken to the great hall…

“Ah, Menew! Let’s make the most of this day!”

It was Dan.

“We prepared all of your favorite foods!”


“It was hard to keep this a secret.”

Sister… What!? That was fast!! I walked straight back!

People from the Adventurers Guild and Merchants Guild were also there to greet him, and the farewell party began.

(Well…this far exceeds the minimum civilized life…)

He had never experienced anything like this in his past life. Even during his own birthday, the most he had was a small cake.

Harnes picked up his glass and sat at the head of the table with Menew.

“And now, a toast! To Mr. Menew having a safe journey!”

Everyone raised their glasses to this.

For some reason, tears started to pour down his face.

As he had no tissue, he blew my nose with a handkerchief, smiled and joined the others.

And then early the next morning.

Harnes had ordered swordsman gear. Even though it would be worn by the man who abducted his daughter, he gathered the finest, as the man would now be protecting Menew. Menew paid him for it, and then headed to the guild to greet Ralph.

In front of the Knights Guild gates, Ralph was waiting while wearing a rough silk shirt and trousers. Apparently, they had released him early in the morning.

“The sword?”

“Here it is.”

He had quietly put the sword in his pouch. He now handed it over with the rest.

As his pouch was quite spacious, he had asked an Adventurer for help, and bought all of the food and items that he would need to reach the next town.

Ralph then put on the armor, and then they were ready.

“Well, let’s go then.”

As he had gotten all of the farewells out of the way yesterday, Menew felt quite light-hearted.

Though, Ralph was now known as a criminal (Even though Mr. Harnes had agreed to not press charges. Partly due to Valette being unharmed, and also Harnes’s own experience with cursed items), and so there was no one for him to say farewell to.

And so like that, just as the sun started to rise, Menew and Ralph left the town.

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