My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 438

Mr. Hannes met Ms. Anne

“I am quite old… And so my son and his wife told me to take Rosalie with me, just in case something happened. They could come with me, as they were busy in the village…”

So that’s why Rosalie was here.
Indeed, Mr. Haines did look quite old, so it was no wonder that they would worry for him.
Sebastian was probably the same age…but he was definitely an extreme case.
I shouldn’t compare him to other people.

As for Rosalie’s parents, I had met them the last time I was in Range village.
They both seemed to be very kind and gentle people.

“If you are worried about getting grapes for the wine, I think it will be fine. Though, you may find it difficult to believe…”
“Not at all! You saved our village. And so we have no reason to doubt what you say.”

Well, I wasn’t sure if they should trust her completely, but Ms. Anne had given her word, so it should be fine.

“Thank you. As for the fields…”
“I will talk to you about that!”
“…Mr. Ekenhart?”

Just as I was about to explain, the doors burst open, and Mr. Ekenhart entered the room.
…Had he been listening from outside?
Ms. Claire was glaring at him from behind, and Leo had an admonishing expression, so it must be the case.

Also, Ms. Anne was also standing behind them. I wonder why…?
Mr. Hannes and Ms. Anne was not acquainted.
But she looked quite nervous…and also silly, due to her hair.

“Mr. Haines. His Grace, Duke Ekenhart. And you already know his daughter, Ms. Claire?”
“It’s nice to see you again, Mr. Haines.”
“The d-duke!? Ex-excuse me! I am Haines, the chief of Range village! Rosalie, over here…!”
“It is fine. Best not disturb her if she is playing with Leo.”
“Ah…as you say…”

I stood up and introduced Mr. Ekenhart to him, since Sebastian was not here.
Apparently, Mr. Haines had not seen Mr. Ekenhart before, and he was surprised and apologized while introducing himself.

“Well, while there are a lot of things to discuss, such as the fields and wine… First of all… Anneliese.”

Mr. Ekenhart moved towards Mr. Haines, but then turned and called for Ms. Anne.
Ms. Anne answered and then stepped forward with a nervous expression.
But her hair rolls and ribbons ruined the effect. Even Rosalie was staring at them now.

“Who is this?”
“She is Anneliese Barsler. Count Barsler’s only child.”
“Then that means…”
“Yes. She is related to the man who had your village attacked.”

Upon hearing this, Mr. Haines looked so shocked that his eyes were about to fly out of his face.
Well, Mr. Haines knew first hand about the orcs and the sphere, so it was no surprise.
They had even been selling the wine to him.
Mr. Ekenhart nodded, and admitted that it had indeed been Count Barsler who did all of that.

“And so why is such a person here?”
“Well, there are various reasons. But she was left in my care. Do not worry, her house will not be able to work such evils again. Isn’t that right, Anne?”
“Yes, though it was my father’s doing, as the heir to the house, I give you my word. Also…”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course. After all, I shoulder my own share of the blame. Even Claire said that I cannot be so arrogant because of my position.”

For Mr. Haines, she may be someone to hate.
After all, she was the daughter of Count Barsler.
And even though I had healed everyone in the village with my herbs…he would still hold a grudge.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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