My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 411

I was able to borrow a cape

“I see. You may enter. …But what brings you here at such a late hour?”
“Uh, I have some business that I forgot about…”

After arriving in Ractos, I banged on the door and called for the guard.
There was a small window to the side, where you could see the guard’s head. I then showed him the crest.
As it was dark and raining, I had to raise the sword so that the magic light would make the crest visible.
The guard was one of the ones who had seen us before, and so he recognized me and Leo.
Still, he checked the crest in order to confirm it.

And then the gate was opened enough for Leo to pass through.

“You seem to be quite wet. Do you not have anything to cover yourself?”
“No, I didn’t bring anything.”
“I see… Please wait one moment.”

For a moment I thought he had become suspicious, but that was not the case.
The guard I was talking to rushed off to the guard house.
…Well, I was carrying the duke’s crest, so there was no reason to be suspicious… I wasn’t a criminal or anything.
Still, all we could do was wait for him to return.

“Please use this. …Unfortunately, we do not have anything for your Leo…”
“No, thank you. It will be a great help.”

The guard returned and handed me a coat that covered my entire body.
It was a little too late, as I was already drenched, but it should at least keep me a little warm. And so I was thankful.
Leo was much larger than humans, so there was none for her. It could not be helped.
Though, she sounded very disappointed. Did you want one so bad, Leo?

And so I put the coat on and thanked the guard before leaving.
While it did not cover my head, it covered everything under my neck.
With this, and the darkness of the night, it will be difficult for people to see me.
In other words, it was perfect for hiding.

And since Leo was wet, she looked smaller than usual.
It wasn’t enough to hide the fact that she was a Silver Fenrir, but it was definitely a big difference.
Once I sheathed my sword, and it was dark again, you could not even see that her fur was silver… In fact, it almost looked black.

Leo seemed to understand this as well, and so she did not shake her body to fling off the water.
…Besides, she would just get wet again from the rain.

“And now…”

As I headed towards the slums, I took out the paper that Sebastian had given to me.
Since I did not want it to get wet, I stood under the roof of a closed shop.
I also dried my hands before spreading out the paper.
Leo looked over my shoulder with a curious expression.

“Hmm… Since I’ve been here before, perhaps that is where we should start…”
“Wuff. Wuff.”

There was a detailed map depicted on it, and there were three marks on it that showed where Deam had been sighted.
And the other paper showed you how to get to those places.
It included instructions on what paths to take in order to come in contact with people or places that were connected to him.
You could see how much Sebastian liked to explain things.

The first place I decided to check out was close to a place I had been before.
It was near the place where we had rescued Liza when she was being bullied.

“It’s possible that this Deam was watching when Liza was being attacked…”

A clearing in between buildings.
That is where we had found Liza… And the place we were now headed was on the other side of it.
Perhaps I was overthinking it, but it was possible that Deam or someone close to him was watching from the neighboring building.
…If that was true, then he would have seen Mr. Ekenhart… But perhaps the disguise would have been enough to hide his identity.

Regardless, I felt angry again when I thought about the idea of him spectating.
Leo also barked angrily as she stood next to me.
…No, no. We had to stay calm.

This was someone who had influence in the slums.
If we got too emotional, then something unexpected might happen.
And that was especially dangerous with Leo here.

“…Hah…hahh… Alright, let’s go, Leo!

I took in a deep breath to calm myself and continued our journey.
First, we went to the main street that we always passed.
As it was quite late, the usually busy street was quite empty and quiet.

Still, there were fires burning at equal intervals on the streets, so there was a little light.
As there were no lampposts, these lights were quite comforting to have, and made it easier to travel.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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