My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 412

I searched the building in the slums

While relying on the light of the fires, I went down the street and continued on east for some time. And then I made a turn to the north side of the town.
It wasn’t the same route that I went with Mr. Ekenhart, but according to the map, this way was faster.
I did not want to waste any time.
As we were no longer on the main street, there were no fires lit, and it was quite dark.
Some light leaked out of the houses, but as most people were sleeping now, it was very quiet.

“I guess we are close enough…”

Now that we were just a few minutes away from the slums, I stopped.

“Leo, eat this. I’ll eat some too.”

I took out two different kinds of herbs.
One was to strengthen your body, and the other was to enhance your senses.
I only gave the senses enhancing herbs to Leo, and then I swallowed the others.
…Eating two at the same time… It definitely tasted strange.

I had not given the other one to Leo, because I didn’t want her to do too much.
We were in a town, after all.
It could cause some trouble if Leo moved around too much. Besides, if she became stronger, it might be difficult for her to control her own strength.
We were going to be dealing with humans… And they were not as strong as trolls… And so it was best for Leo to hold back.

Once we had eaten the herbs, we made our way into the slums.
If we ate it here, even if the searching took us some time, the effect should last long enough to finish.

“It really is useful to be able to sharpen your senses. I can now see quite well, even if there is hardly any light.”
“Wuff. Wuff-wuff.”
“Well, that cannot be helped. Just ignore the sounds of people snoring.”

Even though it was still raining, I could now see my surroundings quite well.
As there was even less light than when we explored the forest, it was still quite dark. But I could at least see several meters ahead.
My sense of hearing was also improved, which meant I could hear the sounds of people breathing inside the house.
Leo was saying that it was too loud, but it could not be helped. We had to ignore it and move on.

Still…these herbs would be useful for spies.
Just by listening, you can tell what was happening inside of the houses.
If people were having secret conversations, then you could eavesdrop…
I would have to be careful so that it is not used in the wrong way.

“Here it is…”

Thanks to the herbs, we were able to arrive at the building that was our first destination, without any trouble.
It was an old two-story building, and the clearing where we met Liza was on the other side.
…I didn’t expect to be back here.
Leo and I looked up at the building.

“Leo. Is there anyone inside…?”

I asked Leo, just in case.
While I was able to sense a lot right now, Leo’s senses were already sharp, and so she could detect a lot more than me.
Leo shook her head and I looked at the building again.

“I guess there isn’t then…”

I could not hear anything, and sensed no presence.
And since Leo agreed, there was no mistake.
Well, it was the first location, so I didn’t think we would be that lucky. Still, I did feel a little disappointed.

“Sorry, Leo. Wait here one moment. Hide in the shadows so that you don’t stick out. I’m going to check inside.”
“Wuff… Wuff-wuff?”
“It’s fine. There is no one inside, and I can run away easily if something happens.”

After thinking about it for a moment, I decided to go inside and search for a clue.
If Deam had been here at any time, then perhaps something had been left behind.
And if there was something that belonged to him, then Leo would be able to track his scent.

…Though, it might be difficult due to the rain. But she did eat the herbs…
Regardless, I promised Leo that I would be safe, and then I headed to the door.

“I’m going in then.”

I checked to see that it wasn’t locked, and then I opened the door.
I was wary of traps, but none were triggered as I slid inside.

“It’s very dusty…”

It was clear that no one had been inside for quite some time.
I felt the urge to cough and had to cover my mouth with my hand.
Perhaps it was due to my enhanced senses… Well, it could not be helped.

The windows had been covered with boards, and so no light entered the building as I walked through it.
Still, dust covered everything, and there were no traces of anyone having been there recently. It was completely abandoned.
I moved while dragging my feet, so as not to leave clear footprints, and then made my way to the second floor.
While the first floor had two rooms, the second floor only had one room.

“So you can see the clearing from here.”

There was one window that wasn’t boarded up, and the glass was broken.
And when I approached it, I saw the clearing where Liza had been attacked.
The dust seemed thinner near the window, and there were traces of someone having been there.
So just as I had expected, someone might have been watching us…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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