My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 413

We Were Not Able To Catch Deam

“This is not a place to stay long term, but a place to monitor?”

There had been no traces of anyone here in the hallway. It was just around the window where the dust had been disturbed.
Some of the rain was even coming in through the window.
It was not the kind of place to sleep.

“Is there any other clue…?”

If Deam had left something here… I thought as I searched. But everything there was covered in dust. Even if they belonged to him, I doubted there was any scent.
Especially since none were clothes or utensils.

“So there is nothing… Well, I better go then.”

I decided that there was nothing useful, and so I left.
Deam must be very careful, and so I didn’t expect to find him quickly…

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Leo. But I didn’t find anything…”
“Yes. No point in being disappointed. Let’s keep going.”

I exited the building and told Leo that I didn’t find anything.
Then I checked the map again.

I decided to go to the closest location to us.
Thanks to the herb strengthening herbs, I could read the map even without a light.

“So, I guess it will be this building…”

The second building was a ten minute walk from where we were currently.
On the outside, it looked similar to other buildings. It looked very abandoned and empty.
I asked Leo as well, and she did not sense anyone.
This one is a miss as well…?

In any case, I had Leo hide herself again just in case, and I went inside.
As expected, the door wasn’t locked and opened smoothly.
But I kept one hand on my sword as I turned the door knob.

I doubted that there were traps in any of these buildings, but I had to be careful, because I didn’t know what this Deam was capable of.
Well, if there was a trap, I probably wouldn’t be able to do anything about it…
There was nothing in the building that caught my interest.
In fact, there was even more dust than in the first place.
I doubted anyone had been here for over a month.

Here, all of the windows were boarded up and there was no place that allowed you to look outside.
So even if Deam had been here before, it must have been a long time ago.

“I’m back, Leo. There was nothing here either.”

After I finished in the building, I came out and reported to Leo.
I didn’t expect quick results, but it was a little discouraging, nonetheless.
Such investigations took a lot of time, and you couldn’t be bothered by such things. But I wasn’t used to it.
In any case, I would switch gears and go to the last place that Sebastian told me.
…Hopefully, there will be something there… Or Deam himself.

The final destination was quite far from the other places.
When I looked at the map, I saw that it was near the northeast corner of Ractos.
And so we walked for some time until we reached it.
We walked quite quickly.

I didn’t want to seem frantic, but this was my first time, and so I wanted to find something.
Part of it was also that I would be seen by some of the residents here.
As it was the slums, even though it was raining, I saw a few people on the streets.
It was the complete opposite of the main street.

The people that I passed seemed like they didn’t care about getting wet, though they looked at Leo and me with suspicion.
While I didn’t want to be seen, I did not know how to move while staying concealed, so it could not be helped.
In any case, I took in a deep breath and looked up at the building.

“…This one too…”

The building looked just like the other ones.
With my enhanced hearing, I tried listening to what was happening inside. But there was nothing to suggest there was anyone there.
Leo felt the same, and let out a small sigh.

“Well, I still have to search through it… Sorry, Leo.”

I said to Leo, and then I had her hide like before.
All of the alleys were quite narrow, but there was usually a spot where she could fit in perfectly.
They were too small for her to walk though, but were fine if she just needed to hide for a while.
Once I saw that she was hidden, I entered the building.
…I hope there is something this time…

“This place has less dust?”

There was hardly any furniture in the building, and there were no signs of someone having lived there.
However, there was also less dust.
What dust I could see was all in the corner…so clearly the place wasn’t cleaned carefully.

And so I felt a little more hopeful as I searched the inside of the building.
Even if there was less dust, I still dragged my feet as I walked.
This was because my wet feet could create footprints.
While I was being careful, I was an amateur, so perhaps it was pointless effort. Regardless, I wouldn’t think about that now.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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