My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 414

I found something that could be a clue

“…There is nothing here… I’ll go upstairs then.”

The first floor had nothing, just like the others.
Even if there was less dust, there were no signs of someone having lived here.
If only there were traces of dining, like utensils…
I thought as I walked over the creaking floor and made my way to the second floor.

“There are no windows… I guess there’s nothing after… Hmm?”

I scanned the second floor and saw that the windows were all boarded up so you could not see outside.
And just as I was about to give up, a dusty shelf caught my eye.
There was dust around the shelf, and there were no traces of it having been used. But then the floor to the left of it looked strange.
And when I looked closer, I saw that it looked like it had been wiped.

“Was someone here…? But it doesn’t look like someone has sat or laid down here… Hmm?”

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the floor more closely, and realized that there was a gap between the shelf and the wall behind it.
It was just a few centimeters, but it was strange that there should be such a gap.
Maybe there was something to it… And so I put my fingers inside, and I felt something soft.
Hoping that it was a clue, I pulled it out with my fingers.

“This…is it a blanket…?”

It was a crudely cut piece of cloth.
And when I spread it open, I saw that it was big enough for one person.
It would be easy enough to reach from the position on the floor where there was no dust.
Perhaps someone had been using the cloth to sit or rest on.

In any case, if this was being slept on… And if it was Deam, then perhaps his scent was still on it.
Apparently, he was constantly changing locations, so perhaps he hid bedding like this so that they could be used.

“…Sniff… Hmm. I really can’t tell.”

Even though I had taken the sense enhancing herbs, I was still a human.
And so it would not be possible for me to track him like this.
All I smelled was sweat and dust… But it was clear that someone had been using it.
And if it was Deam… But then again, it was still raining.

“Leo. Sorry to keep you waiting. Here…”

Leo saw me leave the building, and she came out of her hiding place and approached me.
And so I gestured for her to come to the door.
I wanted Leo to smell the cloth, but I didn’t want it to get wet.

“Leo. This might be able to help us. Could you smell it? I know it’s not very pleasant.”
“Wuff-wuff… Sniff-sniff… Wuffu.”
“Yes, I know…”

Leo immediately barked with disgust.
So Leo didn’t like the smell either.
I chuckled and then asked her,

“It might be difficult in this rain…but could you try and follow this scent?”
“Wuff…sniff-sniff. Achoo! Gr… Sniff-sniff… Wuff!”

Leo nodded reluctantly and then smelled the cloth again.
Then she started to sniff the air and then nodded again.

“Can you smell something!?”

Apparently, Leo would be able to track the person who had used this blanket. That was very impressive.

“Alright, take me there… Uh, do you still need this?”

And so we stepped out into the rain and started to walk through the slums again.
As Leo said she didn’t need the cloth anymore, I threw it back into the building before leaving.

I wondered if the smell wouldn’t wash away in the rain…
However, perhaps Leo’s sense of smell was just that sharp… Or it was the herbs.
Or maybe Deam was actually close by?
That would explain why she could smell him even though it was raining.
Of course, it was possible that it wasn’t even Deam…

In any case, Silver Fenrirs sure were impressive.
Even a trained dog would not be able to do this, I think?


After following Leo for some time, she suddenly stopped and then barked as if to urge me ahead.
I stopped as well and looked at the road in front of us. However, I could not see anything unusual.
Though, I did sense the presence of people in the building ahead.
The sounds… It was too far, and I could not hear, because of the rain.

“You can smell the same scent where the people are gathered?”

Leo nodded.
So it wasn’t inside of the building… However, why would they be outside when it was raining like this…
Still, I trusted Leo and slowly walked in the direction that Leo indicated.
Towards the other side of the building, I went around and moved carefully so that they wouldn’t notice.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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