My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 415

The men were gathered in the clearing

We moved through the buildings, as the gaps were wide enough to pass through, and stopped just before coming out into the clearing.
Up ahead, there was an open space where several buildings had once been.
It was bigger than the place where we had found Liza, but there were a few wooden pillars left, which suggested it hadn’t been that long since the buildings were town down.
And in the far back, towards the outer wall of Ractos, several men had gathered.

What were they doing at the edge of town?
All of them were standing while facing the wall… And it didn’t look like they were resting.

“Leo. Behind me…”

I whispered so that Leo could hear me, and had her move back a little.
I then crouched in the shadows between the buildings and tried to avoid being seen.
It was still raining, and since it was night, I should be hidden.

“Surely you all understand?”

The man who stood in the center raised his voice.
It was like he was talking to the wall, which was strange.

“Hmm…is that…”

When I squinted, I saw a few people between the men standing in front of the wall.
They were facing me, and not the wall. It was like they were sandwiched between the wall and the men.
Were they surrounded?
And as I looked, I saw that the people being surrounded looked familiar.

Well, two of them did, anyway.
But even with enhanced senses, I could not see them clearly… But I thought they looked like the boys who had been bullying Liza.
Though, I could be wrong… But they were a similar height to Mark.
Still, why were they surrounded now…?
I scanned the surrounding area while perking up my ears for more information.

“It’s your fault that it escaped! Eh? Not only that but Mark was also captured… It’s your fault. You should have stayed here quietly!”
“…I’m sorry.”

There were five men surrounding the boys.
And they were threatening them while holding knives.
I couldn’t see clearly, but there seemed to be about four boys…
As they knew Mark, they must be related to him.

“Ah!? Being sorry is not going to solve the problem! Mark was arrested. And he might have talked about me!”
“…Mark wouldn’t betray us…I think.”
“You don’t know! Do you know who he antagonized, eh!?”
“…I don’t know.”
“The duke. Damn it. And that beast was rescued by them… Do you realize what this mean!! When threatened with execution, he will definitely talk!”
“It’s too late for regrets!”
“Wait, Leo!”

The leader of the group continued to shout at the boy.
Judging by what he was saying, he was either Deam or someone closely related to him.
He knew about Liza and the duke’s house.
Once the boys heard about the duke, they began to shake in fear.

Upon seeing this, the man started to kick one of the boys.
His foot slammed into the boy’s stomach, causing him to cry out. Leo almost jumped out then, but I stopped her.
It was a good thing that it was raining…otherwise, they might have noticed us.

“While I feel bad for him, wait a little longer… I want to find out what is happening. …Of course, I will go out if he tries to use that knife.”

Leo barked as if to ask me why I didn’t help them, but I gritted my teeth and told her to be patient.
To be honest, I was sure now that they were the ones who had attacked Liza. And I did feel a little conflicted about that.
However, I also felt bad for them now that they were surrounded by these men.
Leo was the same. I suppose it was because she liked children.

But if we were going to jump out, I wanted for it to be after we had assessed the situation a little more.
I was almost sure that this leader was Deam, but I wanted to be a certain.
If I was wrong, and Deam was somewhere else…that could be very bad.
Leo nodded reluctantly, and I turned my focus back to the men.

The men surrounding the boys were all muscular.
And the leader was bigger than the others.
They had shaved heads and were barechested in spite of the rain. And there seemed to be something written on their backs. Well, I couldn’t see it clearly, but there were black lines.

“What if they find out where I live… Eh!? I’ll kill you!”
“Bu-but…we only did what you said, Mr. Deam…”
“Aye, I said it. However, I didn’t tell you to throw rocks in a crowd! Did I!”
“Mr. Deam only said to torment the beastkin child!”
“He said to chase after her and not let her escape. But he also said that we should avoid being seen…”
“Yes! And yet, what happened? Not only did you let it escape, but you antagonized the duke as well! You bloody fools! And right after we were rid of that annoying old man, Reyndolf! Now that the duke has been alerted, things will become difficult again!”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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