Seisan Mahoushi – 188

Chapter 188 – There was a fox too!


A fox with bright fur… It was one of Yomotsu’s children. I believe she was called Milina. The oldest one.

Melk muttered towards Celes’s back.

“Why is Milina here?”
“I-I don’t know. I was just sleeping on this thing’s back and…”

Milina answered. And then Mette asked,

“You were really trying to run away, weren’t you? You were going to go to the Demon King or Kyuby and ask for help.”

Upon hearing those words, Milina began to sweat from her forehead.

“Th-that’s not true…”
“You are so easy to read… What should we do, Joshua?”

Mette said as she turned to ask me.

It would be difficult for Milina alone to escape somewhere. However, she might be able to contact a killer worm, and then ask for outside help.

That being said, we had already told the village and Ymirdia to be wary of killer worms. Besides, there was no reason to be afraid of attacks from the ground, as long as we had Ents nearby.

And while killer worms could communicate with other monsters…with Fendel’s defenses, we welcomed them if anything. It meant we didn’t have to go out to search for the enemy.

It could be used to lure the enemy in… While I didn’t know what Milina’s true purpose was, I saw no problem with her accompanying us.

That being said, I should know Melk’s opinion as well. After all, Melk had watched over the foxfolk the most.

“Melk. What do you think?”
“Probably, there is no problem. Milina does not like the Demon King army.”

Upon hearing this, Milina looked a little surprised.

However, she quickly nodded.

“Yes, yes. I hate them. And so I was relieved when my father quit! And so, let me defeat these worms too. And then we can live in a better place.”

Mette stared hard at Milina.

“…Well, fine. Celes, tell us if she does anything suspicious. You know the signals that they use in the Demon King army, don’t you?”
“Baahhh! leave it to me! Hehehe. Little Milina, don’t think you can get away from me!”

Celes was happy to be given a new duty.

Well, as Mette said. With Celes here, we would be able to know if Milina was trying to tell something to a killer worm.

That is, as long as she wasn’t too focused on eating grass…

In any case, with the new addition of Milina, we continued to explore the area surrounding Noir Village.

Ecleshia would control the plants, and Melk would work with her nose.

Celes and the Mopes ate grass.

And since there were very few boars, it felt more like a relaxing excursion.

Some time later, Ecleshia suddenly stopped in her tracks.

“Hmm… There are several holes in the ground. And they stretch out in…that direction.”

Ecleshia said as she pointed to the north.

There was a rocky area with many low mountains.

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