Seisan Mahoushi – 85

Chapter 85 – Modifying the Sandbank!

“Bow! Bow! We praise the bow!”

Said the half-clothed elf knight, Albert, as he raised the bow over his head.

The other elves, in ecstasy over their victory, also raised their bows and danced in a circle around Albert.

Just then, Melk and Asuha returned to the sandbank.

“Do not worry, Joshua. Those alligators will not return.”
“I see. Thank you. Both of you.”

It was Melk and Asuha who had lured out the Hell Alligators.

And since the two of them often hunted together, they were perfectly coordinated.
I had thought this would be dangerous, but it was pointless to worry about them.

“Both of you were brilliant! And so were the elves.”

Said Iria, as she turned to look at the dancing elves.

“In-indeed. The elves are skilled with bows, just like in the legends.”

They had proved this not just during training, but in actual combat as well. Most of the elves had been able to hit the Hell Alligators with their arrows.

While the Kijins were good at using every kind of weapon, the elves were a level above them when it came to archery.

“But it is strange. That dance is definitely strange.”

Melk declared with a serious expression.
Even Melk was unable to understand that dance… And I agreed.

“…In any case, we’ll let them dance for now. I will start with some construction work. If we wait too long, the Hell Alligators might return.”
“Yes! Should we keep watch of the area for you, Sir Joshua?”
“Indeed… But we’ll also need a great amount of wood. I want to reinforce the foundation of the sandbank.”

In the first place, sandbanks were wet and unstable.

And so in order to reinforce it, I would use multiple logs as stakes, which would then be pierced deep into the ground.
And then I can pile stone materials on top and make a foundation.

It was a technique that was often used when building structures in wetlands.

“I guess we can have the elves gather the wood. Hey, Monica…”

But Monica and her sister Fletta were dancing with the elves.

And it looked like they would not be stopping anytime soon…

“Asuha… Sorry, but I’ll need you to call reinforcements from Fendel village. I want the Golems and Ents to come.”
“Understood… Ah!”

Upon seeing something behind me, Asuha suddenly covered her face with her wings.

“What is it? Oh…”

When I turned around, I saw that Alfred had discarded the rest of his clothing.
I suppose the over-excited dancing was too much for the rags to stay on.

But Albert showed no signs of embarrassment and just laughed.

“Fuhahaha! We will continue to dance!”

Apparently, the elves had no issue with dancing in such a state.
That being said, it would be cold at night…

“Asuha… Sorry, but could you tell the Mopes to send some wool?”

Shortly after that, Monica and the others finally returned to themselves, and we started the construction work on the sandbank.

First, we needed to gather the wood to use as stakes.

“Monica. I have crafted axes and pickaxes. Can you and the other elves gather wood and stone materials?”
“Of course. I will call the others from the forest as well. However, even if you gave us tools, we do not know how to use them…”

So they didn’t know how to use anything that wasn’t a bow.

And so I decided to teach them.


“A-amazing… She is cutting down the trees with such ease.”

Iria said that she had some spare time, and had started to cut down trees with her sword.

“We-we can do that too with these tools? All right! …It-it’s hard!”

While the elves started to swing their axes as well, they could not cut down the trees like Iria did.
That was a blade made of a Kijin horn. And so it was sharper than any iron axe.

“At first… Well, in general, when cutting down trees, you have to hit the same spot multiple times. It’s the same with pickaxes.”

And so I continued to instruct the elves.

However, just like the dwarves, the elves were quick learners.
Had it not been for the demon king’s curse, the elves would have likely crafted their own tools…

But as long as the curse remained, they could not make them.
And so we would have to provide them with tools for some time.

As everyone gathered stone materials and logs, I started to create the stakes that would be pounded into the sandbank.

While we worked, Asuha arrived with the Golems and Ents.
And so I had the Golems gather the large rock materials, and had the Ents remove all of the plants from the sandbank.

And from there, I began to construct the foundation and defense walls.

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