Seisan Mahoushi – 49

Chapter 49 – We Let Them Get Away!


Mette’s voice rang, and about thirty Kijins unleashed their arrows all at once.

The arrows hit the targets that were about fifty beters away.
Only a few missed.

“Hmm. Those of you who missed will need a little more training!”

Mette shouted at the Kijins.

However, even those who missed could hit the target four out of five times.
Compared to human soldiers, it was more than enough in terms of accuracy.

For the next three days following the departure of the Tengu, we had focused on reinforcing our military.

Large ballistas were installed on top of the walls and towers, and we had the Ents dig trenches around the walls.
I also added iron doors to the gate. Now they would be able to withstand a battering ram.

Of course, we also needed water from the river, so construction of the waterway was moving along simultaneously.
Because if it came to a siege, then securing water would be very important.

I laid down stone materials in the waterways that the Ents dug, and then built an arch over them.

However, like this, the stone materials were completely visible, and the enemy would recognize it as a waterway.

And so I had the Ents cover the waterways outside of the walls with dirt, and then move grass over it.
Like this, you would not be able to tell that there was anything there.

“Hmm. Now this water road thing is complete!”

Ecleshia said with a look of satisfaction as she gazed at the waterway that ran through the village.

“Aye. Now, once the moat is complete, we can fill that with water. Then the enemy won’t be able to get close.”

I said, and Ecleshia nodded.

“Leave it to us. You and the Kijins and werewolves saved us…and gave us a place to stay… And so we shall protect you.”
“Aye, Ecleshia. I feel the same way.”

Iria and the Kijins had warmly welcomed me to this village.

It had nothing to do with being the leader of the alliance. I genuinely wanted everyone to live here happily.

We had to somehow drive back the Demon King Army and become strong enough that no one will attack us again… Huh?

I noticed that there was a lot of noise coming from the west.

And then I saw that some people, who were surrounded by werewolves, were coming this way from the other side of the southern gate.

“They are…humans.”

Melk arrived ahead of the others.

“It seems like they escaped from the south. They pointed their swords at us at first, but after some tapping on their little heads, they cried and surrendered.”

Well, who wouldn’t be scared if they were suddenly surrounded by werewolves…

“I see. Was anyone wounded or killed on either side?”
“We didn’t kill or wound anyone. They didn’t smell like slave hunters.”
“I see. So they are not slave hunters then.”

There were not too many of the humans.
Perhaps there were about thirty in all.
Some were wearing armor, but others wore commoner clothing, and there were men and women, both old and young. They all looked terribly exhausted.

“They must have wandered into this area after escaping the Demon King Army…”

And so I headed towards the humans.

They were looking at their surroundings with pale faces.

They must think that the demihumans were going to kill them.
But some also seemed to be astonished that demihumans could make tools and construct buildings.

I approached them, and a man raised his voice.

“Y-you’re…human!? Pl-please. Tell them to spare us!”

He shook violently as he spoke. But I noted that he was a relatively well-dressed young man.

His coat had gold buttons.
He must be a noble or someone of high birth.

“You do not have to worry. They will not kill you. However, where did you flee from?”
“The south…Saverno… My father fought bravely against the Demons King Army of fifty thousand, but he was defeated…”

Saverno, huh?
Among the human cities of the south, it was on the northern side.

And so I questioned the crestfallen man.

“In that case, the other southern cities have fallen as well?”
“Aye. Vys and Farentan have fallen. It seems that the enemy is focusing on attacking the east side, so that they can take the western cities on the south side from the back.”
“I see. So the Demon King Army is close by?”
“Not a lot of them, but they are close. We were attacked to the south of here, not two hours away.”

If the man’s words were to be believed, then it was likely that the orc dragon riders we had seen were scouts.
Even if they were there to fend off any human armies from the north, there may be fewer than ten thousand in the area.

“I see. I thank you for the information. If you go west from here, you will reach the main road… But the enemy may be there as well. I think it would be safer to follow the river up north. Also…”

I noticed that the Kijins and werewolves had started to cook some fish and meat.

Apparently, Iria had ordered them to feed the humans.

“It’s not much, as we don’t have much food in storage, but you can eat here. And you can refill your water flasks as well.”
“D-do you mean it! Th-thank you! By the way…”
“Me? I am Joshua.”
“I’m the son of Count Fonley of Saverno…no, I am the count now…Lord Beric.”

So his father was Count Fonley.
A vassal of the Remlis Empire that dominated in the center of the north.
He was also a lord that ruled Saverno in the south.

Those who ruled southern cities were usually nobles of some country, originally.

In the first place, such cities were usually built due to their funding and management.

For human royals and nobles, fighting the Demon King Army in the south was considered the greatest honor.
And so using money to that end was commendable.

Beric bowed his head and continued.

“I will not forget this kindness. When the time comes, we will help you.”

So saying, he ate with the other humans.

After feeding the humans with water and grilled fish, we let them escape to the north.

However, during this time, a certain army to the west had captured a battered Tengu who could barely walk.

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