Seisan Mahoushi – 50

Chapter 50 – Corrupt Knights Appear!

After the moat was dug around the outside of the walls, it was connected to a waterline and filled with water.

Upon seeing this, the demihumans raised their voices happily.

“There is a river around the village! Now no one will be able to come inside!”
“This is all thanks to Joshua!”

As I heard such voices, Iria turned to me and said,

“It really is because of you, Sir Joshua… Ever since you came, nothing has wandered into our village, and no one has died.”
“No, Iria. This is because we all worked together. Besides, we still have to do something about enemies that would come from the sky, like what happened recently. There is much to do.”

That being said, the wyvern riders were a small group within the Demon King Army.
At best, there were only a hundred riders for every ten thousand soldiers.

And Beric, who had fled here yesterday, had said that the nearby Demon King Army was not that big.
And so there shouldn’t be too many wyvern riders.

Of course, there were other monsters that could fly in the air, and so we had to keep our guard up.

Next to me, Mette said,

“What can we do, exactly? Surely our bows and crossbows are enough.”
“It might be enough to take down the riders, but wyverns are tough. And while it may not be the case for you, Mette, other Kijins would have to shoot them many times to kill them.”
“I see. It’s true that everyone but me is…”
“Aye. Well, I suppose the ballista and catapults will be able to take them down in one hit. But wyverns can be very fast.”
“Tough and fast… Hmm, that is troublesome.”
“Exactly. Look at this.”

I took out a grotesque, purple organ from my magic workshop. It was about the size of three heads.

As expected, Mette looked at it in disgust.

“Wh-what are you doing with that? This is rather…barbaric of you…Joshua.”
“No, this can be a weapon. It’s a Devil Snake poison bag. I acquired it from the ones I defeated when I went to an abandoned mine with Iria and Melk.”
“I see, poison. So we just need to throw those bags at the enemy!”
“And you called me barbaric… If we did that, it would be over after you throw it once. Well, perhaps that would work if you did it.”
“Oh, so we’re supposed to bludgeon the enemy with them?”
“That’s even harder… Besides, the poison would splash onto you as well.”

And then I continued.

“Not that. We are going to put this poison on the arrowheads. If we do that, anyone who is shot will become paralyzed. And so the wyverns will not be able to fly, right?”
“I see! I never thought of that! It could be quite useful for hunting.”
“Aye. Well, we’d have to remove the poison in order to eat the meat… In any case, if we do use this poison, everyone will have to be very careful.”

Mette answered.

However, Iria then said,

“Poison? Well, it does not seem like there is a lot of it. Perhaps Ms. Ecleshia knows of other kinds of poison.”
“She does seem to know a lot about forest plants and mushrooms. Yes, since there is not much poison in here, I think that I’ll go and ask her.”
“I think you should! Then I will call her from the forest and… Hmm. What?”

Iria noticed that a werewolf had come out of the western forest.

The werewolf looked up at the ramparts where we stood, and shouted at us.

“Humans! Numerous humans are coming from the west road! There were nearly two thousand!”
“Two thousand!? Are they slave hunters?”
“No, but they were…they seemed much more proper! They all wore the same kind of black armor and clothing! And their shields were also black and emblazoned with a dragon!”
“Black, dragon… Could it be…”

It came to me.

Black clothes and armor. And the dragon crest… It must be the Schwarz Knights Order.

“That acquaintance of yours, Sir Joshua. The one that was defeated… They sound similar to him.”

Iria remembered Gaius. The man that she had killed.

The werewolf continued.

“Apparently, they have captured a Tengu on the road. And the Ents are not sure whether or not to intervene! They are waiting for you order, Mr. Joshua!”

If a thousand Ents could lure the knights order into the forest, they would be able to hold their own.
However, it wasn’t hard to imagine what would happen to the Tengu if they did that.

“What should we do, Sir Joshua?”
“…While I do want to free the Tengu, we can’t put the Ents in danger. I will go and talk with them.”
“Then we will follow you from a short distance. We can hide in the forest so that we’ll be ready to fight if you are in danger.”
“That would be comforting to know… But don’t do anything without my order.”

Iria answered firmly.

And so I climbed onto a horse and rushed to the west.

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  1. Mette, you are the last character in this entire story who has the right to call anything or anyone barbaric. Especially when you are little more than a savage muscle head without Joshua.

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