Seisan Mahoushi – 165

Chapter 165 – They Were Troubled?!


As Neia sneezed loudly, I used wind magic to dry her off.

“Sorry. For appearing like this so suddenly.”

But Neia closed her eyes and shook her head.

“It’s meow…my fault. Since Riise can talk now, I saw her as an adult, and was not concerned enough.”

As time passed, Neia calmed down quite a lot.

Riise was currently clinging to Ecleshia’s leg and crying. Ymir and Enna were trying to console her by making strange faces.

“But even grown ups will cry sometimes. But Riise is indeed very strong. She went out alone in order to have the bracelet fixed.”
“That bracelet?”
“Riise told you. She had it fixed.”
“She did… Did you do it?”
“I repaired the stones and string. But Riise decided on the placement of the stones. And we used stones that she had gathered.”
“…What is your purpose?”

Neia said as she stared at me.

Perhaps she thought that we would demand some kind of payment.

“Nothing in particular. But Beyron and the others helped us fight the Demon King army. And so I wanted to repay the debt. Besides, I couldn’t just leave a child there.”

We had saved Riise previously.
And so Neia seemed to be persuaded, and her shoulders relaxed as if she had lowered her guard.

“You people have proven to be trustworthy for the most part, and so I don’t mind. But…”
“I am just saying that in this world, there are too many people who will use you, and then turn traitor… Of course, we are included in that.”

Neia laughed sadly.
Perhaps some trouble had occurred between Beyron and the humans.

“Would you mind telling me about it?”
“Wh-what? Even if something did happen… It has nothing to do with you people.”
“We have friends in the palace. If the problem is related to the kingdom, then they might be able to lend a hand.”
“That would require an enormous price, I think… Well, very well. If you want to know so much, then I shall tell you.”

And so Neia spread out a map on a nearby table.

It was a map of the Toria kingdom.

Neia pointed to one part and said,

“You know about the recent appearance of undead hordes?”
“Aye. There were many right inside of this city. Were the tigerfolk fighting against them as well?”
“We were hired by Count Torlin, who owns lands in the northern region of this country. And it was there that we fought against the undead.”
“I see. They must have been very grateful, since the kingdom’s own army had crumbled.”
“Aye. We fought and we bled like everyone else… But now, there are fewer undead. And there are none at all in this city, it seems. The kingdom has become stable quite rapidly.”

Apparently, things were settling down outside of the royal capital as well. I suppose it was because we had captured Yomotsu, who was the cause of it all.

“However, because of this, Count Torlin suddenly canceled our contract without notice. Not only that, but we were not paid a single coin for our work.”
“He did that…”
“And so father decided to take it from Count Torlin by force. He went to his storage houses in every city, and confiscated gold and supplies.”
“Is that what you were selling in the market…”
“Count Torlin had taken them from the people for himself. And so we merely returned it to those who were starving.”

After hearing this much, I could not put any of the blame on Beyron and his people. It was not as if Count Torlin’s people were attacked. And they had sold the goods in the market at a fair price.

However, Neia’s face suddenly darkened.

“I could…understand that much. However, the problem started after that. Obviously, Count Torlin was furious. He gathered his men together and challenged us. Father even fought Count Torlin in a duel… And eventually, father cut off Count Torlin’s head.”
“The head of a nobleman…”
“Aye. And to make matters worse, the king of this country happened to be staying on Count Torlin’s lands. And so the king put a price on our heads.”
“But the royal army is still in shambles, and communications are unstable. So you are still able to stay here.”
“Indeed… And so I blamed my father. Said he shouldn’t have killed the count. No matter how vile that man was. Even if he had enslaved demihumans…”
“Count Torlin’s family will hold a grudge against the Grank Mercenaries now… As will the king. Yes, perhaps he acted too rashly.”

Neia did not want to make any more enemies. And so she had fought with Beyron.

While Beyron looked easy-going at a glance, he actually had an explosive personality… Some might call it a sense of justice. And considering the situation, I could understand some of it.

“Still, the king, huh…”

Just when we had arrived, the king had left the city in a boat. Many civilians had witnessed this and were disappointed.

On the other hand, my old comrade, who was the king’s younger sister, was now praised as the hero who had defeated the undead. And Ylis herself was thinking of taking her brother’s position as ruler.

And so she might be able to revoke the arrest order for the Grank mercenaries.

“Neia. I will discuss this matter with my friend in the palace. And perhaps you will not have to be punished with regards to the incident with Count Torlin.”
“Can you really trust this person?”
“Aye. And I am sure that they will agree to help. However, if this kingdom will not allow it… Then you should come to us.”
“I told Beyron about it before. If all else fails, then you should join us in the Fendel Alliance. And we will gladly accept you.”
“…But we are hated by both humans and the Demon King Army.”
“That is why the Fendel Alliance is your only option. Please talk about it with Beyron, once he calms down.”

Neia became silent.
A stable place to live was more than she could hope for. However, she had trouble trusting other people.

I nodded to Iria, who stood next to me, and then we decided to leave the inn.

However, Riise raised her voice.

“I will join the Fendel Alliance! I don’t care about my father and sister anymore!!”

She said as she gripped Ymir and Enna’s hands tightly.

Ymir and Enna looked a little troubled at this, but Neia did not say anything.

And then Ecleshia said,

“…Riise. Well, why don’t you stay with us for a short while then?”
“Yes! Take me with you!”
“Neia! Riise will stay with us for a while!”

Neia did not say anything, and seemed to be deep in thought.

“…Let’s go. We can come to visit again, after we go to the palace.”

And so we left the inn behind us.

The gatekeepers, who had been watching us, also bid us farewell.

And then we made our way to the tavern where Mette and the others were waiting.

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