Seisan Mahoushi – 148

Chapter 148 – They Wanted A Boat!?

“I see…”

After climbing the flight of steps in the subterranean sewer, we came out into an area that was surrounded by walls that were higher than the defense walls around the city.
The area was filled with tents, but judging by how the grass was neatly maintained, it must have been a garden at one time.

Aside from the tents, there were also a lot of people crouched on the ground.

I talked to Ylis, who walked ahead.

“It seems like there isn’t enough space for everyone.”
“It would not be possible to live outside of this district. The ones with tents are still fortunate. But there are people who sleep on the ground.”
“Couldn’t they build houses?”
“While we do have the materials, the king will now allow it… My brother…”
“I see…”

So this was the palace district.
In the center, there was another area that was surrounded by walls, which was likely where the inner garden and royal palace was located.

Ylis then guided us to a large tent. It was very big, the kind where commanders would gather together for meetings on the frontlines.

Inside, there was a giant table, and it was surrounded by knights and soldiers who pored over a map, as they marked it and moved around pieces.

Apparently, even now, there were battles being waged by the walls.

None of them took any notice of us. I suppose it was because Iria and Melk looked very close to humans.

Ylis then had us sit in chairs that were to the back of the tent.
She then sat down as well and began to talk.

“So, you were headed to the temple.”
“Aye. And we met Mr. Vince on the way.”
“That high priest. Well, it does seem to be true that the skeletons are coming from somewhere near that temple.”
“So it’s true…”
“We had put together several teams in a desperate attempt to seal it… But it was no use.”
“Do you mean that the fighting force was not strong enough?”

Ylis paused for a moment and nodded her head.

“Ultimately, it would come down to that. However, the first corps we sent there were made up of a hundred elite soldiers. They were not the kind of people who would fall to mere skeletons.”
“So, there may be a different enemy?”
“Yes. We were watching them the whole time from the walls. I saw them through a telescope up until they reached the temple… And then a giant dragon breathed its flames…and the whole corps was turned into ashes.”
“Something that uses magic or breath…”

Iria said, as if remembering something.

“Perhaps it is like that undead dragon we defeated before.”
“Aye. Considering there are skeletons, it seems likely that this is an undead dragon.”

Only a very powerful necromancer could make that many skeletons soldiers. So it would not be surprising if they commanded an undead dragon as well.

We had fought such a dragon in the past once.
It had once been a fire dragon, but its body had become undead.

And since it had taken over the Tengu mountain where Asuha lived, we had killed it.
We had used healing magic, and Ent leaves with healing effects, which revived the undead dragon’s sense of pain.

“Since we have Ent leaves with us, we can use the same strategy this time. Also, Melk can use healing magic.”
“It is Melk’s turn then.”

Melk said as she raised her staff.

However, Ylis chuckled sadly.

“It-it’s no use. Not even you, Joshua. Were Solm and I to fight it together, we would still not be able to defeat it.”
“But someone has to do it, or this place will be swallowed up by undead. I’m sure you already know, but these skeletons are already scattering all over the kingdom.”
“I know that… Because my older brother has asked the other lands to send ships to aid us. But none have come.”

They must all have their hands full with protecting their own territories. With such numbers of refugees, all the lands must be consumed by chaos.

“That is why we must deal with this quickly. And so, Ylis. Do you know of a shortcut that will take us to the temple?”
“Like an underground passage? Unfortunately, the river cuts us off from the temple. There is no tunnel leading to it.”
“I see…”
“Besides, the temple is up on a small hill. It is just slightly lower than this palace district.”
“So I suppose the best way to attack is to go by river after all…”

I spread out the maps that Asuha had made for us.
We could try to go by the shortest route, like we had attempted earlier.

However, we had already made a scene at that place.
If they have competent commanders, then they would have stationed many skeletons there.

“There must be some other way to go…”
“A boat that can fly through the sky.”

Melk suddenly muttered.

“Do you mean the airship from those blueprints? But I don’t think it can really fly…”
“Remember when the Ents did it. Carried everyone by using vines.”
“In other words… Ah, a ropeway.”

Extend a rope, and hang your cargo box from it. And then get inside and ride it to the temple.

“I can use Hide… With Asuha’s help, we may be able to connect a rope to it from here.”

Ylis tilted her head to the side.

“Joshua… I don’t really understand. But are you trying to do something very difficult?”
“No, Ylis. We can do it. Can you take us to someplace that is very high up?”
“I-I can, but… Hmm?”

Suddenly, a messenger soldier entered the tent.

And the soldier went straight to Ylis.

“Your Highness. His Majesty’s knights have gone to the boat harbored in the subterranean sewer and…”
“What? Joshua…your boat…”

I nodded at Ylis, and started to run back to the sewer.

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