Seisan Mahoushi – 149

Chapter 149 – They Ran Away!?

“Wait! By whose authority are you doing this!?”

Ylis said after descending to the subterranean sewer.

When I looked towards the boat, I saw that the Fendel forces had drawn their weapons on top of the boat, and below, the royal guards in their purple surcoats were glaring at them.

Iria’s hand also went to her sword, but I reached out and stopped her. I would let Ylis handle this.

One of the royal guards turned to Ylis.

“We have long waited for a boat! With it, we can allow the king to escape from the country!”
“But that is their boat!”
“Demihumans aren’t worthy of such a thing! We should be the ones to use it!”
“You must be mad! They came here in order to take back the temple for us! In just a few days, the city may be free again!”
“Impossible! No one can win against so many skeletons! Eventually this undead army will fall upon the entire continent!”
“Then where will you run!? And what will become of the people when they have no king during such a time!?”

It seemed that neither side would back down.

Indeed, it was hard to imagine that you could win when seeing the number of undead.

And so I decided to propose a compromise.

“Now, wait. You want a boat, yes? In that case, just give me the materials, and I will build one for you.”
“You said that you want a boat for a king. Then I will build a boat that is larger.”
“What idiocy! Building a boat would take…”
“I am a production magician. I can build one quickly. Just take me to the place with the materials.”
“A production magician…”

The royal guards then considered my proposal as they whispered among each other.

“H-how long will it take you!?”
“I suppose it will take you several hours to pack up and be ready to set sail. I will be finished before then.”
“…Come with us!”

And like that, the soldiers parted from the boat and ascended the staircase to the palace.

I waved at Mette and the others and then followed after the guards.

Ylis walked next to me and said,

“A-are you sure about this? Joshua?”
“Of course. But if this results in losing the trust of the people, there is nothing I can do… But what about you, Ylis?”
“No matter what anyone says, I shall stay here. Of course, I will also join you in your operation.”
“I see. Then I won’t have to worry.”
“About what?”

As long as there was one commander left, there would be no problem.

The royal guards were headed to the inner palace.

Even in this situation, the garden was well tended. But not a single refugee was allowed inside, so it was just a wide open space.

In the far back, I saw a crowned man drinking tea gracefully, and several women in fancy dresses.

So that is the Toria king… What was he doing during a time like this?

I felt some outrage at this, but continued to follow the guards to the place where the materials were kept.

They were all astonished when the materials seemed to vanish in an instant, but then they quickly left in order to prepare for the voyage.

I then headed to the river from the subterranean sewer, and there, I built a reasonably large sailboat.
And then I added a large flag on the stern and mast.

“It is completed. You are free to do the rest.”
“Uh, yes. Hurry up and get on board! His Majesty and his family. And the royal guards as well!”

And then the guards started to load the king’s belongings onto the boat.

In the meantime, I saw that Ylis was talking to the man with the crown. He definitely had the appearance of a king.

“Ah, brother! Did you really have the nerve to come out like that!?”
“Wh-what is wrong with that!? I must leave this place at once!”
“Don’t you see how disappointed the people will be if they see you come out like this, all covered in gold! How can you not understand that?”
“Silence! Everyone who remains here will die anyway. I do not care how they feel! If you wish to live, then you will accompany us.”
“…! I refuse.”
“Aye, is that so! Then you can wait for me in the afterlife!”

So saying, the Toria king ran into the boat.

The soldiers and civilians watched this from the top of the walls. Some were angry and shouted about how their king was abandoning them. Others watched on with cold eyes.

And like that, the boat that carried the king and his knights, went up the river to the north.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    With leadership like that, demon king could have just waited for a decade or so, and country would have collapsed on it’s own.

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