Seisan Mahoushi – 195

Chapter 195 – There were a lot of magic stones!?

We made our way towards the King Bug while killing what killer worms that remained.

There were only about twenty killer worms left now. Ecleshia used the plants to hold them down, while Iria cut them with her blade.

“Alright, that’s all of them.

Mette said as she looked around.

And then Asuha answered.

“I checked from the sky as well, and there were none that have escaped.”
“I think it is probably fine underground as well.”

Ecleshia said, and I nodded.

“I can’t see any magic energy either. At the very least, there aren’t any nearby.”
“Meow-meow! I came to help, meow!”

I turned around and saw Rona and the black cats coming towards us.

“Rona. We already defeated all of them. Still, that magic was amazing…”

The plan was just to have Rona and the others help with a diversionary attack. I was going to use a bomb to defeat the enemy, but they had done it in an instant with magic.

“We thought that if we focused all of our magic energy in one place, that we could defeat the big one, meow.”
“You’re able to control the magic energy so freely…”
“It’s thanks to our teacher! Now we will no longer have to worry about food, meow!”

Rona said, and then Melk nodded.

“Next time, Melk will teach you to catch fish from the sea.”
“Ms. Melk has become their teacher.”

Asuha said, though Melk answered with a ‘no.’ However, it did seem like she enjoyed instructing them.

Still, the Nowa tribe really were geniuses when it came to magic.
As most of the demihumans in Fendel were physically impressive, they would be great allies to have.

“In any case, thank you. You saved us. Those bugs will likely not come out again.”
“You’re welcome, meow! We will also be able to sleep without fear now!”

Indeed, the threat was gone.
However, we would have to continue to search for the foxes.

When I turned to Asuha, she seemed to sense it, as she shook her head.

“I sent Tengu to search in all directions, but there was no change. No foxes or anything else.”
“I see. While the foxes might return now that the danger is gone, the person behind these bugs…”

It was natural to assume that the person was not here.
Kyuby hadn’t shown up either.
Surely the boss was the King Bug then.

“In any case, let us inspect the killer worms. While we cannot eat their flesh, the fangs can be used for arrows. And besides…”
“The magic stones?”

Mette asked, and I nodded.

“It would not be strange if the killer worms had magic stones. As for the King Bug…perhaps parts like the outer shell can be used.”
“In that case, I will help to gather them!”

Mette said, and then she began to carry the killer worms and gather them into one place.
Wiz carried them on its body, while Ecleshia used plants to bring them to me.

I stored most of them in magic workshop.

Rona’s face went pale.

“There were so many… But where did they go, meow?”
“Even I didn’t think that so much would fit…”

Iria and the others were surprised as well.

There were already a hundred inside.

“Uh, I’m shocked too.”

I didn’t know that I could store so many.

Once the killer worms were in magic workshop, I removed the fangs and incinerated the bodies. And then, what remained were the glimmering rocks. Magic stones.

“While they are small, there are quite a lot of them…”

They were smaller than the magic stones on the staves carried by Asuha and the others.
Still, as they were still magical, if they attached them to their staves, then they would be able to use more magic energy.

“Alright, I finished processing the killer worms. Next is the Bug King.”

I said as I stood in front of the giant monster. It was like looking up at a three-story house.

“First, if I can absorb it into magic workshop…”

And just like that, the King Bug vanished.

As always, everyone around me was stunned.

And then Mette said,

“Joshua… Could it be that you can even erase a whole mountain?”
“He can probably absorb the entire sea.”

Melk muttered.

“You-you’re exaggerating now. Still, I really have been able to absorb all kinds of things after coming to Fendel. I suppose it is expanding.”
“Is it really something that can expand like that?”

Iria wondered.

“I really don’t know…”

There was an awkward silence. I really did not understand why it had expanded so much. Was it because I kept using it diligently?

Some of the cats of the Nowa tribe were even bowing and meowing reverently, and saying that I must be some god.

“How overblown…”
“But, Joshua… There is definitely something different about you, meow.”

Rona said.

“Not at all. Anyone would improve with magic if they continued to use it. In any case, the King Bug…the shell can be used for armor, I think. As it has some elasticity, it might be good to put it underneath purple iron plates.”

I could strengthen armor for over a thousand people. As for the tentacles and meat, they were already burned, so it would be difficult to eat them. So I would turn them into ash. After removing the poison, just in case.

And I would bury the ashes of the King Bug and killer worms here. And while small, I will also make a gravestone.

“But…what is this amber colored… Oh, it’s a magic stone for earth magic!”

I immediately took out the amber stone. It was about the size of a person’s head.

Upon seeing it, Mette raised her voice.

“It’s huge!”
“Aye. Larger than the one that Asuha and the others have.”
“Earth magic. Does that mean it is magic that is related to soil?”

I nodded at Iria’s words.

“Aye. You can move stones and soil. Well, it is quite useful. That being said, we have Ecleshia and the Ents.”
“In that case, Ecleshia should use magic as well.”

Melk muttered.

“Me? Well, I am interested.”
“Magic is fun. With this staff and magic stones, flying in the sky has become much more enjoyable for me.”

Asuha said as she showed the staff to Ecleshia.

“If you insist… Then, perhaps…I will. Though, it was defeated by Rona and the others.”

Ecleshia said as she turned to them.

“Meow, meow. We don’t think of it as ours. We are all allies, so you should do with it as you like, meow. Besides, you have really helped us. We would be happy if it can be of use to you, meow!”
“Thank you. If that is the case, then I will use it as well. Then Joshua, I would like a staff as well.”

I nodded at Ecleshia.

“Aye. I will craft a good one. In any case, the threat of the bugs is passed. Now we just need to search for the foxfolk.”
“Meow! Meow! We shall help too!”

Rona saw, and the others of the Nowa tribe raised their voices as well.

And like that, we returned to our search for the foxfolk.

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