Royal Magician – 120

Chapter 120 – Encouragement and Proof

“This can’t be true… What was that…”

Estelle Blueforest’s overwhelming strength was quite a shock to the rest of the Ardenfeld team.

They had all fallen silent with serious expressions.

Ryan’s incredible chain of attacks had been blocked without even the use of a magic barrier.

(That’s not possible. Surely…)

It was hard to accept this reality.
Even Noelle Springfield was shocked.

Her mouth was wide open, and she looked up with a vacant stare, as if her heart was somewhere else.

That being said, even as she was shaken, she continued to fight the strong opponents of other countries, sometimes knocking them down with her fists. And so she was also different from the standard, but in a different way.

(I suppose there is no need to worry about Springfield.)

Ryan chuckled as he watched the stunned expressions of the other magicians.

(The problem is Waldstein. If he continues to win, then his next battle will be against Estelle Blueforest…)

After being treated and gaining consciousness again, Ryan had dragged his heavy body to the waiting room in order to support the others.

It was then that a memory of before the tournament came back to him.

‘You want me to be the captain?’
‘It was decided that you are the most qualified. And it will be easier for the others if they are with you.’

Those were the words of Gawain Stark, who he looked up to as a fellow fire magician.
More than anything, Ryan was moved by the fact that he had been chosen to lead the team.

(I was considered a failure, and now I’m in the team…as the leader, no less…)

He felt joy and a sense of achievement.
And also, a hope burned deep in his chest.

(As I am now, even they will have to accept me.)

When he was fifteen, Ryan had not been able to pass the exam for the magic school that his brothers attended. And so his parents disowned him.
It was decided that he was not needed in order to help restore the weakening Archbullet House.

Water magic was their tradition for many generations.
The pressure and responsibility of protecting their name.
It had made his parents go mad, perhaps.

Their unreasonable expectations turned into violence.
The training and punishments were closer to abuse.

He didn’t have a single good memory of that time.

Still, he felt like going to make a report. Because there was something deep in his heart that did not feel fulfilled.

The desire to be accepted by his parents.
To be praised.

Perhaps he had worked this hard up until now in order to be accepted by them.

‘It’s been a long time, father, mother.’

However, after reuniting with them for the first time in eleven years, the reaction was not what he had hoped.

‘You’ve come to laugh at our fallen house, haven’t you!’
‘You are the traitor that abandoned the Archbullet water magic!’

They did not understand him at all.
The wish he had hoped for the most, was not fulfilled.

Living really was hard.
A lot of things did not work out, and things were often not fair.

Still, you had to look ahead.
And not lose to the trials life set in front of you.

“Waldstein. I need to talk to you.”

And so they found an empty room to talk.
It was his duty as a senior.
Even if he lost, he wanted the others to do their best.

“You are stronger than me. And more than that, you have thought, prepared and trained more than anyone. So you just have to focus on using your power. And then the results will speak for themself.”

He said, trying to ignore the pain.

“I know you can win. It will be fine.”

Luke didn’t say anything.
And after a short pause, he let out a sigh.

“You really are soft-hearted. Senior Ryan.”

The sapphire blue eyes looked at him and continued.

“You don’t have to tell me that. I will win. That’s why I am here.”

Calm and unshakable confidence.

(Even after seeing that fight)

Ryan smiled at how reliable Luke was.

(It was a groundless fear.)

He sighed with relief, and then Luke continued.

“And so you don’t have to worry. I’ll beat this enemy. And I did gain a little courage after seeing how you did not give up.”

That was unexpected.
He was always like an indifferent cat, and so it was shocking to hear him offer words of encouragement.

“Soul friend…!”
“I’m not your soul friend.”

(It cannot be helped… Though, I wanted to avoid it until the final battle.)

The results of the draw. Luke was very unlucky indeed.
He would face the elf magician who was one of the strongest in the tournament.

Considering his wounds from the dungeon were not completely healed yet, it would have been better for him to be able to hold back during these fights.

(In the first place, these pairings seem a little too deliberate.)

The magic techniques in Ardenfeld were some of the most advanced in the western continent.
And so some of the other countries would not want them to do well, so that their reputation would grow.

They had to nip it in the bud.
As Luke came from a great house, he knew the way that such people thought.

(Fine. If something is in my way, I will overcome it. That is all.)

While it did not take Luke long for him to resolve himself to this, it was different for the others.

‘So she’s against Waldstein next…’

There was a grave atmosphere.

Of course, they were all adults.
And so they did their best to support him.
Still, they could not hide how anxious they were.

Everyone felt that was a rank above him.
Luke was still young, and lacked experience as a magician.

(Well, it doesn’t matter what they think)

He just needed to make the necessary preparations, the same as always.
He had no doubts at all.

And so he did not really want to talk to her.

As he knew it might affect him.
The special voice that was different from the others.

The one important person.
The one he would choose above everything else without hesitation.

And so he made an effort to avoid talking to her as he prepared for the battle.


And yet, she would still approach him like this.

“Well, since you’re up next, I thought I would come and encourage you.”

She said.

“But then I saw your face and realized. Ah, it’s not necessary.”
“Because you’ll clearly win. As your rival, I know just how strong you are when you really do your research and prepare every countermeasure.”

Noelle said with a smile.

“Go and show them. That a prepared Luke is the strongest.”

That was all she said, but he received such strength from it.

(Really, you are…)

As Luke covered his mouth, Noelle frantically added,

“Well, I’m just as strong! I’m not weaker than you at all! Yes!”

She always hated to lose.
He smiled at that.

She clearly saw him as someone above her right now.
That was what she believed.

And so he would have to prove it.

That her estimation of him was right.
That they were the strongest.

They could make the impossible possible.
Overcome any obstacle.
They were so invincible that they could fly.

Of course, it would not be easy.
The elves lived for thousands of years. No magician could match that.

However, Luke had done a tremendous amount of research on his opponent.
Even before the tournament, he had been secretly preparing countermeasures.

And so he could say one thing with confidence.
There was no other magician who had studied the other formidable opponents as much as he did.

[Mainly uses water magic]
[Can also use magic with other attributes, but the more important the fight, the higher the dependence on water attributes]
[Greatest weapon is one of the Four Great Spirits. Spirit magic that wields the power of Undine]
[High versatility is her characteristic]
[Adapts quickly, with a great ability to respond to unknown situations]
[Not interested in those surrounding her]
[Speaks few words]
[No expression]
[Difficulty in expressing emotions]
[Poor balance common in children who had excessive expectations forced them since infancy]
[Good eyesight]
[Slow walking speed]
[There are signs that she has been strictly educated on good posture]
[Rarely expresses herself with hands or body]
[Indifferent tone]
[Tendency to worry about being thought cold]
[Very guarded against others]
[Strong warning for others]
[Prefers to be alone, but also feels lonely]
[Feels guilty about luxury and drinking]
[Aversion towards lust]
[Prefers stability and harmony]
[Tone deaf]
[Slight fear of affection]
[Given up on reality]
[Does not fear death]
[Strong ideals and self-punishment tendencies]
[It’s as if she knows she won’t lose]
[Uses multiple magic formulas of unknown purpose]
[When casting a highly difficult magic spell, the position of her right arm drops slightly]
[It’s possible that she gains the advantage in a way that is not purely due to a difference in ability]

Stacks of notes and research material in his room.
The preparation to make the impossible possible.

Now he just had to turn it into reality.

It was time to slay the monster.

Luke Waldstein’s battle was about to begin.

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