Royal Magician – 112

Chapter 112 – Violent Shake

“Amazing! She is dodging with her eyes closed…!”
“She’s really doing it! The small one!”
“You can do it! Short lady!”

The audience erupted with excitement when the small magician began to dodge and counter with acrobatic movements.

(Being able to move with such calm and precision, in spite of the harsh conditions. There is no doubt that she is brilliant.)

The scouts who were sent from the other countries were in agreement as well.

(However, she is against the wrong opponent. This was not someone who she could beat while her vision was sealed.)

They sighed and continued to watch the fight.

(This may be her last battle.)

◇  ◇  ◇

My first time experiencing a battle where I could not see.
I was being supported by all of the repetition that I experienced.

I loved magic.
I did not want to lose to him.

And so I had trained in the garden until the sun went down.

My feelings had never changed since that time.
I would be happy when things went well, and angry when they didn’t.

In some ways, I was more childish than other people. I kept believing that there were no limits.

I could always improve and become even better.

I had higher expectations for myself than anyone.

And so I trained, repeated over and over again.

That time gave me strength.

It was fine that I couldn’t see.
My body remembered.

I smiled as I saw how effective my moves were.

…This was becoming fun.

◇  ◇  ◇

(Her movements are becoming even sharper…)

During the fight, Lubens Mengelberg realized the change that had come over her before anyone else.
With the information from the scouting team, and what he had learned from the fight up until now, he came to a certain conclusion.

(An incredible ability to adapt…)

She had probably experienced some form of hell in the past.
It was the only explanation for someone to reach this level at such an age.

(Well done, youngster. I applaud your passion with all my heart.)

Luben smiled. He sensed that she was a kindred soul.

The day he had first used magic.
Everyone in his class was so surprised. That made him happy.
Perhaps he was a genius. And so he obsessively read books on magic.

These memories of the past were nostalgic.
Her magic was filled with a refreshing joy and passion.

(However, you are still green. You cannot reach me yet.)

Even though his enemy had great adapting ability, she could not lighten the damage of the status effects.
The techniques that the old magician had honed up until now, were eating away at the young magician’s body.

In this battle, he had the overwhelming advantage.
Now, all he had to do was crush counter attacks, and victory was sure to be his.

As for erasing an opponent’s strength, there was nothing more suited for it than status effects.

Poison, paralysis, oblivion. The debuffs ate away and pushed her closer to the edge.

And then Lubens activated a spell that would be the decisive blow.


The small magician was not able to dodge the petrifying spell.
The crowds gasped.
Noelle Springfield’s legs were petrified, and the spectator realized that the battle was over.

Even if she had magic that slowed down time for her, it would mean nothing if she could not move and dodge attacks.

(Now I just need to keep my distance and win.)

Lubens started to back away.
And that was when the change occurred.

(My body…won’t move.)

Something was limiting his movement.
And when Lubens realized what it was, he was completely stunned.

(Wind magic…!?)

A powerful wind was pulling him.
He immediately tried to escape its grasp, but he could now get away.

(Her…mana level…!)

It had increased to an explosive degree.
What the hell was happening?

The distance grew smaller.
As her vision was sealed, in order to hit him with precision, she was moving her enemy into a desired position.

She activated spell after spell at a speed that the eye could not follow, and the old magician just watched in awe.

What free, rough and passionate magic.

(Astonishing for one so young.)

He smiled, knowing the amount of sweat behind the beauty.

(Well done, youngster.)

The wind cannons exploded.
The blow that determined his defeat.

The blue sky spread out.
The feeling of the stone pavement at his back.
He breathed in the last remnants of the refreshing wind.

(I still have a way to go as well.)

The audience fell silent.
They were all speechless.

Indeed, the old magician had had the advantage during the battle.
His polished status effect spells had pushed Noelle Springfield to the brink of despair. There was no doubt about it.

The problem was, once there was no turning the situation around, her mana had suddenly increased explosively.


The scouts in the audience could not understand this strange occurrence.

(It’s impossible… It shouldn’t be…)

They could not breathe.
Their mouths were dry.

(What is she…)

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  1. I like how this battle was basically 1 step above the attempted bullying by nobles. She had to face a barrage of attacks at a disadvantage(1Vmany, blind) and ended both with a sudden explosive burst of magic in quantity and speed.

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