Royal Magician – 129

Chapter 129 – Sparks

The jade color magic that Evangeline activated.

‘Air Fluegel.’

As for Noelle, the anti-magic spell she cast was a mere 0.08 seconds after that.

Luke had told her of the small habit when using great magic.
And her spatial awareness ability allowed to be aware of the small differences in movement.

The anti-magic obstructed the activation of Evangeline’s magic.

But as it malfunctioned and began to self-destruct, Evangeline’s reaction was a superhuman feat that exceeded modern magic techniques.

In an instant, she cut off the malfunctioning part of the magic, and used a simplified, support formula instead, to activate it.

While incomplete, it was seventy percent effective, and more than enough power to control the tide of battle.

As for Noelle, she was already kicking the ground towards Evangeline.
The time acceleration magic was faster than ever.

(Thank you, Luke.)

The anti-magic was just to buy some time.
She did not know the limit of her enemy’s power, and so she could not raise her hopes too high.

More than anything, after fighting with Evangeline, who had inhuman quantities of mana, Noelle’s own mana had decreased to less than half.

If it turned into a battle of endurance, then she wouldn’t have a chance.
At this moment when the difference in strength between them was equal, she would risk everything to end it.

“I thought you would do that.”

Evangeline smiled.
She knew she would close in and take a risk.

“Can you dodge at this range?”

The magic unleashed from the high-ranking spirits.
Seven hundred rays of light covered everything.

Merciless destruction that made dodging and barriers useless.

As for Noelle, she activated magic that no one was expecting.

‘Chrono Stasis.’

Time stopped for 1.8 seconds.
Everyone forgot to breathe.

(To succeed in such an important moment.)

Evangeline smiled at the sight of Noelle dodging the attack and running towards her.

(But that is as far as you go. I win.)

She wasn’t able to use the time magic properly.
An incomplete activation that was still miraculous.

But the price was too big.
In just a second, Noelle’s mana was depleted.

(You can no longer use magic to get through my barriers. The battle might as well be over.)

Her body shook. A symptom of sudden mana loss.
It was just a matter of time before she lost consciousness.

However, Noelle Springfield did not give up.
She used what little that remained of her mana to activate an incomplete, beginner spell.


A small wind focused on one spot on her back that pushed her.
With that, she accelerated for just a moment.

In the next instant, Evangeline felt an impact that she had never felt before.

(A head butt…!?)

Noelle Springfield’s other trump card.
An unconventional blow that was completely different from that of an ordinary magician.

It was an unknown feeling that ran through Evangeline’s head while she felt her body fall backwards.

(What is this? I don’t know this.)

She was raised as a precious queen, and hardly ever even touched other people.

She felt hot, as if sparks were flying.
And it hurt.

However, there was something comforting about that pain as well.

Someone who was close enough to her that they could hit heads.
The blue sky spread out above her.

Someone she could talk to about foolish things.
Slap each other’s shoulders and laugh.

A friend.

(Is this the feeling that I’ve been searching for…!?)

Amidst the confusion, her consciousness began to fade.
On the other hand, Noelle Springfield had already gained due to lack of mana.

And so the two fell to the ground.
Neither even stirred.

“What is going to happen…?”
“I don’t know. There had never been a double knock out before.”

The crowd was stunned at the sight of the fallen champion.

“This is an upset…unbelievable…”

In the special spectator booth.

“Impossible…this should not have happened…!”

The nobleman’s voice shook.

“Even if she fell too, that girl defeated the spirit queen…! Commoners are meant to be ruled by us. All our history and tradition is at risk. She must be crushed no matter what…!”

However, the man with the black signet ring, who sat next to him, was already calm.

“It is no problem. Considering how the spirit queen is depleted, this is actually a good thing. In fulfilling our true purpose, she will now vanish from this world.”
“True purpose?”
“Eliminate the spirit queen and take advantage of the Great Forest. In addition, magicians representing each country will be eliminated as well, and the relationship between the empire and neighboring countries will deteriorate.”
“Y-you don’t mean…”

The nobleman gasped.

“How would you even do…”
“It’s simple.”

He folded his hand on his knees and continued.

“The sealed city of Grambern, which had developed in a twisted kind of way due to the mana that leaked from the ancient dragon that sealed away a thousand years ago, as well as the magic ore resources. No one has noticed that all the mining for profit is weakening the seal. It will be an easy job.”
“However, there are numerous other monsters sealed here as well. Each has a threat level of six and over. These are monsters that destroyed kingdoms in the past. The amount of damage it will cause.”
“That is fine. We will sell weapons and medicine, and make a great profit. It will be even better if the empire starts warring with the other countries. Having enemies and creating hysteria will make it easier to unite the people. Anger and panic spreads like a disease.”

Said the man with the black signet ring.

“The ancient dragon will awaken, and return the city to rubble. The empire will face an unprecedented calamity.”

Immediately after, the magicians felt a horrible chill.
It happened without warning.

A feeling like suddenly being drowned in ice water.

The mana was so tense like they had never experienced before.

The effect was especially strong to those that didn’t use magic, and 1796 of the spectators lost consciousness, while 24,682 felt terrible pain in their head, and became nauseous.

Roaring and screaming.
The ground shook so much that you couldn’t stand.
People could not even tell which way was up and down.

While everyone was panicking, Leticia Risettestone was quick to understand what was happening.

Something must have happened near the north side of the arena.
The largest mine in the west was below.

That was when the center of the field collapsed.

Smoke and roaring.
Highly concentrated mana spewed out.

And from the great hole, emerged a herd of magic beasts.

These were monsters that even when alone, could wreak havoc on a city.

People fled.

Even the strongest warriors were no match against such monsters.
And so the vicious monsters attacked the spectators.

However, in the next instant, the monsters stopped moving.

“Everyone, it’s time to work.”

A frozen world of ice.
Leticia Risettestone’s blue magic was activated.

“We will show them the power of the Ardenfeld Royal Magicians Order.”

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