Royal Magician – 73

Chapter 73 – Examination

In a room called the Red Palace.

First prince Michael Ardenfeld was scanning some documents that his subordinates had gathered.

Noelle Springfield.

She was a Royal Magician who had achieved much since entering the order, and was the second fastest to be promoted to Silver Rank.

All of the gathered documents were on her.

Her personal life.
Her training records.
Investigation reports on incidents she was involved in.
There were even small details, like what books she borrowed from the library, or her orders at restaurants.

The investigation had been conducted by a secret team of elite that Michael had assembled.

Lord Benedict had led the investigation, and the small magician was of great interest to him.

How she had gone to a restaurant where the biggest eaters dined, and finished the largest item on the menu, ‘Fried Chicken is a Beverage,’ and looked smug about it.

How she would borrow difficult books just because she thought the title or cover would make her look smart, and then give up after reading the first page.

How she would get angry when taking her measurements and seeing that she actually shrunk a little.

She was interesting just to watch.

However, when it came to magic, she completely surpassed the realm of what was considered to be normal.

(She did all of that without breaking a sweat…)

Her attitude towards her training also separated her from the others.
Her focus and the time she spent training was extraordinary.
Even while doing more than the others, she used acceleration magic to improve that work even further.

However, what was most interesting was that her abilities always seemed to be a step up compared to when she was training.

When she fought against the assassin at the Red Rose Ball.
The Goblin King Mutant in the Misty Forest.
The mad dragon in the western frontier.
And now the battle in the criminal organization’s base.

With all of these things, she had performed in a way that far exceeded what she showed while training.

But how was this possible?
It couldn’t be something as simple as her performing well under pressure.

“I do have a theory.”
Said the crown prince.
Lord Benedict turned to him.

“A theory?”
“Aye. Regarding her ability and its nature.”

Michael Ardenfeld continued.

“My guess is that her nature allows her to adapt to the environment. She had worked under harsh conditions at the magic artificer guild. In that environment, the more she worked, the harsher things became. And she had no choice but to adapt to it. Otherwise, she would not have been able to continue at her job.”

The words echoed in the office.

“And so ultimately, her ability to adapt continued to be strengthened. A situation that exceeds your limits. She has a great ability to adapt her abilities there. Now that I think about it, it has been like that from the beginning.”
“Could it be…”

Lord Benedict gulped.

The Sixty Seconds of Blood.
Gawain Stark’s test.

She had been able to adjust to the attacks of one of the strongest Magus-Rank magicians in the kingdom.

Even if it was only a test battle for newcomers, it was against someone far above her. And in so little time…

“It’s impossible. Such a thing cannot be…”
“That is what I thought. However, the information gathered supports the theory.”

And then Michael said,

“It was the same during other battles as well. She was able to optimize herself based on the situation. The stronger the enemy, the stronger her power. She is like some kind of monster.”

Indeed, perhaps the information did support the theory.

But it was still unbelievable.
He could not accept it.

The dragon was the strongest living creature on the western side of the continent.
They could obliterate mountain scapes, and turn cities into ashes with their attacks. And yet she had adapted to it.

That surpassed the power that humans were allowed to have.

“She is a person of very rare talent. A new kind of monster.”

Michael continued.

“Don’t you want to find out? How far can she go with such power?”
“However, how will you…”
“Soon. He will return.”
“He… Do you mean…”

Lord Benedict looked stunned.
The first prince continued.

“A man has fought seven hundred duels and won every one. The kingdom’s strongest Holy Sword… Eric Rushford.”

The best in the Royal Knights Order.
They said he was worth a thousand men and was undefeated.
Along with Magus-Rank magicians, he was one of the strongest of the kingdom’s fighting force.
And so his overwhelming strength made him a living legend.

“That would be reckless, even for her! Against Sir Rushford, it will not even be a fair fight.”
“Of course, he will be handicapped in some way. But, Lord Benedict. I have high hopes for her.”

Said Michael Ardenfeld with a smile.

“I think she will continue to exceed our expectations.”

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  1. You know, what these politicians are planning sounds like a bad idea. The most likely consequence of the duel, is the capital getting in ruins. With how they disregard this problem, makes it seem they’re evil nobles who care nothing for the common folk or the strength of the country.

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