Royal Magician – 136

Chapter 136 – Prologue

I studied magic for as long as I could remember.
It filled my everyday life, as if it was the most normal thing.

I was not allowed to attend elementary school.
Because it was more efficient to study under a brilliant, private tutor.

And so I was forced to spend all of my time with magic.

As his heir, my father wanted to build me into a being more perfect than anyone.

And as far as he was concerned, it was a success.

A prodigy.
The most promising genius of the kingdom.
The greatest magician in Waldstein history.

But the praise never made me happy.
I had put more time into the craft than the others.

I had almost no free time from when I was young.
It was all sacrificed for the sake of magic.

So it was no surprise that I would surpass those with more ordinary lives.

Self-assurance that surpassed mere confidence and reached the realm of conviction.

Defeat became something that could never happen in my life.

And so… On that day.

The first time I lost, my mind went blank. I could not control myself. I remember it like it was yesterday.

‘Look what you’ve done now…! How dare a mere commoner like you beat me…!’

I had never spoken in such a low, angry voice before.

‘Who are you calling a commoner! I was able to attend this school because of my mother’s hard work! That is something I am proud of, and I don’t care if your father is a duke! I’ll beat you up a hundred or even a thousand times!’

That was how she entered my boring and lonely life.

Ever since then, what was black and white, started to have color.

While I had not wanted to admit it at the time, her presence had some positive influences on me.

The first rival I had met who I could compete against as equals.

Someone I could talk to just as a friend, and not a perfect student.

Up until then, there hadn’t been anyone who I could be myself around.

With her, I didn’t have to think about her family or standing within the kingdom. She was different and special.

And before I knew it, I was falling for her.

But I also knew that it could never be.

I had been raised with the values and manners of the nobles.

Besides, getting too close could result in her getting hurt.

Contemptuous voices and scandals.

Baseless rumors would fly around and convenient illusions created by those who wish to discredit others.

Many people believed there was no smoke without fire. But that was wrong.

It is not easy to create bad rumors out of nothing.

Especially if you are a powerful noble.

I could not tell her, because she was really important.

Because I wanted her to choose a path where she would be the most happy.

We were not meant to be together.

And so I hid it so that she would not notice.

Everything went well.
We then graduated from the academy and went our separate ways.

And for the first time, I realized that I had made a foolish mistake.

There was something hopelessly missing in my life once she was gone.
It was hard to care about anything.

What was considered to be the general idea of happiness for a nobleman was unbearably worthless to me.

Even if I lost everything while chasing her.
Even if everyone hated me and I died in a few years. It would still be better than this.

Against everything in the world, the scale would still tip in her favor.

And so there was only one option left for me.

Risk everything to create a future where we could be together.

It was the way of the Waldstein house, to do whatever it takes.

I sacrificed my daily life.
I sacrificed my friendships.
I sacrificed my pleasures.
I sacrificed my leisure time.
I sacrificed my rest.
I sacrificed my sleep.
I sacrificed my health.

Even if I had to sacrifice everything, I still wanted you.

And yet, I failed.

As that future slipped through my fingers, I stared up at the ceiling in the hospital room.

However, I was still not the kind of person to give up here.

She was much the same.

Once we failed, it was time to think of another way.

After being defeated by the spirit queen, I slept under the effects of powerful healing magic.
But a few minutes after I regained consciousness, I put my plan into action.

“Please discharge me from the hospital. It would be helpful if you could provide me with a medical certificate and medical records that show my full recovery.”

The magic physician looked at me with a troubled expression.

“No, you are in no state to be moving around. The damage to your body was even worse than we initially believed. It was amazing that you were able to fight at all. At the very least, you must rest for another two months…”
“I will pay you for your services. Please do not worry. And even if something happens, you will not be held responsible. I will tell them that I pushed myself too hard on my own. I’m willing to write it down, if you would like. Surely that should be enough.”

After a brief pause, the doctor sighed deeply.

“Your superior, Ms. Leticia Resittestone ordered me to keep you here until you are fully recovered.”
“I am recovered. There is no problem.”
“Furthermore, Captain Gawain Stark has also left a message for you. ‘Shut up and rest until you are healed. Otherwise, I’ll tell shorty all about your feelings for her.’”
“…I’m going to punch him when I get back.”
“Besides, I am not working here for money. Being a magic physician is my calling in life. I would not accept a personal payment, and mean to heal you completely.”

Apparently, I would not be able to escape.

Besides, Gawain’s threat was too big.

I did not want her to have to worry about such things now.
She was too busy with the magic that she loved so much.

She could be dense sometimes, so it should be fine.

That was one of the reasons that I liked her. I thought of such things and scratched my cheek in embarrassment. And then I clenched my fists.

(I would become someone who could make her happy. Make a future where we could be together. I will)

And then, I will tell her how I feel.

In a way that will not be too heavy. As if it was something I had just realized.

This feeling, I kept secret all of this time.

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