Strange Dragon – 61

Chapter 61 – Slime Herd

The next morning.

“Kyuo. Kyuo.”
“Pii. Pii.”

I woke up to the sensation of Hippolius licking my face.
When I opened my eyes, the sun was already high in the sky.

“…It’s morning.”
‘There is something weird here!’

Hippolius said while licking my face.
Hippolius looked a little scared.
To think that it had been sleeping on its back earlier…

“You get scared as soon as you wake up.”
‘I’m not scared!’
“That’s right. You are strong, Hippolius.”
‘Very strong!’
“Pii! Pii!”

As we talked about such things, Pii began to shake on top of my stomach.
Fio, Shiro and the demon wolf cubs also woke up and were looking at Pii.


It looked like Shiro was explaining everything to Fio and the cubs.

“Fio, Hippolius. Wolf cubs.”
“Kuun. Kuun.”
“This is Pii the slime. It joined us as a new friend last night.”
‘Pii! Nice to meet you!’
“Kyuun. Kyuun.”

The wolf cubs started to play with the slimes.

‘Kyuu. Theodore’s familiar?’
“That’s right. I made it my familiar last night.”
‘I see…’

Hippolius then licked Pii and started sniffing it.
And then Fio slowly stretched out her hand and petted Pii.

“Pii! Friend!”
“Pii! Pii!”

Fio then began to squish Pii.
Pii seemed quite happy, as its body would jiggle.

“Well, I think I should introduce Pii to the others while we eat breakfast.”
“What will you eat, Pii?”

Last night, Pii had eaten while purifying the sewage tank, as well as the bathtub.
However, both are clean now.

‘I will eat anything, but…’
‘I’m full now.’
“I see. So you do not need to eat much.”

I said, but then I wondered.
Did Pii really not eat that much?

It was small, at half a meter in diameter, and yet it had cleaned the sewage tank and bathtub.
Perhaps it actually ate a lot.

“You don’t need breakfast?”
‘I don’t!’
“I see. Well, leaving that aside, do you have any preferences when it comes to food?”
‘Stinky stuff!’
“…I see.”

Well, perhaps it would enjoy things like rotten meat.
Perhaps it had tastes similar to flies.

“Wolf cubs. Do you want to come outside and eat?”
“Kyuun. Kyuun.”

The cubs were saying, ‘Food! Food!’
Considering how they seemed comfortable around humans now, it should be fine if they eat outside with the others.

As I thought about this, someone started pounding on the door.

“Mr. Theo! Mr. Theo!”
It was a young Adventurer’s voice.

“What is it?”
“It’s an emergency!”

And so I went outside with Hippolius.

“Out of nowhere, numerous slimes have gathered around!”

When I looked, I saw that most of the houses had a few slimes sitting on their roofs.
In all, there seemed to be about thirty of them.

“But they do not attack?”
“Yes, it is a mystery! Slimes are ferocious monsters, but they do not attack us at all.”

As the Adventurer explained frantically, Victor approached us with a smile.

“I was trying to tell them that it is fine.”
“Victor, leave this to me. You should go and sleep.”
“No, no. I feel fine today…”
“You have to be careful after recovering.”

But even as we talked, the Adventurers were on their guard.

“The slimes must be waiting for the right opportunity to attack us!”

It was normal to think of slimes as being terrible monsters.
And so I understood why the Adventurers were cautious.

However, Victor knew that I had tamed a slime, so he was calm.

“Mr. Theo. Do you know why they have gathered here?”
“I shall try and ask. Pii, why are they here?”
‘They followed Pii!’
“Oh? Are you their leader then?”
‘No! Not the leader. The king!’
“King? You are the slime king?”

I had not even known that slimes lived in herds like this.
Clearly, monsters on this new continent were very different from the monsters that I knew of.

“I understand that they followed you… But what do they want to do here?”
‘Piii! I think they want to eat.’
“Like you, yesterday?”
‘Yes! Can I let them eat?’
“I don’t mind, but… Are you sure?”

There might not be anything for Pii to eat once they were finished with all the tanks and tubs.

‘Yes. Pii is with Theodore.’
“Hmm. You mean you will just eat my magic energy?”

If that was the case, it should be fine then.
And so I left the house and said to Victor,

“They are Pii’s friends after all. And they came here to eat from the sewage water.”
“Hoho. That is good to hear.”
“I’m going to guide them to it now.”
“Thank you.”
“Victor. Really, I will handle the rest, so please get some rest.”
“Well, if you insist…”

After that, I took Pii and Hippolius with me, and walked towards the sewage tank.


Pii squeaked, and the thirty slimes followed after us.

“M-Mr. Theo. Are you sure about this?”
“I will explain it in detail later… But in short, I made this slime my familiar last night.”
“A slime familiar? I didn’t know you could do that…”
“You sure are amazing, Mr. Theo.”

While the Adventurers were surprised, they did not argue.
They even seemed relieved when they heard that I had tamed the slime.


Suddenly, with an alarming shriek, Kelly flew out of one of the houses.
I suppose because she was not an Adventurer, and had no combat ability, she had been told to stay inside.
It was the right decision, as slimes were usually dangerous monsters.
However, once it was shown that they were safe, she must have burst out in excitement.

“So you are called Pii. I am Kelly. Let’s be friends.”
“Still, Theo. The fact that tamable slimes exist… It’s a new discovery.”
“I suppose.”
“You must allow me to study them later.”
“Aye. Not only that, but Pii here is their king.”
“King? Breeding in such large numbers is one thing, but I never heard of slimes forming such large groups with their own society!”

We talked about such things while walking toward the sewage tank.

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