Strange Dragon – 68

Chapter 68 – Bathing and Laundry

Upon seeing Pii’s high speed washing, the Adventurer who was watching said,

“Pii is even faster than the laundry slime.”

And then Pii began to jiggle proudly.

‘Pii is king, so it’s only natural.’

After that, we all took a bath.
As I was washing my body, Pii came close by and jiggled.
It was probably eating things in the water. While it felt a little strange, it could not be helped.

After that, when I soaked in the hot water, Pii followed me in.
There were already about five slimes floating in the tub.
Thanks to them, the hot water was very clean.

The other Adventurers also got into the water and were petting the slimes.

“These slimes can really do everything!”
“Aye, they are a great help.”

As we talked about such things, I immersed myself up to the shoulders.
And then I stretched out my body. It really did feel nice.
Pii was floating in the water right in front of me.

“Now that I think of it, I suppose slimes are lighter than water.”
‘We can also become heavier!’
Pii said, and then it began to sink to the bottom.

“How does that work?”

Apparently, Pii did not understand it either.

“Pii, could you repeat that for me several times?”

And then I activated my appraisal skill.
The appraisal skill did not work on Pii.
However, I could use it on the water that surrounded Pii.

“Burble-burble, Pii. Burble-burble. Pii!”
“I see. Thank you. I understand how it works now.”

Apparently, Pii’s body really was lighter than water.
But when it sank, it was bringing the surrounding water into its body and compressing it.
As Pii did not know how it worked, it must be something that it did without thinking.

Regardless, as we were relaxing there, the laundry slime was quite busy.
The Adventurers had started placing large buckets next to the laundry barrel.
This was so that the dried laundry would not get wet again.

After that, they took off their clothes and put all of it in the laundry barrel.

Then they washed their bodies and entered the tub. That was the flow of things.

It seemed that once there were more people, and more clothes to wash, then five more slimes would arrive to help with the laundry.
So they were working quite flexibly.

After washing up, the Adventurers entered the water and said,

“Thank you, slimes. It helps a lot to be able to wash our laundry every day.”
“Aye, previously, we only washed them once a year.”
“…No, I think that was just you.”
“Aye, you just reeked. Be careful.”
“Ehehe. Sorry.”

They talked like that.
It was true that Adventurers did not bathe very often, and rarely washed their clothes.
But it wasn’t that they did not want to, but that they could not.

Water was very valuable when you were out there on an adventure. You could not use it to wash your body or clothes.
And so they always looked forward to stopping at an inn when they were done, so they could take a bath.

After I had had enough of soaking in the hot water, I got out and put on the clothes that Pii had washed for me.
It really was nice to be able to wear clean clothes.

“Thank you, Pii.”

And with Pii on my shoulder, I stepped out of the building.
And then I saw that Hippolius was waiting for us outside.

“Hippolius, sorry to keep you waiting every time.”
“If you could become smaller, it would be easy for you to come inside…”

There were some high-ranking monsters that were able to change the size of their bodies.
That being said, it was an innate ability.
Like the skills that humans were born with.
So even within the same monster type, some could do it and some could not.

“Next time, we will go to the hotspring together.”

And so we returned to Hippolius’s house.
Fio, Shiro, and the wolf cubs were resting there.

“Fio. I think the women are going to bathe next.”
“I suppose Shiro and the wolf cubs…do not need to bathe every day?”
“Shiro. Bathe!”

Fio interpreted Shiro’s words.
But even without that, I could understand most of what Shiro meant.
However, Fio was the only one who clearly understood them as a language.

“If Shiro wants to go in, then it should be fine.”

Shiro was not a dog or wolf, but a demon wolf.
And so standards for normal wolves did not apply.

“However, the demon wolf cubs are still young, so it is probably best to only bathe them once in a while.”

They were not particularly dirty, and I was concerned about their health.

“It’s fine. I will watch over them while Fio and Shiro are taking a bath.”

After that, Fio and Shiro headed to the bathing area.
And Hippolius, Pii, wolf cubs and I remained in the house.

The wolf cubs were playing with each other happily on top of the blanket. I sat down next to them.
And then the demon wolf cubs started to bark and playfully attack me.

“You really are comfortable around humans, aren’t you?”
I said as I petted them. The blanket was still clean.
It looked like they were using the toilet I had made for them.

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