Seisan Mahoushi – 131

Chapter 131 – Insufficient Skill!?

“Hmm, hmm. Indeed, this looks just like the ship we sailed in when going out to sea.”

Ymir said as she looked at the finished ship.

After we had finished the dungeon, we celebrated with a feast in Ymirdia.

However, both Ymir and I were more interested in the blueprint.
As we both liked to make things, we would rather stare at it than eat an extravagant meal.

Eventually, we could not wait any longer, and so we decided to get to work and make it ourselves.

And so we did our best to copy the exact shape, and complete this flying ship…which was called an airship.

“However, how the hell will this thing fly…”

Mette muttered as she looked at the wings that extended from the side, as well as the round mass that was stuck to the deck.

This strange-looking ship was the airship that we had made, based on the plans found in the dungeon.

The wings were made of iron oak wook, and the spherical thing was made of sailcloth. And though the plans did not include details about materials, I did my best to use light materials.

And then the real problems began.
Did this thing fly through moving its wings like a bird?

There were oars that extended from the airship, and they acted like the bone structure of the wings. And so I had assumed that if the oars moved, like when rowing a boat, that it would fly…

We had had the powerful Kijins man the oars, but it was not enough to make the ship fly.
It was probably too heavy.

Those who celebrated at the feast thought that the airship was a piece of art to commemorate the occasion, and they laughed happily.

Though, Iria was glaring at such people, as she felt that they were mocking something that I had made…

I let out a sigh.

“Well, if it doesn’t fly, then it really just is a decorative object.”

Upon hearing this, Melk turned to Asuha and said,

“It should be easy enough with Asuha’s wind magic. Surely you are supposed to send wind into that round thing. And then everyone can fly.”
“It might be possible, but…”

Asuha sounded worried, but Mette shook her head.

“Even if it rose into the air, it would not be able to move forward. And the smallest swaying would…”

Mette’s face looked pale. She was probably remembering the time that she become sick at sea. Not to mention, there was the risk of falling off and plummeting to your death.

I crossed my arms, deep in thought.

“But if you are going to use wind magic, then the wings aren’t necessary in the first place.”
“No. I believe the wings are important in order to maintain balance.”
“If that’s what you say, Asuha, it must be true. After all, even arrows have wings.”

I answered, and then Ymir muttered.

“In any case, we dwarves shall also give the matter some thought.”
“Yes, surely the dwarves will be able to think of something good… Regardless, the dungeon is safe now. So we should eat.”
“Mmm. There is no need to be afraid of the voices now!”
“Aye, you should be able to mine without fear.”

I said, and then Iria looked puzzled.

“While I know there are no more hidden rooms, since the dwarves checked the walls, are there no similar places nearby?”
“I told you before that dungeons are places where old monsters used to live, but the monsters of those ages were not unified like with the Demon King Army. And so they fight each other for territory. So in general, the dungeons are not close together.”
“I see. So there are no others nearby.”
“That would be the case. Besides, this was a rather small dungeon. Considering that, even when monsters used to live there, this must have been a very remote place. There wouldn’t be many dungeons in the surrounding area.”

Upon hearing this, Mette asked me,

“So there are bigger underground chambers than the one we just saw?”
“Aye. There are dungeons that would take you a month to reach the farthest depth, as well as dungeons that people have not been able to conquer after a hundred years of attempts by Adventurers…”
“What an incredible story. In any case, I shall tell the other demihumans that they must not enter any place that they find that looks like a dungeon.”
“Aye, you should do that. There may be another lich, like the one we just fought.”

Had I been alone, I would have probably just fled from it. We only managed to defeat it because of Iria and the others. It was a very powerful enemy.

Melk nodded.

“It would have been dangerous without Joshua. Melk must study more magic.”
“No, it wasn’t just me… And more importantly, that healing magic was very impressive, Melk. And your aim was so accurate. Did you learn it from the magic books from Varthburg?”
“Yes. Melk has been studying it with Ausha, little by little.”

Melk showed the book that hung from her waist, and Ymir looked at it with deep interest.

“So could we also use Joshua’s production magic?”
“I think Joshua’s is difficult.”
“Ah, of course…”

As Ymir’s shoulders dropped with disappointment, Melk said encouragingly,

“But it is easy enough to create fire and water. Will you study too, Ymir?”
“I would like to! It will make crafting much easier!”

And then other dwarven children began to gather around.
Apparently, they all wanted to learn magic as well.

“Oh, dear. I’m already teaching dozens of people back in Fendel.”
“Yes, Fletta and Moo, as well as many elves and Minotaurs. They all said that they wanted to learn to use magic.”

Asuha said with a troubled expression.

Melk and Asuha then looked at me pleadingly.

“…Well, I’ve already made most of the necessary things, so I should have some time to teach others magic. In fact, perhaps we should build a school near the quarry. That way, it will be close to both Fendel and Ymirdia. And since the river is not far away, it will be accessible to the elves and kappa as well.”
“That is a wonderful idea. We shall start building one tomorrow.”
“Aye. And we can teach all kinds of things, not just magic. The dwarves can teach smithing, the elves archery, and the kappa can give swimming lessons.”

Many of the demihumans were interested in the skills of the other demihuman tribes. So it would be good to have a place that acted as a center for the Fendel Alliance.

As we continued to interact, we might find a way to make this airship fly for real. It might give birth to new skills and technology.

And like this, we decided to build a school.

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