Royal Magician – 103

Chapter 103 – Special Public Training 3

“It is so one-sided…”

Muttered one of the spectators.

“No, she is doing quite well. Not many would be able to survive for this long against ten magicians of that level.”

Said the other person who sat close by.

“That being said, it is only a matter of time before she gets knocked out.”

This special public training had been decided so suddenly.
Even though not much time had passed since it started, the crowds already felt that the battle was about to end.

The difference in strength was clear.
And even though they were going against someone of lower rank, the veteran magicians were not holding back at all.

Thunderous roars.
The coordinated magic attacks caused shockwaves to shake the ground.

“What power…”

They gasped.

Even the people who had arranged this training did not expect the difference to be so big.
And then someone muttered.

“I knew this would happen. These are not opponents one can take on alone.”

◇  ◇  ◇

By a hair’s breadth, I dodged the explosive attacks.
Layers and layers of strengthening magic.
But the attacks had such ridiculous destructive force, that even being scratched by them could result in a mortal wound.

Ten against one.
The difference was so big, that both I and everyone else knew that it was a hopeless situation.

There would be no winning if I tried to fight them head on.

Calm down.

It would be fine.
Because I knew what I had to do.

‘No. I can’t do this…’

The very first time I ran into a hopeless situation as a working adult.

‘That is a word for liars. Just do it.’

The world was cruel and filled with unfairness.

However, at the same time, I did not want to be defeated.
I could not allow myself to be crushed underneath it.

And so little by little, I would do what I could.

I didn’t know how far I would be able to go.

But I would try.
I will do what I can.

That is all…

◇  ◇  ◇

Jeffrey Mayfield, Mithril-Rank magician of the 7th unit in the Royal Magicians Order, could not help but be impressed by the small magician who was dodging his attacks.

(Acceleration magic. I have seen her use it before. But it seems so much faster when going against her.)

The coordinated attacks of these experienced and elite ten.
The fact that she continued to dodge the attacks without being hit by a lethal blow was enough to prove that she was highly capable.

(I see. It is no wonder she has achieved great things recently.)

This was why Captain Gawain and the crown prince had such high expectations for her.

When it came to pure speed, she was among the best in the whole kingdom.
She had the strength to face those above her class, and stay calm while always choosing the best decisions to make.

There was no doubt about it. She had exceptional talent.
How great a magician would she be in the future?
If she could go this far during her first year, it was only natural to expect great things.

However, this also invited misfortune.
The mad dragon, the fight with the Holy Blade, the dungeon.

These achievements had raised peoples’ expectations for her, to the point where it exceeded reality, and was something she could no longer reach.

This match itself was so completely wrong.

It was hopeless, without any chance of a shocking turnaround.

Everything was going towards the predicted conclusion.

Jeffrey and the others continued to chase her into a corner.

Like a lion hunting a rat, they did not allow their focus to waver.

(Let’s end this)

Multiple magic circles were activated.
The ten magicians created a rain of magic attacks that shot towards Noelle Springfield…

But in the next instant, the magicians felt a sensation that was like their whole bodies had frozen over.


The presence of mana was so powerful that it could crush them.
They did not understand what had happened.

Shockwaves that hit their whole bodies.
The thunderous sounds assaulted their eardrums.

Jeffrey was at a loss for words when he saw her, vaguely behind the dust.

(She canceled out the rain of magic…all by herself…!?”

What was happening?
Jeffrey gulped as he analyzed the scene.

(She used wind magic to disturb the trajectory, causing the magic attacks to crash into each other, killing the momentum…!?)

It almost seemed inhuman. The amount of spatial awareness and ability to understand the situation.

A chill ran down his spine.

(Impossible. She has exceeded expectations…”

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