Royal Magician – 104

Chapter 104 – Special Public Training 4

No one could call it a fair battle.
The audience was starting to lose interest, now that it was clear that the small magician was about to be defeated.

“How much longer do you think she will last?”
“Surely it will be any moment now. The result is obvious.”
“She should not have been fighting them in the first place. Why did they choose this tiny commoner to represent the kingdom…”
“You are being too harsh. She has done admirably already. Even if it was still reckless.”

They talked with assurance.

“No. She is being favored. Just look at her fight. I see nothing to justify her rise. Why was such a person promoted as a…”

That’s when the sounds echoed all around them.

The man’s words were cut off, and his eyes went back to the field.

“What in the…”

There was fear in his eyes as he froze.
It was as if time itself had stopped.
And then his expression turned to that of shock.


The murmur sounded quite loud.
No one said anything.
They could only stare at the field as if they were under a spell.

Ten against one.
Elite opponents who surpassed her in experience and achievements.
The small magician had bounced back from such a disadvantageous position, and with a head-on counter attack, canceled out the barrage of enemy fire.

“It…can’t be…”

His voice shook.

The spectators could do nothing but watch.

◇  ◇  ◇

(How fun! This is the way it should be…!)

The unexpected power shown by the new magician.
The magicians of the 1st unit watched this with joyous excitement.

They were in the unit known to have the most brilliant of the Royal Magicians Order. And so in a way, they managed and controlled the society of magic within the kingdom.

Most of the work involved practical things, like creating institutions and inspections, and so they did not have much opportunity to see something like this practice session.

As magicians, they wanted to step out of their offices once in a while, and fight against someone who could withstand the full force of their power.

Their minds were their weapons.
With great intelligence and ability to analyze, they had already realized the intention behind each movement of Noelle Springfield.

Her strong ability to make decisions, and hidden plans.
Even if it looked like she was fighting with brute force, the truth was the exact opposite.

In order to make up for what she lacked, she would always stand in positions where her opponents would find it difficult to efficiently use their full power, and by focusing all her attacks at one point, she created partial balance and countered.

She was poking at their weak spots.
While they were members of the Kingsguard who had been gathered together, there was something that they lacked as a team.

While as individuals, they had a high understanding of tactics, there were small, barely discernible gaps in their coordination.
However, it was these gaps that allowed her to cancel out their magic attacks.

(It is likely that only we of the 1st unit have noticed it. Her outstanding ability to make decisions.)

What kind of hell had she experienced in order to reach such a place at that age.

(Still, she went against the wrong opponent. Now that we know what she is doing, there are countermeasures. Even if others might have trouble, it is nothing that we cannot handle.)

If she was using these gaps, then they would in turn, use that against her. Read her movements in advance and attack when it would be most difficult for her to deal with them.

The results were so clear that it was almost cruel.
Caught by surprise, she was unable to dodge the attack.
And in the blink of an eye, she was pushed back towards the wall.

It was an unavoidable result.
An equilibrium made by poking at the gaps in their coordination, and focusing her attacks in one area.
The difference in ability was obvious.

And once it was filled, the tide of battle would change, never to be recovered.

Noelle Springfield could do nothing but retreat from the vicious attacks that pushed forward.
She was like a pebble against a raging current. It was all she could do to not be hit by a lethal blow.

(I commend you. You did well in the face of such opposition.)

Regaining her position was impossible now.
The magicians of the 1st unit stepped forward in order to end the battle.

(It’s done.)

Magic circles were activated, as if to fill the area around them.
Numerous shots of magic fire rained down over her…

But in the next instant, they felt a chill like they had never felt before.


The ground shook violently.
The weight of the shockwaves slammed against their bodies.

(The activation speed is rising…)

She unleashed a chain of wind cannonfire that was faster than any previous attack.
Even though she could no longer attack where there were gaps in their positions, she had increased the activation speed of her magic to the point that she could push back with firepower after regaining her advantage.

(Her power increases as she fights…!?)

It did not look like she had been holding back up until now.
Perhaps it was something that she had no control over.

It had to be instinct then. She was becoming more efficient and optimizing against enemy attacks.

A monster who was remaking herself and evolving during battle.

Power beyond measure, within such a small frame.
And she was only getting faster.

(What is this…)

The ever increasing presence of great mana.

“…This is bad.”

In the next instant, two Magus-Rank magicians moved in between them.

The best when it came to fire, the Magician of Hellfire, Gawain Stark, and the best with ice, the Platinum Magician, Chris Sherlock.

With a speed that the eyes could not follow, the dagger went to her neck.
A surprise attack.
And then the small magician lost consciousness.

The two had disarmed her in the blink of an eye.

“Three minutes have already passed. Noelle Springfield wins.”

Said the low voice.
There was a hint of franticness in there.
The two Magus-Rank magicians had stopped her without even glancing towards us.

(What would have happened if they didn’t intervene…)

His clenched fists were wet with sweat like he had never experienced before.

This newcomer who had risen at a speed second only to Luke Waldstein.
Her true worth had yet to be fully seen.

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    • I think the problem with that was she had gone somewhat “autopilot” by this point. She was doing things on a subconscious level so I’m not sure if she would have been able to stop on her own. They also didn’t want her to get into any more trouble for hurting them too.

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