Royal Magician – 13

Chapter 13 – Royal Magicians Order

The Royal Magicians Order was one of the highest organizations in the kingdom.

Their activities were diverse, and so the jobs varied greatly depending on which department one belonged to.

In broad terms, there was the 1st unit, which unified the kingdom’s world of magic. This was mainly like the administration’s civil service-type work. The 2nd unit was for judicial affairs related to magic, while the 3rd unit was in charge of security in the royal capital and the royal palace. The 4th unit was for medical magic research and rescue work. The 5th unit was for magic medicine research, and the 6th unit was for the research of magic artifacts. Such were the various departments.

I was put in the 3rd unit, which was the same as Luke.

It was an important job that involved cooperating with the Royal Knights Order to ensure that the city and the palace remained safe.

A few days have now passed since I started working.
There were so many things to learn in this new environment, and so I thought that my days would be like a dizzying whirlwind, much like my previous job. However, it was surprisingly nothing like that at all.

Apparently, this was what they called an off-season. Not only were monsters not very active at this time, but there were even those in the 3rd unit who were sent to go and help in other departments.

And so the job that I was given was to help with the palace security, and to train and study for emergencies.
As someone who loved magic training and studying, I was incredibly grateful to be paid to do that.

Additionally, the palace, which was my workplace, was amazing.
The Red Palace was so immense, that many became speechless at the mere sight of it. It was such a beautiful place that you could lose yourself in it by just walking through.

Everything within was beautiful and looked expensive.

I felt as if a commoner like me would be purified by just touching things.

But as I was working in the fanciest place within the kingdom, it should be no surprise. Still, I was constantly amazed as I spent my days there.

Of course, if I accidentally broke something, I would be thrown into a hell hole of eternal debt, and so I never touched anything.

Every time I found myself too close to a beautiful object, I would jump away and keep my distance. Luke always found this amusing.

Really. I felt like this workplace was too good for me.

And that made me a little anxious.

Should I really be allowed to be here?

After all, I was treated like a hindrance back at the Magic Artificer Guild in the countryside.

Even though I knew I had decent magic and combat ability, everything else about me was probably at an abysmal level.

The Royal Magicians were chosen from a small pool of elite. I could not have been more different compared to them.

‘I didn’t realize that you were this incapable… You need not bother coming in tomorrow.’

I would not be able to bear it if that happened!

No matter what it takes, I have to cling onto this white workplace!

In order to do this, I started what I called the Great Chore Operation.

Cleaning the quarters, restocking supplies, watering plants, changing the magic lamps that were dying.

By doing such chores that anyone could do, I would earn their sympathy. That way, they would feel too sorry to fire me.

“Hey, is there anyone who can do repairs on these magic communications devices?”

I made a fist in the air mentally when I heard those words.

This was all according to plan…!

Knowing that this would happen, I had gone ahead and repaired them when I had spare time…!

“I already did it, sir!”

He looked at the magic communications devices that were inside of a box.

“Which one did you repair?”
“All of them. If there are others, I can do them as well.”

He checked the devices with a serious expression.
And after a moment of silence, said,

“…Hmmm. It’s fine, this is all of them.”

And then he looked me in the eyes and continued.

“Thank you. I owe you one.”

If he only knew how warm those words made my heart feel.
I had never been thanked for anything at my previous workplace.

Though, it couldn’t be helped. Everyone was too exhausted from work.

However, that’s why I was so happy to hear words of gratitude.

Alright. Like this, I would continue to make an impression so that I’ll be seen as valuable personnel!

And so I excitedly continued with the chores.

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