Royal Magician – 14

Chapter 14 - The Little Newcomer Magician

Leticia Lisettestone was the vice captain of the 3rd unit.
She was also the third woman to become an Adamantite-ranking magician, and was Captain Gawain Stark’s buddy. She had the nickname, Iron Woman.

If she believed that she was right, then she would stand up against anyone with a strong will. Such was her serious nature.

And so she was highly regarded within the Royal Magicians Order.
It was she who supported Gawain and the 3rd unit on all practical matters.

Currently, she was rather perplexed about this new magician brought over by Luke Walstein, the third in command in their unit.

The newcomer, Noelle Springfield.

‘How wonderful…! A stylish adult woman…!’

Leticia recalled vividly how when they first met, Noelle had looked up at her with sparkling eyes.

At a glance, she almost looked like a child, but she was a serious and hard worker.
And so Leticia felt kindly towards her soon enough.

(It is not an easy thing to come from outside and adapt to the demanding environment of a Royal Magician. And while it may take some time, I will patiently watch her grow.)

However, what happened after that exceeded her imagination.

She was ridiculously fast with her work.

Work that would usually be done by several of the younger members was finished quickly by her alone.

Leticia understood that the biggest contributing factor to this speed was the support magic, Spell Boost.

However, what was surprising was its acceleration rate and run time.

It seemed like her speed surpassed that of even the Magus-ranking Gawain.

In terms of pure speed, she was without a doubt, top class.
It was possible that she might be the fastest in the whole kingdom.

On top of that, even though Leticia was an Adamantite-ranking magician, she could only use Spell Boost for ten minutes at most. But Noelle claimed to have used it for as long as eight hours.

‘At first, five minutes was my limit. But since we would never be able to fulfill our quota like that, I had to use it repeatedly every day. And after fainting about seven times, I started to be able to use it longer.’

‘I thought I would die after using it for eight hours. Normally, I could fulfill the quota by using it for five hours, but it turned out that the chief forgot to tell me about one of the jobs, and I had to do it frantically… I don’t even remember what happened during the last hour.’

It was a shocking story.
This was no environment for a human to live in.

A world where one was forced to use the most difficult support magic for hours at a time.

Just how harsh was this environment that she was in?

(Could it be that she is a disciple of the Ancient Great Sage…? It is possible. After all, the amount of practice she had is nearly inconceivable.)

Anyone with even a little knowledge of magic would know how difficult this would be.

To think that someone not only attempted to do it, but succeeded…

Leticia had been born into a family that were magicians for many generations, and she too had been strictly educated.

And so she understood how hard the struggle would be to reach such a place.

(I will have to be nice to her. Anyone who was in such an environment is bound to be exhausted in both body and soul. It is almost a miracle that she didn’t go insane.)

Yes, she sometimes seemed quite foolish, but perhaps that was an after effect.

And more than anything, in spite of having all of this power, she was caring and modest enough to offer to do work that others would rather avoid.

This was no ordinary newcomer.

She already had the necessary qualities of a first-rate magician.

(I will have to make a report to the captain. And I will have to watch over her, so she doesn’t overextend herself.)

Leticia thought as she watched the back of the oblivious newcomer as she worked.

(Perhaps she will be the one to become the first female Magus-rank Magician.)

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