Royal Magician – 105

Chapter 105 – The Days Leading up to the Final Qualifier

The Royal Magicians Order’s special training ground.
It was right after Luke Waldstein had carried the small magician to the infirmary.

“Don’t be upset. It was a necessary measure.”

As for who was there.
It was obvious before he opened his mouth.
The presence of overwhelmingly powerful mana.

Gawain Stark.
The Hellfire Magician.

“I know that. I would have stopped her myself if you two hadn’t.”
“And yet your thunder attacks were directed towards us.”
“That was just a reflex…”
“You prioritize her too much.”
“…Well, nevermind that.”

Luke averted his eyes, and then Gawain said,

“You really have changed.”
“I have?”
“Those who knew you during your first year would be shocked. There are some who still shiver with fear when they think about how cold your voice was back then.”
“I do feel sorry about that. I was much more tense at the time.”

He had realized what was important after losing it.
After she had gone down a different path, he wanted to be by her side.

He didn’t care about anything else, and every day was spent towards getting results.

“I respect how hard you work. Your efforts exceeded those of everyone else, and that resulted in you being promoted with such speed. Of course, I don’t think anyone realized it was just because of some common girl you had feelings for during your years as a student.”
“I told you, don’t talk about that.”
“There are not many who can beat you in the Royal Magicians Order. At this point, you can probably even take on a Magus-Rank magician.”

Gawain paused for a moment and then said,

“Well, if you are in peak condition, that is.”

Luke Waldstein let out a deep sigh.

“So you’ve noticed.”
“It is quite obvious to see.”
“But don’t try to stop me. I am going.”
“I know. It is your life. As long as you can take responsibility for the results, then you may do as you like.”

Said Gawain.

“However, the World Trophy has successive battles. If you continue to fight, then your condition will only get worse. In that state, you will…”

He glanced at Luke and continued.

“You will be fighting against the most powerful opponents.”

And then Luke opened his mouth.

“I welcome it.”
“As long as you are resolved.”

Gawain smiled with a nod.

“This is an order from your captain. Return safely at all costs. Do not push yourself too hard.”

The last words were likely the ones he wanted to convey the most.

(He really is too soft to his subordinates.)

He was exactly as his reputation suggested. Luke thought with a chuckle.
And he was grateful to be counted among those close to him.
But he also knew that no one could stop him in this state.

No matter who the opponent was, he would overcome it.

With this resolve in his chest, Luke Waldstein continued forward.

◇  ◇  ◇

In the infirmary.
After waking up, I was thoroughly praised by my coworkers.

“You did well…! You did not die on us!”
“Thank you… Thank you so much!”
“Now just continue on like this, so we can boast about it to the other units! We’re counting on you!”

After the results of the public training session, there were fewer voices in the palace that objected to me being selected. And I had gained much support.

Regardless, I was relieved that the danger had now passed.
However, what was really important was the results of the actual tournament.
While it would be severe, I wanted to meet everyone’s expectations!

And so I trained intensively.
No matter how hard it was, I never thought for a moment that I wanted to quit.

There had been times when I wasn’t allowed to do it, even if I wanted to.
Everyone said I couldn’t, and they had no expectations for me.

Thinking back on that time, I was so happy that I was able to use my beloved magic every day now.

On the other hand, while the amount of training increased, I became more of a failure at home.

Using fatigue as an excuse, I would just lie around in bed, and enjoy whatever treats I had got for myself as a reward for all my hard work.

I had some crepes and then some waffles, and a custard tart.

“Ehehe. I’m so happy!”

As I lay there, indulging myself, my mother looked on in despair, saying, ‘How could anyone want to be with her…’ and ‘I hope he doesn’t change his mind…’

That being said, I think she also understood that I was doing my best.
And before I headed out for the final qualifier, she cheered me on with great emotion.

“I know that you can do it. And once you show what you can do in front of all of those people, even he will forget all of your faults, and he’ll mistake you for an appealing person. Yes, you are very short and have no lady-like qualities to speak of, but this is your chance to make up for that complete lack of womanly appeal!”
“My complete lack of what!!”

She was emotional in a very strange way, that I had to object sternly.

What a thing to say to someone as alluring and dashing as me! Really now!

In any case, there was now one week left until the final qualifier.
A fancy carriage had been hired to take us to the location where it would be held. The country of sorcery, Rysvania.

“Ah! Sir Luke! He’s as beautiful as always!”
“Sir Ryan! I will follow you for the rest of my life!”
“Look! Look! There is Lady Leticia!”

A great crowd of people had gathered around the street in front of the palace, in order to see us off.
I recalled that I had come here to do the same when I was a student.
But since the kingdom was putting a greater effort into the competition this time, there were more people than usual.

The problem was, I could not hear anyone cheering for me.
I even tried to look out of the window, with a calm expression as if I wasn’t really waiting for anything. But there was no reaction.

This is strange. I thought we representatives were supposed to be cheered on.

I tilted my head in puzzlement, and listened to the voices of the crowd.

“Ms. Noelle. She is not here. But I came all of this way to see her.”

Oh! There was a boy who was rooting for me!
Perhaps he was a student.
Judging by his height, he might be in middle school?

I stuck my head out of the window and casually said, ‘Here I am!’

Now! You may cheer for me to your heart’s content!

As I waited there patiently, the boys said to each other,

“What is wrong with that girl over there? She’s staring at us.”
“Maybe her parents are the organizers?”
“Well, I doubt any of the representatives would look so desperate.”

How dare these children treat me like a child….

Apparently, they didn’t realize who I was.

This was horrible… How is such a thing even possible…

Oh, I will show them, I will.
Also, I must drink more milk.

Such was my secret resolution.

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