Seisan Mahoushi – 133

Chapter 133 – Summoned!

After Wiz had carved its name into the Summoning Stone, a giant black slime appeared.

Mette raised her voice as she looked up at it.

“Ohh! It is huge!”
“A Shadow Slime… You summoned a powerful monster, Wiz.”

Even I felt intimidated by it.

Shadow Slimes were said to be the strongest among slimes.
They mostly used shadow magic.
This one was taller than a human, and boasted superior bounciness than average slimes, which enhanced their defense ability.

“A powerful summon. Very good of you, Wiz.”

Oh, stop it. Wiz seemed to say with a bashful gesture.

“Woah! It’s so bouncy. And in a different way compared to Wiz!”

Ymir started to jump on top of the Shadow Slime.

Some time had now passed, but it showed no signs of disappearing.
And I sensed no hostility from it either.
Yes, it should do very well as a guard then.

“Alright, that’s good. Now perhaps we should let Celes give it a try. She might summon something powerful like a Shadow Slime as well.”
“I don’t know, I doubt Celes can summon something that is very strong…”

Mette muttered. And then I heard someone sneeze a short distance away.

“Achoo! Bahh! …Bahh? Is someone talking about me!”

And then Celes appeared near the corner of the school building.

“Sir Joshua, I see you have made something interesting again!”
“So you were here, Celes. In fact, we have acquired some stones to summon monsters.”
“Ah, is that so! That’s very rare, isn’t it!”
“Did they have them in the Demon King Army?”
“Yes. But they were incredibly rare, and even the lord Demon King could not make them. Apparently, the art of crafting them was lost a long time ago.”
“Huh. In that case, we’ll have to use them carefully. So, Celes. Would you like to try and carve your name into one?”
“Do you mean it? We would never have been allowed to touch such things before… So it makes me very happy!”

Celes said with a smile as she approached.

And so I handed Celes the Summoning Stone.

Melk muttered.

“She will probably just summon a puffy ball.”
“BAAHHH!!! No, surely someone like me will be able to summon a dragon!”

Celes insisted as she put her hand over the Summoning Stone.

And then a black mist came out of the stone.

But this time, it was much larger than when Wiz did it.
Eventually, it blew up until it was like a small cloud above our heads.

“Ba-baahh!? Did I really just summon a dragon then!?”
“Ce-Celes, did you summon something you shouldn’t have!?”

Mette said as she unsheathed her sword.

“…This presence is even stronger than the Lich. Be careful.”

Iria had also unsheathed her blade as she stood in front of me.

Once the black mist had settled, what floated there in the air was a woman with ram-like horns and black wings.

“A De-Demon Lord…”

Was the name that spilled from my mouth.

Among demons, they had the highest class of magic energy.
In all my experiences in battle up until now, I had only encountered them once.

The most notable features of demons were their horns.
And depending on their magic energy, they were divided into five ranks.

Demon Lords were at the very top, and had black hair.
It was said that just one of them could take on a few hundred human soldiers.
In the Demon King army, they would be top officers.

The Demon Lord stared at me silently.

She had almond-shaped eyes and long black hair that looked soft like a Mope’s wool. At a glance, she almost seemed pleasant, but I could tell from the magic energy around her that she was very powerful.

She had more magic energy than even Kyuby. I had never seen anything like it since I gained this ability to see magic energy.

The Demon Lord slowly descended until she stood on the ground. And then she looked around at us.

“Ba-Bahhh? I feel a little…nostalgic…”

And then Celes started to walk towards the Demon Lord.

“Ce-Celes! It’s dangerous!”

Mette called out. ‘It’s fine!’ Celes answered as she approached the Demon Lord.

Indeed, the Demon Lord did not seem hostile…

But you could not let your guard down with something so strong.
Iria and the others could also sense that this was no ordinary being.


Celes then lay down and started rolling around in front of the Demon Lord.

And then the Demon Lord started to pet her stomach.

“If something happens, please listen to what Sir Joshua has to say… Because Sir Joshua and the others are friends who helped us.”

Celes muttered with a blissful expression, and then the Demon Lord turned to me at once.
And then she dropped to one knee and bowed her head.

Celes had not pointed me out, and yet the Demon Lord knew that I was Joshua.

However, the Demon Lord seemed slightly afraid when she looked at me.
And she did not raise her head.

“You don’t need to be so formal. I’m Joshua. What is your name?”

I asked, and then the Demon Lord raised her face.

“I am called Ronea. Lord Demon King.”

So this Demon Lord was called Ronea.
Wait, Demon King…

“De-Demon King? Who is…”

I naturally turned to look at Iria.

Mette, Melk and the others also looked at Iria.

Iria’s face turned red.

“Wh-what!? Are you calling me a Demon King!?”
“So-sorry, it wasn’t meant that way…”

I said, and then Melk muttered.

“Iria is the closest to a Demon King out of the people here.”
“Ms. Melk… You shall receive a thousand punishments for that later.”

And then I turned to Ronea.

“What do you mean, Ronea? Are you talking about Wiz?”

Aside from Celes, who was showing her belly, Wiz was the only other monster here.

“No… Are you not a Demon King then, Sir Joshua?”
“Uh, no, I’m not… Do I really look so frightening?”

People would say that I looked rather dark during my time in the Knights Order. Perhaps that had stayed with me more than I knew…
It could also be because I have black hair.

Ronea looked a little frantic as she bowed her head again.

“Fo-forgive my misunderstanding then. I can use some magic. So just give the order when it is needed.”
“You can use magic?”

I asked her rather foolishly.
She was a Demon Lord, so of course, she could use magic.

“Yes. I am able to use shadow magic rather well. And some other standard magic.”
“Oh, I see.”

And then Melk nodded.

“Ronea can teach magic.”

But then Mette whispered into my ear.

“She seems to be afraid of you. Perhaps we should not be trusting her so much?”

There was strange air about her, and she had been summoned from a mysterious stone.
It was true, we could not let our guard down.

And so first, it would be best to keep her where I could watch her for some time.

“Ronea. You will work with me for a short while then. Even if you return to your world, will you answer if summoned again?”
“Understood. If there is a need, I shall come back with haste.”

Ronea said with a bow. And then she vanished.

I felt relieved. That was how intimidating Ronea’s aura was.

After that, we had the other Mopes and slimes carve their names and summon monsters.

The Mopes would summon Mopes, or occasionally demons.
The slimes mostly just summoned slimes.

And like this, we acquired a greater fighting force, and the school was completed.

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  1. I actually really like the slow burn on how crazy his magic power is. Obviously, he’s been way out of standard when it comes to his crafting, but there’s only been a few times when how powerful he is has come into play, or been shown, and there were semi-plausible reasons why he didn’t think much of it at the time. Can’t wait to see where the build up leads.

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