Seisan Mahoushi – 134

Chapter 134 – We Started Lessons!

“Everyone, the teacher is here. Now sit down in your chairs.”

Melk said inside of the classroom.

However, her voice seemed to pass through the ears of the children.

“You will not learn any magic then. Fine, just Melk will learn.”

Melk turned towards the front with an unsatisfied expression.

The only other people who were sitting down were Asuha and Ymir.

“…Well, they will probably become more interested once we are actually using magic.”

Besides, I didn’t want things to be like in an ordinary human school. It would be enough if this was a place for everyone to talk and interact.

Thinking about it like that, it was already a success.
Here, all of the children in the Fendel Alliance could attend and play together.

While I had made uniforms and learning materials, it could all be used freely. Though, everyone seemed to wear the uniforms, because they were unusual.

“Now, I will teach you magic then… Well, there is actually nothing for me to teach you, aside from Ymir, maybe. So we might as well call Ronea then.”

And so I took out Celes’s Summoning Stone from magic workshop.

And then, without even needing to say anything, Ronea appeared right next to me.
She then knelt down on one knee.

“I have answered your summon.”
“Th-thank you.”

Ronea’s clothes had a rather provocative design.
The Demon King’s Army was known to have succubi, and she was dressed in a similar fashion, with cloth wrapped around her waist and chest.

I turned to Melk and the others.

“Cou-could you teach magic to Melk and Asuha?”
“Joshua. Is there something wrong with you today?”

Melk asked, and so I shook my head in denial.

“N-not at all. Ro-Ronea, I’ll leave the rest to you.”
“Yes. Now then…”

Ronea said as she stood in front of Melk and Asuha.

I stood in front of the seat where Ymir was sitting.

“…Ymir, perhaps you should start with healing magic.”
“Very well. To be honest, I would like to be able to use your production magic, Joshua.”
“You might be able to do it well, depending on your crest… Ah, by the way, do dwarves know about crests?”
“No, we do not. Can you use magic if you have one?”
“It makes it easier to learn magic, or other skills.”
“Oh. And do we have them too?”
“I don’t know. I think only those temple people can tell.”

There was a spell that made one’s crest known, and the priests at the temples were good with it.

Speaking of which, the Temple Knights Order was currently staying at Varthburg.
So perhaps we could ask Vince the priest to examine the crests.

Though, it would be bad if Vince did not like demihumans.
I would have to find out more about him first.

“In any case, I will teach you healing magic for now. The first thing to do is gather magic energy.”

After that, I taught Ymir some magic.

As it turned out, Ymir was not incapable of handling magic energy, and so she managed to learn the healing magic.

“Hmm… It is rather difficult to do. I don’t know…it is irritating!”

Dwarves were all quite good with their hands from when they are born.
And so they quickly learn how to smith and craft tools.

However, magic worked quite differently.
And so she felt annoyed.

I tried to explain it to her.

“But you were actually quite fast in learning it. In fact, it took me a whole week to learn the same spell.”
“It did? If that is what you say, Joshua, then I shall try even harder!”
“I see. But we should wait before moving to the next spell. Instead, focus on practicing this one for a while.”
“Understood! Still, where did Melk and the others go?”
“Huh? Aren’t they… Oh?”

I turned to the place where Melk and Asuha had been sitting, but they were gone. Ronea was also not there.

I felt a chill run down my spine at first, but then I sensed that their magic energy was present.

“Is it concealment magic? Or a type of shadow magic?”

I asked, and then Ronea reappeared.

“Yes. I had heard that Lady Melk and Lady Asuha often go out on scouting missions.”
“It is like those old stories about ninjas, and is very amusing.”
“Now I won’t have to worry about being seen.”

Both Melk and Asuha looked satisfied as they showed themselves.

“That was amazing, you two! I would like to learn it as well, but even I would not be able to learn one spell so quickly.”
“In that case, Melk will teach this spell to Joshua later.”
“That’s fine…but I think there are some others who want you to teach them first.”

I said, and then Melk turned around.

And she saw the sparkling eyes of the children.

“How did you do that just now!?”
“I could use that for hide and seek!”
“I won’t tell you. Only Melk and people who study seriously can use it.”

Melk said, and she was then answered with loud booing.

Asuha chuckled.

“They have all started to gather around, just like Sir Joshua said.”
“Aye. They will want to study as soon as they understand how fun it is. It is better to teach them things they are interested in, instead of forcing them to learn. Ronea. Sorry, but could you teach these others as well?”
“As you wish.”

Ronea said with a bow, and then she started to teach the children magic.

I would also teach them all healing magic that day.

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