Royal Magician – 106

Chapter 106 – The Two Good Luck Charms

Rysvania, the country of sorcery.
One third of the population could use magic, making it one of the most advanced countries of the west.

It was founded by the great magician, Graham Rysvania, who had saved the surrounding countries from a stampede of ancient dragons, and had succeeded in sealing off the city of Grambern. With such roots, it was no wonder that interest in magic was so high.

From the royal family to lower ranking nobles, there were many magicians in important offices. However, it was only during the past eight years that they started to pay much attention to the World Trophy.

But ever since then, they had shown incredible results with their brilliant abilities, and all three of their magicians had passed the final qualifier during the previous tournament.

In fact, the reason that the three Ardenfeld representatives were annihilated last time, was mostly because they went against those three.

Apparently, it was going to be the same three magicians this time.
You could say that they were our greatest rivals.

Uhhh… I was starting to feel nervous…

I would go and take a walk as a diversion.

And so I walked around the lodging house where many of the representatives were staying.
However, this had the opposite effect.
Everywhere I went, I felt the presence of strong mana.

I-I’m surrounded by monsters…
Well, I suppose that was to be expected, since they were representing their country.

While I was feeling shaken by how strong they all were, I saw someone familiar and stopped.

…He’s already training.

Careful, so that he didn’t notice me, I watched as he trained.

It was basic training, and incredibly boring. And yet he repeated it as if obsessed.

Well, he had not changed at all. I couldn’t help but feel happy.
While he made everything look so easy, it was only because of great effort that most didn’t see.

He had worked so hard to become the person that he was.

I could not fall behind.
I have to find a place where I can hide and train as well.

And so I went to the back of a nearby temple, and trained there.
After repeating some basic training for about an hour, I started to feel calm again.

Good! That’s enough for today!

With a sense of satisfaction, I started to make my way back to the lodging house, when I saw that some good luck charms were being sold on the side of the street.

During such times, it was good to rely on divine powers as well, and so I thought to buy one.

I’ll take one. I was about to say, but then paused.
And after thinking for a moment, I said,

“Then, I’ll…”

“A charm?”

After dinner in the lodging house, I gave it to him. Luke looked at me with surprise.

“Yes. It’s a prayer for victory. I thought maybe it could help.”

I said, and suddenly recalled a conversation we had while we were students.

“Well, I know you don’t believe in gods or such things.”
“Huh? Did I say that?”
“You did. Have you forgotten? It was before the graduation exam at the academy.”
“Ugh, you really don’t remember…”

I said with a look of annoyance.

“Being the kind and gentle soul that I am, I bought a charm for you one week before the exam. But before I could give it to you, you chose the worst time to make that revelation…”
“…Ah, perhaps I did.”
“Really, it was so awkward after that. However, I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I forced you to take it.”

I thought back nostalgically.
For Luke, it might have been a troublesome gift.
Well, it was just me who wanted to give it to him.

“Perhaps it goes against your beliefs, but just take it. We’ll advance together and shock those people from the country of sorcery.”

I felt a little embarrassed, and so I said it jokingly.
And then Luke chuckled.


◇  ◇  ◇

‘You did. Have you forgotten? It was before the graduation exam at the academy.’

After being told this, Luke Waldstein was not able to respond.
In truth, he did remember that day, as if it was yesterday.

However, it had occurred to him that it would look strange if he remembered too much. Such unnecessary thoughts had flashed through his mind.

But how had she taken his awkward reaction then?

He sighed at how concerned he felt. And then he looked down at the charm.

Then he put the simple thing in his pocket, as if it was important.
His fingers brushed against something else that was in his pocket.

He made sure that she was gone, and then he quietly took it out.

It was the charm, now old and worn.
In fact, he had kept it with him ever since that day.

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