Royal Magician – 26

Chapter 26 – A Stack of Letters(Magic Artificer Guild 4)

“What is the meaning of this…! How is it that so little is completed!”

The vice chief shouted as he slammed a fist on the table.

“And just look at these crystal balls! They are catastrophic! Catastrophic! Whose job was this? Call the person who is responsible!”

And so a lone magic artificer arrived after being called by the supervisor.

“I’m very sorry…”
“An apology does not solve the problem! What the hell have you been doing! You cannot even make a proper crystal ball! How do you think it feels for us to have hired such a useless person! I am shocked that you are even worse than that lying woman!”

The vice chief yelled with bulging eyes and a red face.

“Excuse me, but I do not think that it is his fault.”

Interrupted the supervisor.

“What did you say…?”

Asked the guild chief, his voice shaking with rage.

“Then whose responsibility is it!”
“As the supervisor, it is my responsibility. Mine and the person who manages the personnel of the workshop.”
“At least you can admit it, bastard…! Yes, this would not have happened if you had done your job! How are you going to deal with this!”
“Yes, some of the blame is with me. However, I am saying that an equal amount of blame should be put on you as well.”
“You are excusing your own worthlessness and blaming me! Damn it, you are an unbelievable fool! Even a child could do your job! You are supposed to use your head and think of ways to make things work! Why is that too hard for you to understand?”

The shouting echoed.
However, what echoed next was an even louder shout of rage.

“I am saying that things became irrecoverably bad because you do not understand anything at all!!”

The vice chief had never experienced being yelled at angrily by a subordinate before.

And so he replied frantically.

“Y-you! How dare you speak to me like that!”
“I am telling you, because you will not understand if I don’t. This workshop is a disaster because of people like you, who have no experience working here!”
“You-you are fired! I will have you fired!”
“That is fine. Do as you like. I already meant to quit.”

And then the supervisor took out a letter of resignation from his pocket.
It wasn’t just one or even two.

In fact, he had a stack of envelopes that came from every magic artificer that worked in the guild.

“Wh-what is that?”
“We are all going to quit. In fact, we really should have done this much sooner. But that girl tried and worked so hard.”
“That girl?”
“The short magic artificer that you fired, saying she was useless. She accepted any jobs that were behind schedule, and used support and healing magic in order to meet deadlines. We didn’t stay because we were afraid of the likes of you. We stayed because we were moved by her passion and effort.”

The words that the supervisor spoke were incomprehensible for the vice chief.

That useless liar had been doing that much work…?

Impossible…it could not be…

However, there was no time to think about that.
There was an immense amount of work to do.
And they were moving ever closer to the deadline.

(We don’t have close to enough crystal balls to ship off to the marquis and the Oswalt Company… I cannot allow them to quit now…!)

Pushed to the brink, the vice guild chief bowed his head to a subordinate for the first time.

“I-I’m sorry. I will admit that some of the responsibility lies with me. And so I beg you. Just finish what work is left…”
“Oh, don’t be so distressed. You’ve always told us how worthless we are. And since you yourself are so brilliant and capable, you won’t have any problem without our help. Isn’t that right?”

The supervisor and the other magic artificers said with a smile.

“Thank you for everything. Good bye.”

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  1. So that guy really thought the only thing he needed to do was yell at his subordinates to “get things done”, and never really looked into how much work it is, or how much time is needed…

  2. Yes serves them right. Since this is a medieval-like society I kind of hope the punishment is something severe since the company presidents essentially lied directly to the face of a high ranking noble.

  3. And here is where he finds out that he’s a middle manager and has to report to HIS boss! Lovely to see…er, read….

    Thanks for the chapter that’s devastating to all the right people, fictionally speaking, of course!

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