Royal Magician – 161

Chapter 161 – Forced Breakthrough

The trapdoor opened.

The hallway with the red carpet.
And the strong soldiers who surrounded us.

There were fourteen of them in all.
And in the back, the real tyrannical son was smiling sadistically.

“To knock me unconscious and pretend to be me. A quick death will be too good for you. I will break your pride and thoroughly beat you into submission first.”

It was so similar to what Luke was doing earlier that I was in awe.

“You win the best actor award.”
“I suppose you get the best actress award then.”
“You agree? Yes, some talents cannot be hidden.”

At this rate, I might have to brace myself for countless offers to become a stage actress.

“Tremble and beg for your lives. For my wrath will not end with just you. Your families, everyone you are involved with. They shall all be ruined to the point where they will not be able to live in our society.”
“If you can do that to my house, I might have to thank you.”

Luke said in a bored voice.

“But never mind that. There is something I wanted to ask you.”
“What? Are you afraid now?”
“Why aren’t you using the relic that seals off magic? Surely it would be better to use it?”
“Because the despair would be greater if I made you submit without it. I want you to have just the slightest hope while you are being thoroughly broken down.”
“…Damn it. And I went through the trouble of preparing that trap.”

Luke said as if he had a headache.

“Do I scare you so much? You foul little thieves. I will show you what real power looks like.”

The son said with a smile.
Luke let out a deep sigh.

“I’m just annoyed that you’re too weak to even put up a fight.”

Electricity exploded.
In the blink of an eye, the soldiers were robbed of their consciousness.

It happened so fast that they didn’t even know what happened as they stood there.
And then they collapsed to the ground, one after another.

(What activation speed… He has improved even more.)

I gasped.

Recovering through rest and care for an overworked body, and complete healing of injuries.

And the experience of battling against Ms. Evangeline had helped make Luke stronger.

(…He really is a genius.)

I thought with exasperation. But there was also a rising feeling of happiness.

(Luke is back.)

The person who was so capable that it made me mad. The real Luke.

“A…a mo-monster…!”

Shrieked the son.

“Activate the relic!”

The soldiers that were waiting nearby then activated the relic.
But even though he could not use magic, Luke remained calm.

“Now, it really begins.”
“We’ll have to figure out a way to break through this without magic.”

As I said it, an idea came to my mind and I smiled.

“Hey, I just thought of something.”
“You did?”
“Yes. The most powerful shield to stop the soldiers.”

Luke followed my gaze and seemed to be satisfied, as he nodded with, ‘Ah, I see.’

And in front of us was the stunned tyrannical son.
He looked up at our calm faces and said,


“Hey! Hey! Do you want us to hurt him? Get out of our way!”

A few minutes later, we had taken the son hostage and were making our way out of the mansion.

The soldiers drew back.
Clearly they had not expected this situation at all.

Even if they had a special relic that prevented the use of magic within a certain area, as long as we had a hostage, they could not attack.

“H-how cowardly…”
“Hahaha! As long as we win!”

I laughed boisterously.
While we were acting rather villainous, it was fun, so I didn’t care.

“He-hey! Don’t you dare attack!”

The son shrieked in a high-pitched voice.

“My life is top priority! Obey them! Get out of the way! Get out!”

I was grateful that he accepted all of our demands.

“Good. You really are the most powerful shield. Splendid work!”

I whispered.

“We-well, this is my life we’re talking about. So I have to do my best.”
“You are doing a good job. It is not something easy to do.”

He sounded a little surprised.
After that, our shield continued to do good work.

Every time the shield wailed, the powerless guards would make way for us.
It seemed like the experience was affecting him in some way.

“…I…always failed at everything up until now. I was tormented by the feeling that everyone was mocking me.”
“I see.”
“It was only when I could make others yield that I felt relief. I was able to feel like I had more worth than others.”
“So that’s why you acted like that.”
“But now I have finally found something I may be good at.”

He blushed.

“I will do my best. We will get out of here alive.”

How touching.
I could almost cry.

He had finally found a new way to live.

From enemies to forming bonds of friendship.
As I mused on this with some emotion, Luke muttered next to me.

“Being a hostage is not a skill…”
“Luke. Don’t be rude. It’s a good thing that he found his calling in life.”
“I’m the one who is wrong…?”

Luke looked confused, but his wrongness was a plain fact, so I just nodded affirmatively.

“Sto-stop! Don’t shoot! My life is at risk!”
“Yes, keep going. I love the way your voice quivers!”

I praised his ability to sound scared.

“Leave it to me. The next one will be even more impressive.”

He was really getting passionate about this acting business.
But just as the exit came into view…

“That’s as far as you go.”

Count Wilhelm was standing in our path.
He held a pistol in his right hand, and it was pointed at a handcuffed woman.

Purple hair.
Long limbs.
The person I always looked up to.


The cool senior magician who I liked so much.
Ms. Leticia stood there as a hostage.

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