Ken yo, kaku katariki – 18

18 – Yoog

There was a lot of noise coming from the main street.
We rushed outside to see what it was. I followed the stares of the crowd and saw a man with expensive-looking clothes, while a child was on the ground in front of him.

On closer inspection, there were stains on the man’s clothes, and a cup of juice was spilled on the ground.
I see. So that juice must have gotten on him.

“That man…is a noble.”

The other three other three had caught up with me.
Ms. Iria muttered as she saw what was happening.

A woman, who was likely the child’s mother, then ran forward. They both had brown skin. Perhaps the name Yoog referred to that. Even though I had never heard it before, it had a bad ring to it.

“I-I’m sorry!”

“Apologizing is not going to be enough.”

The man said as he glared angrily. And then his hand went to the hilt of his sword.
Surely he did not mean to attack them with that in the middle of the city?”

“Teacher. Allow me.”


Iria was about to take a step forward, but I stopped her with one hand.

If this turned into a battle between nobles, it might cause trouble for the academy and her family.
Though I didn’t know much about this world, it was obvious enough.

“You foul immigrants vex me enough by being in my sight. By walking down this street. But soiling my clothes…that is deserving of a thousand deaths.”

The man said as he moved to unsheathe his sword, but…

“I think that’s quite enough.”

…I was already moving.
Ms. Iria let out a panicked gasp, but I ignored it.
…I wasn’t that much of a shithead to be able to let this pass. Regardless of the reasons.

“It’s just a little stain on your clothes. I’m sure they will pay to have it washed. Right?”

I said, glancing at the mother. She nodded in agreement.

“You bastard…getting in my way…”

“Don’t unsheath that.”

In an instant, the great street was overcome with tension.

“Drawing a sword against someone who is unarmed. As a swordsman, I cannot allow it.”

As silence ruled the street, my calm voice echoed.
Ah, what did my voice sound like to the others right now?

But there was only one answer.
If you point your sword at someone…prepare to have one pointed back at you.


The nobleman looked very pale. But his quivering hand moved to grasp the hilt. His fingers twitched and…then his eyes lowered to my waist.
To be precise, to the watch that hung there.
Ah, damn it.


A voice rang from behind me. It was Ms. Iria.

“Noble or not, it is forbidden to attack a commoner. …It is not too late to turn a blind eye, but if you continue, then I will have to report this.”

She did not say to whom. That was smart.
There really had been no need to worry. I should have just let her deal with it from the beginning.


The man clicked his tongue and glared at me before turning on his heels.

“Wait. The cleaning fee…”

“I don’t need it!”

I was about to take out my wallet, but the man ignored me and quickly walked away.
Good, good.
I suppose the Count’s authority had been effective.

“…Thaank you, teacher.”

“No, I should be thanking you.”

I felt as if I had just gotten in her way.

“Not at all. Without your interference, it might not have been settled as smoothly. …Had it led to a duel, it would have troubled my father greatly.”

“Huh? You have duels?”

“Yes, well…”

Was this medieval times or modern times? What a confusing world this was.
I looked back at the mother and child, who were now being helped by Ms. Sherry.

“…They are called Yoogs, as a way of discriminating against them.”

Ms. Iria said as I watched the two thank us over and over. I turned to look at her.

“The empire has a class system. And so if we had not intervened, and they died…his punishment would have not been that severe.”

“…I see.”

“While he called them immigrants, it was the empire that made them so. Their homeland of Yugrile was destroyed by the empire and turned into a colony. …This happened about twenty years ago.”

They should have been taken in as citizens of the empire.

“The current Emperor is actively working to put an end to such discrimination, and Central (Imperial Parliament) is trying to pass legislation to protect their rights. But there is strong resistance…”

“Discrimination is not something that goes away easily, just because you try.”

I suddenly heard Ms. Sherry’s voice from the side.
She had a far away look as she watched the mother and child leave. As if she was seeing them but also not seeing them.

It would be easy to bring out memories from my past life and judge this country.
But things were not so simple.
Even if I could help one person, I could not help them all.

Still, would a day come when they would no longer be called Yoogs?

Perhaps this was something that could only be resolved with gunfire.
It had happened many times throughout human history.

“Ah, but that was quite impressive, teacher.”

Ms. Sherry said with a grin. Next to her, Rev looked tense and suspicious as he opened his mouth.

“…What the hell are you?”

I did not know how to reply to that.
I doubted anyone would have an answer, if asked what they are.

“What are you plotting? Why are you getting close to Iria? Are you…”


The icy voice cut off his words.
When I turned to look, I saw Ms. Iria’s cold eyes.

“Please don’t act so rudely towards him. While it isn’t the case right now, he will soon be in the position of our instructor at the academy.”

“That’s right, Rev. If you continue like this, Iria’s going to hate you, you know?”

“…But he’s dangerous! Weren’t you watching just now!?”

Rev bit his lip and glared at me.
I won’t ever accept you. His eyes seemed to say.

“You are…”

“Well, well. I think this teacher has already shown himself to be quite reliable.”

Ms. Sherry butted in cheerfully, before sending me a wink.
She then took her bags back from Rev and laughed with a ‘Well, we better be getting back.’

“Later then. I look forward to seeing you at the academy, teacher!”

Ms. said with a smile. Rev turned his nose away and would not meet my eye.
Before leaving, she casually whispered close to my ear.

“…If you don’t mind, I would love to invite you for tea at my house next time.”

There was something alluring about her voice, and I felt a chill as I took a step back.

She bowed elegantly and left.
I wasn’t able to say anything in reply, and just watched them go. Then I turned to Ms. Iria and opened my mouth.

“…Are they…both children of nobles as well?”

“Yes. The President is the oldest daughter of a count, and Rev is the heir of a baron. Rev and I have known each other since we were very young… I’m sorry. He was so rude.”

“Ah, no. It’s fine.”

I wasn’t concerned with him. As for Ms. Sherry…
Was that just some form of socializing?
All I could say was that I was finding nobles to be quite scary.

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