Ken yo, kaku katariki – SS

SS – Kuro’s Day

I am Kuro.
Not a dog. I would not like to be compared to such a dumb and ordinary beast.

My days start with a walk.
Though, this walk is more of a dash. I accompany my master while he runs, keeping up with him.

The pace is fast. Even if I am much faster than ordinary beasts, it is all I can do to keep up.
Besides, my body has felt a little heavy after they put this collar on me.
But there is also comfort in weight. Weight is good for training.

How much time has passed since my master first found me?
For my master and I, every day was just time for us to train.
And so even if it was a walk, I do not hold back.

It is something dumb dogs cannot do.

After that, my master will go out.
He attends some place…called an academy, or something like that.

But then again, it was always like that.
My role was to stay and watch the house. It always was. And so I do not complain if there is nothing for me to do. I am used to it.

However, there are so many humans around my master recently.
That is a good thing. But it also makes me sad.
It used to just be the two of us. And so I was sad that it was no longer like that.
But that is something I cannot say.

Once the master leaves, I also go out.
It is my duty to protect the house.
Looking around is an important job!

However, it seems I must not be found by the humans.
As I know this, I go stealthily, so they do not see me.

Back alleys.
With one bark, several dogs appear from the shadows.
They are not like me. They are dumb beasts.
However, they are my faithful subordinates.

…So? Anything to report?

…No. There is no trouble at all!

Apparently, this city is very different from the mountains.
First of all, there are no monsters. And so it is peaceful.
Well, sometimes there are monsters that live underground, below the houses of my subordinates. But they die in one bite. It is not satisfying.

…Boss! A stray pup was attacked by a crow…

…I see. I shall deal with those birds. You protect the pup.

…Yes! Thank you!

Such chores were easily taken care of here.
There was no problem.

Silence the birds. Make their boss…the large, one-eyed crow, promise to never attack again. And the day’s work was done.
I made my way home.

As always, before my master returned.
At first, I had trouble opening the lock on the door. But I am used to it now.

…Still, there is one thing that bothers me.
This city is too peaceful.
It does not feel like training.
Eventually, I will have to return to the forest in order to fight some monsters.

I do not want to hold my master back.

Today was another day without any change.
However, it was not bad either.
As long as my master is nearby, I am satisfied…



I woke up suddenly and rose from my bed.
My eyes scanned the room.

Yes, I am not Kuro.

(A dream…)


Kuro greeted me as I got out of bed.

Having a dream as Kuro. What a strange feeling it was.
And the battle with the crow boss. It was quite thrilling.

(Well, as if that would ever happen…)

Like Kuro going out without saying anything.
In the first place, opening the lock on the door should be impossible.

“What a strange dream.”

I petted Kuro, and thought about how amusing it would be if it was actually true. And then I headed to the sink in order to wash up.

…And so I did not notice it.
The crow feather hidden in Kuro’s fur, as it glistened, reflecting the light of the sun.

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