10th Year – 52

Part 4 – Chapter 5: Riskinan Barrow

Though he was the leader of the Adventurer Clan, ‘Blue Bloods’, Riskinan Barrow seemed very thin to be an Adventurer.
The short sword attached to his belt, and the calloused hands that could be seen poking out from his long sleeves were the only thing that suggested his profession. His clothes were clearly expensive, and his bright, brown hair had been combed neatly.
This was someone of the upper class, without a doubt.

“You are Red Thunder, rank seventeen. It is an honor to meet you, Mr. Tor.”

Riskinan offered his hand with a friendly smile. Tor smiled politely and shook it before gesturing towards the car.
Riskinan looked surprised when he saw the twins.

“My ladies, you are as beautiful as the golden flowers in full bloom. Have you ever considered modeling for a portrait?”
“Not at all.”
“I see. How unfortunate. But if you ever change your mind, please visit the Blue Bloods. By the way, are you not the inventors of these carbonated potions everyone is talking about?”

Riskinan asked as he sat down in the same seat that the guild worker had been in a moment ago.
Euphie nodded silently, and his expression brightened.

“I knew it! One of our own members was saved from certain death because of those potions, and so I had hoped to be able to thank you directly one day. Thank you!”

Riskinan said with a bow of his head.
It was unusual to see someone of his rank bow so low.
Tor sat down and turned to Riskinan.

“So, what is your business here?”
“Well, this was part of it.”

Riskinan said with a smile as he turned to Tor.

“It is about the vampire incident in Crambarrow.”

As soon as he said this, there was a noise from the second floor.
He looked up at the ceiling with a puzzled expression.

“Is someone up there?”
“No, it’s just our belongings that are stacked up. We just bought this magitec car recently, and are not used to it. So things move around a lot, especially while driving. Sorry for interrupting your story.”

Tor lied dismissively as he imagined the guild worker knocking over things.
Euphie and Mailey could not help but chuckle at how easily Tor lied.
But Riskinan did not seem to notice, and he waved his hand with a smile.

“No, no. Not at all. Yes, back to the subject.”
“Before we talk about the vampire, Riskinan, where do you stand on this? Are you here as an Adventurer? Clan leader? Or a lord?”

Tor asked with a sharp expression.
Riskinan closed his mouth once, but quickly smiled.

“As the leader of the Blue Blood clan, who has the funds of a landlord, I would like to make a suggestion.”

Tor was immediately suspicious.

“Let’s hear it then.”
“It is nothing remarkable. I heard that you refused the guild’s request regarding the vampire, but agreed to make a quick investigation into the matter?”
“Aye, that is true. We are merely here due to some personal interest.”
“That is good to hear. As for the suggestion, in the event that you do discover a vampire, we want you to abstain from hunting it, and make a report to the Barrow house instead.”
“…It sounds like you want to steal our prey?”
“That is not my intention, but perhaps that is what the result will be. We do not want this incident to blow out of proportion. We just want to negotiate with the vampire directly. Can you imagine how much damage would be done to the city, if a vampire battled someone from the hierarchy? The pieces of art that will be destroyed will never be recovered.”

As a lord, he wanted to protect the peace of Crambarrow, and he would use his position as clan leader for that purpose. The dishonor of ‘stealing’ someone’s prey made no matter.

Tor considered the suggestion.
Considering he wanted to negotiate, the Barrow house must be for coexistence.
Even if it was a political decision to protect the city, it would be a heavy one, given that opinions were split into two.
That was why the guild worker had looked so pale earlier. One of the leaders of opposing forces was here to negotiate.

As they were only here for personal interest, Tor did not care about prey.
But while accepting the suggestion would not result in any loss for them, it would mean that they were cooperating with one side.

“…We refuse.”

Mailey suddenly rejected the suggestion.
Riskinan looked a little troubled as he turned to her.

“Is that the whole party’s decision? It does not look like you discussed it.”
“I do not know Mr. Tor’s thoughts, but we do reject the suggestion. After all, we have not gathered enough information to make such a decision. Choosing a side now has too many risks.”
“You are very cautious. However, surely it will be difficult to find people who will cooperate with you, if you do not show which side you are on?”
“The reverse is also true. We do not want to get involved in the politics of this city. It will surely have a negative effect on the investigation.”

It would hinder the investigation. That was their reason for rejecting it.

“Besides, if we hide our allegiances, it will be easier to hear the opinions of the expulsion side. As the lord of these lands, wouldn’t you want to take in the opinions of both? We will be more like a reception desk.”

The twins said with a smile, and Riskinan let out a sigh.

“And what are your thoughts, Mr. Tor?”
“Adventurers are rootless plants, but if you are part of the hierarchy, then getting mixed into political power struggles is not rare. And I do not like to take sides. Especially before I have a good grasp on the situation. And so, the decision will be put on hold for now.”
“I see. That is unfortunate.”

Riskinan shook his head and got up to his feet.

“If you do change your mind, please come and visit me.”

Riskinan stepped out of the magitec car and waved at Tor over his shoulder.

“Also, a warning. Neutrals are a third power that belong to no side. There is no guarantee that others will cooperate with you.”

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