My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 416

I ran in with Leo

So it was just as Mark had said. Deam was the one who had ordered them to torment Liza.
The men continued to talk, not knowing that Leo and I were listening to them.
Hearing them filled me with anger… But it was too soon… I had to wait a little longer…

While most of the men were focused on the boys, one of them seemed to be watching his surroundings.
They were in the slums.
And so even if it was nighttime, there were more people moving around actively compared to other parts of town.
On top of that, since they were shouting, it was possible that people were watching them from their houses.

And while such people might not be completely unrelated, they probably weren’t on Deam’s side.
Perhaps these men wanted the residents here to watch, and so they could rule them through fear.
It wasn’t unusual for people to stand above others through power in such places.

In any case, if I was going to confront these men, I wanted to do it at a moment when their guard was down.
Well, Leo could probably do it easily, but I wanted to be safe…
Of course, if they used their knives or tried to actually kill the boys, then I would jump out and intervene.

“Indeed… We’ll start with you… We’ll make a show of killing you. This is the slums. No one will miss you anwaay. Of course, I’ll kill you all in the end.”
“Mr. Deam. Are you sure about this?”
“It’s fine. They are useless to me now. It was good to use children to attack other children. But there is no point now. In that case…there is only one things to do.”

The leader said as he flashed his knife.
The other man had called him Deam, so there was no mistaking it now.
As for the boys, they were now huddled together and shaking.


Deam shouted at the man who was watching the area, who then picked up a sword that was hidden between two buildings, and then he handed it to Deam.
It was a lot bigger than the sword that I usually used.
I suppose it was called a longsword.
Deam then faced the boys and raised the sword into the air…
This was bad!


The boys were defenseless, and so there was no way that that they would survive if they were hit by such a weapon.
As all of them were now focused on the boys, I quickly called out to Leo.
She had also been prepared to jump out at any time, and so Leo answered me and rushed towards the men.
It was a good thing that we had practiced with orders for when we go to the forest.

“Ahhh! Argh!”

First, Leo swiped at Deam, who had raised his sword.
Deam was easily knocked off of his feet, and went flying into one of the buildings.
And without losing momentum, Leo turned and attacked the other men who had their backs turned.
…I couldn’t fall behind either.
And so I unsheathed my sword and ran towards the men… But by then, everything was finished.

The men were thrown into the air before they even got to see Leo. And just like that, they were thrown against the wall and were unconscious.
Uh, so I don’t need to do anything…?

“Ah, yes. You did well, Leo.”

After defeating the men, Leo turned to me with a proud expression.
Since they were humans, she did not use her fangs or claws, so that she didn’t kill them. And so I petted her wet head and praised her.
Ah, but they were injured…maybe her claws got caught on them.
And their bones could be broken from the impact as well. Not that I felt bad for them.

“Uh, are you alright?”

As for the boys, they were stunned by our sudden appearance, and their mouths hung open silently.
Well, it was no wonder. They thought that Deam was going to kill them. And then we suddenly appeared.
…Well, I hadn’t done anything.
If it was going to be so easy, then I shouldn’t have even worried about the man who was guarding…

“Are you hurt? Ah, he kicked you…”

Even when I tried talking to them, they could only nod like they were broken dolls.
They must be in quite a shock…and would be for some time.
In any case, they didn’t seem to be badly injured, so it was fine.
Though, their clothes were torn and they had scratched as if they had been dragged.

“Leo? Hmm?”
“Ah… What the…”

As I was looking at the children, Leo suddenly started growling in a different direction.
And when I turend to look, I saw that Deam was holding his head and trying to get back to his feet.
I suppose he was tougher than the others.

“Damn it… Who the…!?”
“Wait, Leo. I will handle this.”

He shook his head and muttered as he stood up.
And while still holding his sword, he turned to look at us. His eyes widened when he saw Leo.
Leo growled and was about to jump out, but I told her to wait.
I couldn’t let her do everything… Or there would be no point in me being here.

That being said, it did feel like I was stealing the glory from Leo by taking down Deam after he was weakened…
But I wouldn’t think about that right now.

“…Who are you? And that…monster? Did you set it on me?”
“…Aye, that’s right. I have come here to put an end to your crimes here.”

Deam looked at us with suspicion.
And while he was unstable on his feet at first, he regained his balance soon enough.
He had mostly recovered from the damage then.
Maybe I should have let Leo deal with him after all…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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