Ken yo, kaku katariki – 17

17 – Mason Street


The old capital, Viskinel.
I couldn’t help but groan at the sight of the busy street in the center.

Mason Street, it was called. And it was currently overflowing with people moving in every direction.
The way the roads had two lanes with buildings on each side was quite familiar. It reminded me of London, which I had once visited a long time ago.

However, that was not important right now.

“Teacher, sorry to keep you waiting. …Is there a problem?”

Came the voice of the girl as she stepped out of the store behind me while carrying a shopping bag.
She then followed my gaze and muttered, ‘Ah…’

“This is your first time seeing it? That…”

“…No, I know. It’s a cinema.”

She looked surprised but nodded.

Her name was Iria Orlando.
She had suggested a tour of the city so that I could get used to being here. And I had accepted her offer to be my guide. However, there was a part of me that wondered, ‘Is this a date?’

Of course, it was no such thing.
In fact, before I started my job at the academy, it was decided that I would teach her. And so this was part of her way of thanking me for that.
I had said that I hadn’t even done anything to deserve it, but she insisted that it was for helping her in the forest. Like her parents, she cared very much about repaying debts.

“In spite of being ignorant of most things, you sometimes surprise me with what you do know, teacher.”

“Well, that’s…there are reasons…”

I couldn’t really explain. Ms. Iria laughed.

“Though, I don’t think we have enough time to watch a film.”

“I know that.”

My old world and this world were very similar.

That being said, they were not identical.
This was a world supported by the ‘ether factor.’ In other words, a world developed from magic.
Though, the fact that civilization had turned out so similar in spite of the basis being so different…

(Could some other person have reincarnated from my world and affected this one?)

…But could one person really change a civilization this much? I certainly could not.
Either it was some great professor, or it was just a coincidence.

Were there other people like me here?
If there was, what would happen if it became known to others?
As there was so much I didn’t know, I did not feel like revealing that information.

In the first place, a lot of my memories were fading away, and becoming a blur.
Right now, I was just a swordsman called Yukito, who was raised by an old man. Nothing more and nothing less.

“Let’s go to the department store next. It’s a little far from your hotel, but it’s the largest one in Viskinel, and you can buy nearly anything there.”

She added that things were also a little more expensive. I nodded.

However, I started to notice that we were attracting attention as well. Perhaps it was just because she was pretty.
After seeing Ms. Iria and her parents, I had feared that the standard for beauty was just higher in this world. But that was not true at all.

She did stick out. And by walking with her, so did I.
Who was that lame ass guy with her? (Persecution complex).

It was called the Farnas Department Store. And I was about to step into the revolving door, my eyes met those of a couple just as they were coming out.

“…Huh? Iria?”

A man and woman who wore the same uniform. Perhaps they weren’t a matching couple…but just students.


Replied Ms. Iria, and I was sure of it.

“Huh? Oh? Oh? Are you on a date?”


She looked at us with great curiosity and shining eyes, but Ms. Iria answered her flatly.

“A da-date!?”

The male student said with surprise.

“I told you that it isn’t. …Are you two buying supplies for the student council?”

“So you’re not the least bit suspicious about us, Iria?”

“No-no! We are just going shopping for the student council…”

“That’s what I said. Anyone could see that, since we are leaving a department store in uniform during vacation.”

Well, they sure made an interesting trio.
The girl was like a ball of curiosity. And he was strangely prone to panicking. While Ms. Iria was cool and quiet. They shouldn’t get along, but they did.

“I’m sorry, teacher. This is Sherry Relei, student council president. And that’s Rev Olqule, secretary.”

“Ah, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Yukito.”

“I’m Sherry! Teacher?”

“…Rev. Iria, I don’t remember there being a teacher like this at our school…”

‘Yes,’ Iria replied with a nod.
For some reason, Rev was glaring at me. Why?

“He is set to join the academy as a swordsmanship instructor starting this spring. Though, for now, I’m receiving private lessons from him.”

…Well, it’s due to connections!
There were no tests or interviews. I would not have been able to pass that. Hurray for connections.


The president, Sherry, stared at me for a good while. From different angles and positions while murmuring to herself. It was very uncomfortable…

“You’re quite young for a teacher. How old are you?”

“Uh…probably not twenty…I think…”

“Why so vague?”

She said with a chuckle.

“I’m an orphan raised in the mountains. That’s why I’m not sure about my age.”

I explained it truthfully.
How I lived in the mountains, and how one didn’t really keep track of their days there. She listened with wide eyes.

“…What a suspicious history you have.”

Rev said with a raised eyebrow.
I had to agree. But saying that might just make things worse.

“So, why are you two here while on your date?”

“I’m giving him a tour of the city today. Because he’s only just arrived.”

“Surely there is no need to guide a private tutor around…”

Rev said with a look of contempt, and then I finally understood it.
Ahh, of course… He didn’t like that I was with her.

“He isn’t just a private tutor.”

Though, Ms. Iria seemed to not notice or care as she shook her head.

“He saved my life. It’s only normal for me to show him this level of courtesy.”

The other two looked quite surprised as she told them about what happened in the forest.

“That happened…”

Rev bit his lower lip with anger.
After all, he had been there, apparently. Not only that, but the gunfire that I had heard had been from him. Students with guns? I wondered, but then I remembered that it was a military academy.
Regardless, with that considered, me helping Iria and being looked after by the count…it was all thanks to Rev in a way.

“Haha… If I was rescued like that, I would probably fall in love as well. You know, like a knight in shining armor?”


“Oh, sorry.”

Ms. Iria’s voice had been colder than ice, and President Sherry realized that her teasing had gone too far. She apologized in a cold sweat.

“Well, if that’s the case, then we must thank you as well.”

She made Rev hold the bags and moved in front of me and bowed her head.
In spite of everything prior to it, it was a beautiful bow.

“Teacher Yukito. Thank you for helping one of our students.”

“Ah, not at all…”

“As a way of thanking you… Would you like to go on a date with…”


It had been said with such ease and grace that I almost started to nod. However, cold words from the side put an end to that again.

“Ahaha. I’m only joking. I won’t take him away. Don’t be so angry, Iria.”

“That wasn’t my concern…”

Ms. Iria shook her head with exasperation as Sherry laughed with delight.
While she was apparently the president of the student council, she seemed like someone that was hard to deal with. But it was interesting to see Ms. Iria being yanked around like this.

“Well, we don’t want to bother you for any longer. Let’s go then…”

Just as they were about to leave.

“…You bastard! How dare a Yoog tarnish my clothes. I won’t forgive you!”

We turned our heads, where a fight seemed to have erupted outside of the store.

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