10th Year – 30

Part 2: Chapter 12 – Completion Report

After exiting the dungeon, Tor and the party were greeted by workers from the Adventurers Guild.
Due to the magic energy density being lowered, they had determined that the sealing had been a success, and decided to come before the malicious Merchant Guild could arrive.
The Adventurers who were waiting with the guild workers raised their voice when they saw Tor and the parties.

“Serves you right, Merchant Guild!”

There was a lot of shouting as they went through the walls of Flaretalia, which drew the attention of its residents.
Several days had passed since the dungeon’s magic energy density had dropped, and so the news had already spread and there was not much confusion.

“…Just as expected. The people are not very happy.”

Mailey muttered.

“Ignore them. They’ll cry and then go back to work soon enough.”

They ignored the looks of the residents who could not be happy about the sealing. And then they headed to the Adventurers Guild to make their report.
The Flaretalia branch chief was waiting for them on the first floor.

“First of all, you did well. Congratulations on a successful sealing. The reward has been prepared. The report can be tomorrow. …I want to sleep.”

He muttered tiredly with dark lines under his eyes.
The guild worker who had guided them here whispered into Tor’s ear.

“He was incredibly busy, having to explain the validity of sealing it to the Flaretalia council, telling the Merchant Guild about the magitec beast attacks, having the guards and councilmen prepare a defense force for what happens after the dungeon is sealed, and asking other guilds for support.”
“Ah, I feel bad now. But I suppose you would act in advance, when two high-ranking parties were going to cooperate in order to seal the dungeon.”

Normally, you would return once after each floor in order to plan and make a report before going back down. Otherwise, if you all died, then the guild would not acquire any information at all.
However, considering the people who were going this time, their success was all but guaranteed.
Indeed, Tor and the others had sealed it without returning even once.

It would have been very difficult to arrange things behind the scenes when there were no reports at all. Tor didn’t know how he managed to explain things to the others, but he understood how exhausting it would have been.
The branch chief rubbed his brow.

“No, there is no need to apologize. Who knows what the Merchant Guild would have done if there were prior reports. This shock will be a good medicine for them. Though, I could use some medicine myself.”
“Do you want a carbonated potion?”
“…I’ll have one.”

While he looked a little hesitant at Mailey’s offer, he could not resist the temptation in the end.

Euphie and Mailey found an empty table and began to concoct the carbonated potion.
The branch chief and some of the Adventurers had never seen this process before, and so they watched with deep interest as they listened to the rise of the bubbles.

“So you really make them.”
“That’s how you do it. Though, I don’t understand the principle behind it.”

Mailey poured the carbonated potion from the gasogene into a cup and handed it to the branch chief.
He took the cup and looked at the potion curiously. As he generally stayed away from the frontlines and worked in offices, carbonated potions were quite alien to him.

“Let’s see…”

He tipped the cup into his mouth and then scowled and the unfamiliar sensation. However, he must have started to feel his strength recover. And then he opened and closed his left hand in surprise.

“It is much more effective. I might get addicted to this.”
“As it is medicine, you shouldn’t rely on it too much.”
“Ah, sorry, sorry. However, this really is amazing. It shows just how bad the sins of the Merchant Guild are.”

He must have been impressed, as his hostility towards the Merchant Guild seemed to have increased. The other Adventurers all nodded in agreement.
Just then, Tor thought that he saw the twins smile for just a second.

Euphie took the now empty cup as she talked to the branch chief.

“In fact, I have a suggestion that can prevent such things happening again in the future.”
“A suggestion?”

Euphie and Mailey put their hands together and tilted their heads.
Upon seeing this cute pose, the branch manager looked like a grandfather whose grandchildren were asking him for pocket money.
However he quickly coughed and looked back at them sternly and in a business-like manner.

“Your potions have saved the lives of many Adventurers. And I’m sure you will save many more. If you have a suggestion, I shall listen to it.”
“Then we will not hesitate. We want to suggest a partnership with the wineries and Alchemist Guild in order to raise working capital towards guaranteeing quality through branding, and selling through the guild to increase popularity.”
“To be precise, through collaborating with the carbonated hot springs, we will impress to people how effective the potions are, while also establishing them as a brand and guaranteeing their quality.”
“Uh, what?”
“The Adventurers Guild will be a shield that prevents others from getting in the way in the future, just as the Merchant Guild did, while also functioning as a direct line to Adventurers, who will be the primary consumers.”
“Furthermore, while we will need carbonated potions in order to spread it to other territories, the wineries and Alchemist Guild will need to be involved in order to earn the production fees. For the winery, we can promise to produce sparkling wine and…”
“Wait, wait. Do not increase my workload!”
“…Did you enjoy your carbonated potion?”

You did drink it. Euphie seemed to say with a smile. The branch chief chuckled awkwardly.
He had felt the results himself, and proved how much this would help other Adventurers.
Due to his position, he could not refuse them.

“…I’ll have to discuss it with the accountant.”
“Of course. We can wait for a few days.”

The Adventurers who had been watching were a little stunned by how quickly he folded.

“Those twins are scary.”
“If they succeed in spreading the carbonated potions, they will be high in the hierarchy soon enough.”

Fudo, who had also been watching, elbowed Tor.

“Your friends sure are stubborn.”
“I can be rather aloof, so they are reliable.”

After talking for a short while with the accountant, the twins returned.

“Mr. Tor, since we’ve received some money, and have some free time, let us go to the hot spring town.”
“I would like to heal the tiredness from the dungeon before we start discussing business again. Since you helped with our problem, Boulder and Sheath Bane, will you accompany us?”

Mailey took Tor’s arm and began to walk without waiting for a reply. Euphie invited the other parties, and both Fudo and Bastora agreed to go.
But just as they started to make their way to the hot spring, the branch chief stopped them.

“Wait one moment. The leader of the Merchant Guild should come to apologize soon. I don’t think anyone here will be satisfied until it is all settled. Will you not stay a little longer?”

Apparently, after hearing everything from the branch chief, and that there would be special procurements, the Merchant Guild had changed their tune.
Mailey looked up at Tor.

“What should we do?”
“You two should decide. It was you who were directly affected.”
“…That is true. Let us wait then.”

Tor could tell from their expression, that they were already thinking of ways to profit off of this.

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