10th Year – 31

Part 2 – Chapter 13: Keepsake

It was evening when the messenger arrived from the Merchant Guild.
They had already received an invitation to dine together during midday, and so Euphie and Mailey were fully prepared.

“Mr. Tor, you’re not as nervous as I’d expect.”
“You do realize this is an important person from the Merchant Guild who is also a Flaretalia councilman?”
“Well, since we have just humiliated them in a way…”

As they had succeeded in the sealing of the dungeon, the Merchant Guild must be quite frantic. And as the one who had done it, Tor was at a distinct advantage.
And while he did not want to be rude, and was careful with his appearance, he was not nervous.

They then entered the magitec car that the servant had brought.
As these machines used the highly pure magic stones from magitec beasts as fuel, they were incredibly expensive to maintain. The fact that it had been sent showed how serious the person they were dealing with was.

However, Tor got in without a hint of surprise on his face.
Not only was he used to riding in cars on earth, but he had also taken down magitec beasts numerous times and acquired the magic stones and sold them. So none of this was particularly interesting to him.
The servants were the ones that were surprised by how calm he was.

But then again, Euphie and Mailey were also calm. They had been the heirs of the Ubaz company, and so they had seen magitec cars used for transporting goods. And since they had the exclusive right to sell salt, they also rode the magitec cars when attending the city council.
And so they entered and sat down on the leather seats as if it was the most natural thing.
Then they looked at the servant and waited as if they could not understand why he did not close the door. They didn’t even think about doing it themselves.
That said something about their upbringing.

And so the servant closed the door.
The Merchant Guild had clearly sent this magitec car as a kind of preemptive attack, that would stun them.
But realizing it would not be so easy, the servant began to worry about his master.

Euphie inspected the quality of the seats.

“It’s monster leather. Very smooth and soft.”
“It must be hard to maintain.”
“According to the rumors, they are developing larger magitec cars that can be used for travel.”
“Mr. Tor, I have once read in a book that you have something called camping cars back on your earth.”
“Aye, the family of one of my friends had one. I got to look inside once.”
“You must tell me more about that later. And since we have some money now, wouldn’t it be nice to have one? A mobile base?”

Euphie said, and Tor thought about it.
Unless they decided to stay in Flaretalia, then they would continue to travel.
And so a mobile base would indeed be useful.
Tor had not liked to buy things, as he never knew when he might return to earth. But now, since the twins were there, it would not be a waste.

“As long as you two learn how to drive it.”
“Then it’s decided. Now, our next destination is Fangaro.”

As they talked about the journey, they soon arrived at the restaurant that was their destination. And so Tor and the twins got out of the magitec car.
It had been a very comfortable ride, with minimal shaking, and so Tor was feeling quite positive about a possible purchase.

When they entered the restaurant, they saw that the whole place had been reserved.
Mateiko was a councilman in Flaretalia, and one of the most prominent members of the Merchant Guild. And on the surface, he greeted his guests warmly.

“Good evening. So, you are the people who developed the carbonated potion. It is an honor to meet you. Thank you for agreeing to meet on such short notice. Now, please take a seat.”

Mateiko pulled out the seats for them himself. Euphie and Maily smiled politely and thanked him.
Now that everyone was present, the wine was served.

“Let’s make a toast.”

They raised their glasses into the air, and after taking a sip, Mateiko went straight to business.

“I apologize for what transpired. It is with great regret that we must admit that this would not have happened had we tried to discuss it with you first. The carbonated potion is a wonderful product that saves Adventurers. And so we were selfish to panic as we did. We now realize that to you two, who developed it, as well as the Adventurer and guards, it was an act of betrayal. And so we are terribly sorry.”

As Mateiko bowed his head, Euphie and Mailey smiled calmly.
Tor felt something like a tingling on the back of his neck. It was like the sense of danger that he felt when stepping into the territory of powerful monsters or magitec beasts.
He decided that it was best to not say anything, and so he kept silent.
Mailey opened her mouth.

“We accept your apology. More than anything, it is time to clear up any misunderstandings and minimize damage on both sides. It will serve us both to help each other than to be at odds. Isn’t that right?”
“I am glad to hear you say that. Of course, those who were involved will be rightfully punished. I myself mean to step down from my position as councilman, once I have submitted the bill concerning the carbonated potions.”

Punishments were a necessary measure, and so Mateiko assumed that they would be fine with this. But Euphie’s reply was a little surprising.

“That is good news.”
“…Good news?”

Now that they were reconciled, it seemed a little odd to say that it was good that people were being punished.
However, she showed no signs of having slipped her tongue. It was clear that the two were used to these kinds of places. They searched for meaning behind words. Mateiko’s instincts told him.
There must be a reason that they expressed themselves like this.
Euphie continued to smile as she spoke.

“If people who can calculate are going to be dismissed, then the Adventurers Guild might hire them. For instance, as a form of atonement, they can help in the spreading of carbonated potions.”
“Ah… However, will the Adventurers accept that?”
“I have heard that you have strong connections to the hot spring town, Mr. Mateiko. If you were to help in the branding of the carbonated potions, people will be grateful, and not hold a grudge.”

It was a suggestion that would be profitable for both sides.
Mateiko felt that it was worth considering, and he made calculations while drinking his wine.
After waiting for some time, the twins continued.

“Now that the dungeon is sealed, we can expect magitec beasts to come. However, the need to hunt them is also temporary. In other words, it’s merely a preparation period for building a new industrial structure.”
“Hmm. You sound like you have some suggestions for what this industrial structure is?”

Mateiko was now ready to negotiate.
These twins understood what they were doing. They had the mind of a merchant, just like him. He was sure of it now.

He had thought that this was merely a dinner for him to apologize, but it might be more profitable than he could have ever imagined.
More than anything, he was glad that these twins were going to act as a bridge between the two guilds.

Mailey then explained it in detail.

“We have a suggestion regarding the use of the dungeon. Production of the grapes used in the wine, while researching and growing food products that go with sparkling wine, and then selling them to the hot spring town?”
“As for that, there are already some stores that are attempting it. However, due to this incident, they did not want to receive any support from us directly.”
“The spreading of the carbonated potions will be most efficient if done at the same time as the sparkling wine. The Adventurers Guild has come to this conclusion. And so we want to use the Flaretalian Merchant Guild’s distribution network.”

After Mailey had emphasized that this was profitable for both sides, and that the Adventurers Guild was in agreement, Euphie continued.

“If you were to take the initiative and act, the Adventurers Guild will be able to help you. It should be easy to persuade them if both sides are cooperative.”

Mateiko nodded after thinking about it for a moment.

“As a councilman of Flaretalia, I will take on that task. And as a resident, I am glad that you were worried about Flaretalia, and offered your wisdom. Thank you.”
“It benefits us as well.”
“That is true. You two will have to be rewarded. Preferably, it should be something that publically shows that we have reconciled. But since this affair was a failure on the Merchant Guild’s part, Flaretalia cannot award you any medal. It will have to be something within the Merchant Guild’s power. Do you have any wishes?”

Mateiko asked. Euphie and Mailey were very silent for a moment, and then looked over to Tor. And then they smiled.

“We want priority purchase rights for Flaretalian sparkling wine. We will pay the full fee.”

Mateiko had assumed that they would ask for something concerning the rights to the sparkling wine or carbonated potion, and so he was stunned for a second.

“…That is all?”

He could not tell what they were thinking, and was confused. But Euphie and Mailey nodded.

“It is enough.”

They said in unison with a satisfied smile. Mateiko could not say anything in reply.

After finishing the meal in high spirits, Tor and the twins left the restaurant.
They then turned down the ride home, and decided to walk down the night streets back to their inn.
Tor held the bag full of sweets that they had bought as he looked up at the starry sky.

“Hey, about the reward. Are you sure about that?”

Considering the position they were in, they could have asked for much more.
Euphie and Maily swung their joined hands happily and answered him.

“It is like a keepsake for us. And it would be sad if we could not acquire any of it.”
“We were the very first people to drink it. It had sentimental value for the three of us. And so we must ensure that we will always have access to it.”
“I doubt you’ll have any trouble with getting some.”

However, after seeing how pleased they were, he could not say any more than that.
Besides, the night that the three of them tasted the sparkling wine was also a good memory for Tor.

“Tomorrow, we will all go to the hot spring town. And then the three of us will head to the magitec city of Fangaro!”
“If we are going to buy a magitec car, then there is one thing it should come with. A wine cooler!”
“Does everything revolve around wine for you now?”

The three of them laughed as they took a long route back to their inn.

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