Royal Magician – 33

Chapter 33 – Potion Research Team 2

The Royal Magicians Order 5th Unit, Potion Research Team.

This team, which was made up of first-rate magic physicians who had outstanding knowledge and skill, was facing its most busy season in years.

Due to a plague that had spreaded in the northern regions, there was a bigger demand for potions than previous years.

In order to heal as many people as quickly as possible, the Magic Physician Guild worked arduously with companies in order to make these potions day after day.

The people were exhausted.
And it was on such a day, that some newcomer magician had been sent to help them from the 3rd Unit.

‘I’m Noelle Springfield! I look forward to working with you!’

But they saw her as someone who had been sent from a different unit.

And she was just one person.

(It is doubtful that she will be of any use.)

Everyone thought this. They thought this about anyone who was sent from a different department.

Though they may be all Royal Magicians, there was a wide gap in knowledge and ability between those who specialized in potions, and dedicated most of their life to it, and those who did not.

While they were grateful enough to have someone who could help with simple chores, most people who were sent could not act without specific orders.

Not only did they lack knowledge, but knew that they were just helping temporarily.

As this was not their main job, they only cared about doing the bare minimum.

That’s how they thought.

(Damn it… Did they not understand the toll that it takes and the sacrifices we’ve made…)

Some of the magic physicians held back feelings of rage at those who would not move on their own.

However, this mentality was completely rewritten by the appearance of this recent newcomer.

“We’re running out of magic crystals. Someone, bring more from the storage room.”
“I have them right here! I’ll change them right away.”
“What? Already here…?”

She was so small and looked like a child, but the way she worked far surpassed their expectations.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you. But if you could quickly process the witch grass that arrived this morning, it’s an emergency…”
“I thought that might be the case, and so I did it! Here, you can use these.”
“Huh…? Uh, thank you.”

More than anyone, she calmly observed everything and went ahead and did what needed to be done.

“When will the extra astral leaf I ordered yesterday arrive? Someone contact the merchant.”
“I just checked earlier and was told that it would arrive at four o’clock. I’ll have it brought in as soon as it arrives.”
“…Oh. Yes. Good. That’s perfect.”

She also seemed to have knowledge about potions. Though, on that point alone, she was not even close compared to the magic physicians.

However, she had an ability to understand her surroundings that more than made up for it.

This should have been the most chaotic the workplace was in years, but she was never frantic.
If anything, she was so calm that it almost looked like she wasn’t working that much at all.
With a wide view, she finished her work quickly and with precision.

“Hey, who is that short one…?”
“I don’t know. But she is no ordinary magician.”

As they saw this strange sight, they whispered to each other.

“Which department has someone so competent?”
“It’s the newcomer people have been talking about. The one who helped the empress during the ball.”

At that, the other magicians gasped.

“The one who passed the Sixty Seconds of Blood.”
“Indeed, it was the 3rd Unit who boasted about it.”
“But I didn’t realize that she was this…”

In spite of only starting today, she was working faster and with more precision than anyone. And so the magic physicians were stunned.

The work which could not be processed in time and had piled up, was being dealt with one after another.

And before they knew it, the whole workplace seemed to revolve around her.

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  1. So when the guild and vice guild masters try to take her back, they’re not just going to face the Royal Knights, and the Crown, they’re going to face the pharmacist guild? Oh boy… Looking forward to the epic beat down those two get, and then there’s the duke and the merchant company they smugly made a deal with, using an unreasonable deadline… BWAHAHAH!

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