Strange Dragon – 51

Chapter 51 – Demon Wolf Cubs

Shiro carried one of the cubs in his mouth, while Fio rode on his back and held the other two.
The cubs did not struggle, and seemed very quiet.
Perhaps they saw Fio and Shiro like older siblings, and were not scared.

They reached us in no time.

“Fio, Shiro. You were amazing.”

Fio and Shiro wagged their tails as they put the demon wolf cubs on the ground.

“Wau, waauuu!”

The cubs were doing their best to howl.
Ignoring their tails, they were about half a meter in length.
So they were about the size of a medium-sized dog.

However, they were not dogs, but demon wolves.
They sounded young, and their feet looked unstable.
Judging by their appearance, they were probably only recently old enough to start eating solid food.
They could probably be compared to puppies that were about two months old.
I would have to ask Kelly about them later.

“Are you alright, little cubs?”

Upon seeing Hippolius and me, the tails of the cubs went between their legs.
And so Fio and Shiro started howling in order to comfort them.

“Fio, Shiro. Are these cubs your siblings?”

I could sense that Shiro was both surprised and overjoyed that they were still alive.
As for Fio, the taming skill did not tell me her emotion.
And she was still a little lacking when expressing herself verbally.

However, she seemed just as happy as Shiro.
Because her tail was wagging.
Shiro then happily licked his siblings.

Fio looked like she was about to do the same, but I stopped her.

“Fio, wait a minute.”

Victor and some others at the base had gotten sick.
The last thing we needed was for Fio to become sick as well.

And so I picked up one of the cubs and inspected it.
It was riddled with small wounds, and also had fleas.
Also, it was very skinny.

Clearly they had been treated horribly by the false demon bear.

“Don’t worry. You’re safe now.”

I said to it gently, but their tails remained down as they shivered uncontrollably.
I would have to be patient and gently watch over them until they could relax.

After finishing the inspection, I gave them back to Fio and Shiro.
I now had to check the corpse of the false demon wolf.
Well, it was mostly ashes now, so it was difficult to inspect it properly.

Still, I collected some of the ashes as a sample, as well as the ominous-looking magic stone.

“If it has a magic stone inside of it…”

In general, creatures with magic stones were categorized as magic beasts.
However, this was no ordinary magic stone.
When I activated the appraisal skill, I learned that it was a completely different type.

In the first place, according to our god, the false demon bear wasn’t even a living creature.
It was something entirely new.

“Kelly will not be happy. She would have wanted to preserve its body, in order to properly categorize the new being.”

I was a little worried about that, but it was an emergency.
And so she would just have to accept that.
Later, I would draw a sketch and make a detailed report about what I knew.

After dealing with the corpse, we started on our way back to the base.

I held two of the demon wolf cubs in my arms, while Fio carried the other.
And since Victor was waiting for us, we jogged.

“Fio, Shiro. Once we return to the base, I will have to rush in order to make the antidote.”
“And you must take care of the demon wolf cubs in the meantime.”

And then Hippolius, who was running behind us, said,

‘Theodore. Ride on Hippolius’s back.’
“Are you sure?”
‘Yes. Fio and Shiro ride too.’

Indeed, Hippolius was very fast.
We would likely arrive sooner if we all rode on Hippolius instead of running separately.

“Alright, Hippolius. Thank you.”
‘Leave it to me.’

Hippolius moved in front of us and stopped.
Then Hippolius lowered its tail to the ground so that we could climb up.

“Fio, Shiro. Get on.”

After Fio and Shiro climbed up, I got onto Hippolius’s back as well.
And then Hippolius immediately started to run.
Hippolius ran carefully, so that she didn’t shake too much. And yet, Hippolius was still incredibly fast.

I petted the two demon wolf cubs gently and talked to them.
“Are you alright? Little wolf cubs.”

They did not cry, and remained quiet. Though, they were still shaking, which meant that they were scared.
So they could not yet relax around me.
I felt bad that they were so stressed by being carried like this.

“Fio. Can you carry them?”

Fio replied confidently.
Even though Fio had a lot of physical ability, she was still a child. So it would be difficult to carry three cubs while running.
But now, she was on Hippolius’s back. So she should be able to carry them.

“In that case, Fio. Hold them for me.”

Fio was able to hold all three of them securely.
As Fio held them, Shiro licked their faces.
Indeed, now that they were being touched by Fio and Shiro, the demon wolf cubs seemed to have calmed down.

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