Strange Dragon – 52

Chapter 52 – Food Poisoning Treatment

Hippolius was very fast when running. And so we arrived at the base in no time.

“Thank you, Hippolius.”
“Fio, Shiro. Don’t bring the wolf cubs into the house just yet.”

If they took the demon wolf cubs into the house now, it would become infested with fleas and lice.
And so I shouted loudly.

“Kelly, are you here?”

Kelly was helping the healer treat Victor and the others who were sick.

“What is it?”
“We’ve rescued some wolf cubs. And I have several other things to report, but…”
“Astonishing! You can leave these cubs with me then.”
“Kelly, I’ll give you some bug repellent incense. You can also use them to get rid of the fleas on Fio’s clothes.”

As Fio had been carrying the wolf cubs, some of the fleas would have migrated over to her as well.
While they could be removed from Shiro and the cubs by bathing them, it would be different for Fio’s clothes.

“Aye, that will help. I will use this while bathing them.”
“How are Victor and the others?”
“As of this morning, there is no change in their condition.”
“I see. You can leave them to me then.”

I quickly lit the bug repellent incense so that the smoke covered my body. This way, I wouldn’t bring any of the fleas with me into the sick house.
Once that was finished, I rushed inside.
Victor and the others were wrapped in blankets and lying on the floor.
Due to their fevers, they were sweating and appeared to be in pain.

“Mr. Theo. Welcome back.”
“I’ll make the medicine now, so just wait a little longer.”
“Medicine by Mr. Theo, eh? That sounds promising.”

The healer that was in charge of their treatment came over as well.
And so we exchanged what information we had.

“My antidotes and treatments were of no use… So I leave the rest to you.”

And so I took out the necessary herbs from my magic bag.
Lastly, I took out a few of the other herbs that I had gathered around the hot spring.
These herbs would be used to enhance the effect or reduce the strain on their stomach.

“Just in case, can you show me the poison red berry one more time?”
“Here it is.”

Apparently, the healer was carrying it, and so he showed it to me immediately.
And so I cast Appraisal again to check it.
I especially wanted to know about the structural material of the poison, and its mode of action.
Once that was finished, I cast Appraisal on the gathered herbs again and studied them.

Once I had hammered all of the information into my head, I started to create a detailed and precise image of the antidote in my head.
And once that was done, I activated the crafting skill all at once.
With these things, it was best to do it quickly, before any other thoughts could get in the way.

And then I gathered the completed medicine into a clean container.

“It’s ready… Since they’ll drink it immediately, we don’t need any bottles.”

Normally, I would seal them into bottles and store them in my magic mag.
This was so that their quality would not drop, and I could carry them around.

“Oh, so it’s completed. We should have the patients drink it at once.”

The healer, who had been watching me close by, seemed very excited.
And so I told him to calm down.
“Please wait a little longer. I want to make sure that it was made properly first.”
“In that case, I will drink it. I have plenty of energy.”

Said Victor.
We had to think about the possibility that I had failed.
And if I had failed, a person with more energy was likely to survive.

I lightly observed Victor and the others who were sick.
All of them seemed to have lost a lot of strength.
However, it was still clear that Victor was in better shape than most of them.

“Very well. We’ll have Victor drink it first…”

I then cast my Appraisal skill on the antidote and checked it thoroughly.

“Yes. It seems to be fine.”
“It was made by you, Mr. Theo. I have faith in you.”

Said Victor with a weak chuckle.

“I do think that it should be fine, but we’ll still have Victor drink it first.”

And so I poured the antidote from a bowl into a cup.

“There is a need to drink quite a lot of this antidote. It might be difficult, but try and drink all of it.”
“Yes, leave it to me.”
“While it’s just one cup, the taste is quite bitter. So you can drink it slowly.”
“Thank you for being considerate.”

Victor said, and then without any hesitation, he drank all of the medicine.

“It is bitter. And so it will probably be easier to drink it all at once, instead of slowly.”

And then one of the patients, who had been watching us, said,

“Let me drink it too. I don’t care if it is bitter or not. As long as I don’t have to bear this any longer.”
“We have to wait to see if Victor’s symptoms improve.”
“But you made and appraised it, Mr. Theo. I trust you.”
“That being said…”

However, we would have to wait a few hours at least to confirm that Victor had gotten well.
But I also felt bad about leaving the patients in pain like this for hours.

“Alright, just wait for half an hour then.”
“Very well. If that’s what you say, Mr. Theo. I’ll wait.”

After that, as Victor rested, I told him about how we had defeated the false demon bear.
The other patients also listened while lying down.
It was hard to stay in bed quietly for so long. And so they wanted a distraction.

“That is very good news.”
“The false demon bear was quite strong. I’ll give you a more detailed report when you are better.”
“Yes, I’ll look forward to it.”

I also told him about how we had rescued Shiro’s siblings.
The others who were listening were very happy to hear this.

And as we talked like this, half an hour passed.

“Victor, how do you feel? Is there anything wrong?”
“…I feel much better. I think that my fever has subsided.”
“Anything else?”
“But I still feel like vomiting, and have loose bowels…”
“You have to get all of that out of your body first.”
“I see. Still, it’s much easier now that I don’t have a fever.”

Apparently, I had succeeded in making the antidote.
And so we had the other patients drink it as well.

After that, their temperatures also lowered in no time.

Outside, I could hear the cries of the Fio, Shiro and the wolf cubs.
It looks like they were doing well. I was relieved.

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