Strange Dragon – 70

Chapter 70 – Demon Wolf Cub Tame

I asked Fio,

“Shouldn’t you be the one to tame the cubs, just like you did with Shiro?”
“Hmmm… Shiro, big!”
“Yes, that may be, but…”

Fio was saying that since the cubs were still babies, it would be better for me to tame them.
Shiro was also young, but much larger than them.

“I see… But, I think the wolf cubs will grow very quickly…”
“Wuffu. Slow.”

Apparently, Fio thought that their growth would be slow.

“It’s true that strong creatures have a tendency to grow slower, but…”

Indeed, it took longer for cats than mice, lions than cats, and elephants than lines, to grow to full maturity.
While mice took three months, and cats six, lions took four to five years, and elephants took over ten years.

Demon wolves were significantly stronger than elephants, and so perhaps they also took longer to mature.

“Worried…about demon wolf cubs.”
“I see… In that case, I suppose that I will tame them then.”
“Wuff! Good!”

When I said that I would tame them, Fio and Shiro wagged their tails happily.
Because becoming someone’s familiar meant that you were under their protection.
And so Fio and Shiro were relieved.

“Are you fine with that, wolf cubs?”

Apparently, they were also fine with that.
However, that meant I also had to think of a name now.

“What name do you want?”

Fio, Shiro, and the wolf cubs thought about it.

“Yes. Since your older sister is called Shiro, it should be a name that is similar to that.”

And so I picked up the three cubs one by one and inspected them carefully.
While I thought that they were likely from the same parents, they did have small differences between them.
As for their genders, there was one boy and two girls.

“This boy’s fur is a little darker than the others.”

Of course, it was only slightly darker in comparison.
Shiro and the wolf cubs all had a beautiful, silvery coat.
But the boy was a little closer to black.
It was evident when seeing them lined up together.

“Then I’ll call you Kuro. Is that alright?”

As I held him up, the wolf cub wagged his tail energetically.
I was glad to see that he liked the name.

“And then this girl…”

The two girls were practically the same color as Shiro.
And so it would be difficult to name them based on color.

“Hmm… Do you have any suggestions, Fio and Shiro?”

While we all thought about it, no one seemed to have any good ideas.

“…What about Ruru and Roro?”

There was no meaning behind it. I just thought of the sound.
The older sister was Shiro, and the boy was Kuro. So they both ended with ‘ro.’
And so I chose Roro. As for Ruru, it happened to sound similar to Roro.

It was so random that I thought the others would be against it, but…
“Wuff! Good!”
“Auu! Au!”
Apparently, Fio, Shiro, and even the wolf cubs liked the names.

“Alright, it’s Ruru and Roro then.”

Now that we had decided on names, it was time to tame them.

“I’ll tame you one at a time, so wait in line.”

And so the three cubs sat in a line in front of me.
And then I gathered magic energy into my right hand.

“I, Theodore Dulcame, bestow upon you my power and the name ‘Kuro.’ Now, become my familiar.”
‘I am Kuro! Theodore Dulcame’s familiar!’
“I, Theodore Dulcame, bestow upon you my power and the name ‘Ruru.’ Now, become my familiar.”
‘I am Ruru! Theodore Dulcame’s familiar!’
“I, Theodore Dulcame, bestow upon you my power and the name ‘Roro.’ Now, become my familiar.”
‘I am Roro! Theodore Dulcame’s familiar!’

I tamed all three of them swiftly.
After I was finished, the demon wolf cubs barked and started to play happily.

“Kuro, Ruru, Roro! More energy!”
Fio and Shiro looked happy as well.

“I suppose it’s because my magic energy flowed into them.”

It was almost shocking how energetic they were now.
The moment that they were tamed, a magic connection opened between me and the wolf cubs.

And so my energy poured into them.
They were now playfully attacking me and biting my fingers.

I petted them and inspected them again.

“Still, you sure took a lot of magic energy.”

The stronger the tamed beast was, the more energy they would take.
As Hippolius was incredibly strong, it had taken nearly half of my energy at first.
In the case of these wolf cubs, the three of them together had taken about twenty percent.

“Kuro, Ruru, Roro. That’s impressive, considering how young you are.”
“Fio. How much energy did Shiro take when you tamed her?”

Fio tilted her head and thought about it.
While Shiro was still a child, she was much bigger than her siblings.
And so she would probably take the same amount as all three of them. In other words, twenty percent of my energy.


Apparently, Fio had about forty percent of my magic energy.
That was an incredible amount for a child.

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