Strange Dragon – 37

Chapter 37 – Making A Bath 3

As I was thinking about the water supply system that would be integrated with the magic tool, the Adventurer said,

“Still, Mr. Victor came well-prepared, seeing as he brought a magic tool like that.”
“Yes, this is incredibly useful.”
“While it’s useful for heating water, you don’t actually need a magic tool to do that…”
“That’s not true. This is very useful.”

Aside from baths, hot water was used for various other things. And we’d be using a lot more of it come winter.
Yes, you could heat water without a magic tool.
It was easy if you had a fire. But you needed fuel for fire.

And considering how much hot water we would use for the whole expedition team, we would need a lot of fuel.
Acquiring that much fuel would be a lot of work.

We’d have to cut down trees, carry them back and chop them to the right size and dry them first.
Though, thanks to Hippoilius, the first two steps were easy enough.
Only, no one could have predicted before we departed that someone like Hippolius would be joining us.

“Victor must have brought this in order to save on fuel and manpower.”
“I see.”

The Adventurer, Fio, Shiro, and Hippolius all nodded as if impressed.
After that, the Adventurer was called away by the others.
They had their own work to do.

“Well, see you later then!”
“Yes, thank you.”
“Tank you!”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

I thanked him, and so did Fio and the others.

“Not at all! Ask me any time!”

The Adventurer said bashfully, and then he went running off.

And so I returned to my work.
First, I used the appraisal skill to check the underground water veins again.
Thanks to there being a river nearby, there were a lot of water veins below the base.

I targeted one of them and then activated the crafting skill all at once.
In general, I was doing the same thing as when I made the well.
The system for drawing out the water was also the same.

However, the amount of water would be greatly increased.
The pipes were thicker and the pump larger.

“Now… This is where it gets a little complicated.”

First, I separated the water line into two.
One was for cold water. The other was for hot water.
Because it would be a lot of work to bring in water from the outside well every time you wanted to take a cold bath.

“While the cold water will only be used here… I would like to make it so that the hot water reaches every building by the time it is winter.”

It would be nice to have hot water by the ovens.
Besides, while there were only ovens now, there may eventually be a whole kitchen and dining hall.

“So I have to make sure that this can be expanded…”

Right now, we did not have enough metal materials, and so I could not have pipes stretching out all over the base.
So I would only have pipes leading to the bathtub and washing area.

“And I might as well make it so that you can wash laundry here as well.”

While we usually washed clothes in the river, the water was very cold, even during the summer.
And so it would be an unbearable temperature in winter.
You might get frostbite if you tried to wash clothes like that.

I would then make it so that you could wash clothes while taking a bath.

I just needed to add a faucet to the side of the washing area, and attach a large barrel to put the clothes in.
It looked like I would have to use more metal than I had initially planned.

“I’ll have to ask the geologists if we’ll be able to find more metal…”

If we couldn’t gather more metal by winter, we would have to come up with an alternative.
But I would think about that later.

Right now, I prioritized making the bathing area.

First, I attached Victor’s magic tool to the hot water line.
All the water that passed through it would be just below boiling point.

“That means the pipes will have to be thicker after the magic tool, or they might burst…”

It was called thermal expansion. And so I calculated the thickness while connecting the pipes.
I also installed the cold water pipes so that they were parallel with the hot water pipes.

And I could not forget to split the pipe after connecting it to the magic tool, and plugging it.
That way, it can be expanded later.

Once I was finished installing the pipes, I turned them on to see if they were working.
Thankfully, the water and hot water flowed just as I had planned. That was a relief.

“I might as well fill up the bathtub then.”

It would take some time to fill it with hot water.
And so I would construct the building in the meantime.

I wouldn’t do anything unusual here.
I just decided on the size and structure, and then built it.
I had plenty of wood materials, thanks to Hippolius.

“And I’ll have to install some windows, to release the humidity and for ventilation.”

That being said, I would not use glass. This was so that you could not see in from outside.
As making glass was the hardest part, this was a lot easier than when making the houses.
Still I prepared a space so that I could add a heating system during the winter.


Once I knew what to do, it was time to visualize it in detail.
And so I concentrated and created an image in my mind.
And then I activated the skill and started building.

Just like with the houses, I started at the bottom and built upwards as if stacking the materials.

“All right, it’s done.”

Fio, Shiro and Hippolius looked very happy.
Though, I felt bad that Hippolius could not fit inside. Maybe some time later, I could take Hippolius to an outside hot spring.

“Sorry, Hippolius. I couldn’t make a bath house that you can fit in.”
‘It’s okay!’
“Next time, we can go to one that is outside.”

I finished up earlier than expected. And so we had some time before evening.
Kelly, Victor and the others of the farmland investigation team had not returned to the base yet.

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