10th Year – 19

Part 2 – Chapter 1 – Hot Spring Town

As the carriage swayed along the road, a mass of iron passed them from the side.

“A magitec carriage. I suppose they are delivering gold?”

Mailey said as she watched it go.
The six-wheel magitec car was about the size of a one-box wagon back on earth. It was both faster and more stable than any carriage, but as it consumed magic stones with high purity as fuel, they were not often used. But they could sometimes be seen transporting expensive goods or important people.
Clans with high-ranking Adventurers sometimes owned them, but they really were rare.

“It looks like it’s headed in the same direction as us.”
“You mean Flaretelia?”
“Aye. Though, they are probably going to stop at the hot spring town on the way there, just like us.”

Tor muttered as he looked up at the clear blue sky.
As monster and magitec beasts became active at night, it would be best for them to enter the town. While Tor’s abilities meant they would likely be safe, even if they camped outside, it would be a waste to not stop at a hot spring town that was close by.

“It could be me, but I feel that I’m seeing more Adventurers as well.”

Euphie said as she watched the people on the road.
Most of the Adventurers that passed them by were in their twenties or even younger. And they looked at the trio in the carriage with envy.
The scents from the forest that was carried on the gentle winds caused Tor to yawn.

“They too are headed to the same destination.”
“I didn’t realize Adventurers cared so much about being clean.”
“You don’t want your prey to be able to smell you. And so this hot spring we are headed to is a natural carbonated spring. It does not carry a sulfuric odor. Also, as this is somewhat of a tourist attraction, the monsters and magitec beasts have been exterminated from the area, so it’s rather safe, even for starting Adventurers.”

Though, you also won’t make much. Added Tor. It was then that they saw the walls surrounding the town up ahead.

“However, I think that most of the Adventurers we passed by are after the carbonated potions.”
“Carbonated potions?”

The twins looked puzzled by this thing they had never heard of before.
However, as they had a lot of knowledge from the texts from earth, they were able to quickly guess as to what it was.

“Judging by the name, it must be a potion that uses carbonated water?”
“Could it be that the bubbles make it easier for the magic energy to be absorbed?”
“If they are traveling this far in order to buy it, it must be very effective.”
“However, surely vibrations and any impact would cause the carbon dioxide to be released. That does not sound very practical?”

Before Tor had even explained what it was, they had already thought of possible problems with it. He was very impressed.
Magic energy was absorbed into the air easily, and so the bubbles made the potions more effective. This knowledge was known to some.

And for Adventurers whose lives were always in danger, a fast healing method was incredibly valuable.
And yet, circulation was limited. And they could only be purchased near hot springs with carbonated water.
This was because, even if you bought them, the carbon dioxide would leak if it shook or moved suddenly. And then they would be ordinary potions when drunk.
As it wasn’t very practical, it was considered to be a joke or a souvenir at best.

Of course, there were always Adventurers who had just started, and would want to try it out after hearing rumors. It was because they were so prone to injury, that they wanted to try it at least once. Perhaps they could find a way of carrying it safely, and could make a fortune.
In Tor’s case, he had once wanted to recreate carbonated drinks from earth. And so he bought some carbonated water. However, it was too weak, and so he had given up.

“It’s a road that all Adventurers travel through. But as they can still use the hot spring, it’s not a total loss.”

We went through the gates and then got out of the carriage. The twins immediately searched for a store that sold the carbonated potions, and began to browse.
Tor wasn’t sure what expectations they had. He paid off the driver and then turned to them.

“It’s really not worth anything, outside of being a souvenir.”
“That is not true. Besides, even if it is just a gift or a drink, so many Adventurers come here to buy it. Surely it must be cheaper here than in other towns?”
“Very good, Mailey. You truly are the daughter of a merchant.”

In fact, they did tend to be cheaper here than other towns. In short, they were a type of promotion for the town. And so they didn’t care as much about making a profit off of them.
Because anyone who came here for the potions would buy other things as well.

“Let’s find an inn first. They will sell the carbonated potions at any inn that has a hot spring.”
“Then which should we go to?”
“But we don’t have any money.”
“I’ll pay. Once we reach Flaretelia, you two will start your combat training. And so you should restore your energy while you can.”
“Thank you.”
“I’ll wash your back for you.”
“Men and women are separated in the baths. So are the rooms. I’m not your bodyguard anymore, and so there is no need for me to be with you twenty-four-seven.”

Tor brushed away their joke and they entered a random inn.
It was a wooden building with two stories. Old, but very solid-looking. The reception floor was small, but the receptionist looked very refined.

“I will take you to your room then. You can enjoy our hot spring for as long as you stay.”

The room they were led to was shaped like a T. There was a living room when you stepped in. To the right, the bedroom, and to the left, a balcony. You could see the courtyard from the balcony

“Your rooms are right next to each other. Will you also take your meals separately?”
“We would rather eat with Mr. Tor.”
“We still have much to discuss about our plans.”
“Then please have three meals brought to this room.”
“Certainly. As for the menu, which would you prefer, meat or fish? Both are specialties of Flaretelia dungeon.”
“I’ll have the fish. What about you two?”
“That way, we can taste both.”

How very calculating of them.
They were then told to use the bathing clothes on the shelves, and then the receptionist left the room. Tor put down his things and looked at the yard.
It was well tended to. That alone showed that the inn was successful.
Euphie and Mailey sat and waited on the chairs.

“Mr. Tor. Let’s have some tea.”
“We can bathe after that.”
“You two are already enjoying yourselves.”

They should have been tired from their travels, which they weren’t used to, but they seemed quite excited as they prepared the tea. A tea set had been prepared by the inn.

“We’ve never been to an inn before.”
“I did hear that they were common in your homeland, Japan. Is there anything we need to know in terms of manners?”
“Wash before entering, so you do not dirty the water. Also, don’t swim. Though, in Japan, people bathe without any clothes on.”
“So there are enough that you can have a whole hot spring to yourself.”
“No, everyone bathes like that together.”
“…Oh, uh…”
“Hey, why are you reacting like that? Well, of course, you would. But just so you know, men and women are separated.”

He chuckled as the two looked away in embarrassment.
Tor sensed that the atmosphere was about to get awkward, and so he pretended to remember something as he looked through his belongings.
He then took out a key, and a few sheets of paper that were in a leather tube.

“I’ll give this to you two. Documents from the ancient civilization that I gathered. And this is the key to the storage with fallen items. I was going to just sell them, but perhaps you two can make better use of it all.”

The two looked at the offered key and leather tube and they scowled.
However, they must have exchanged thoughts after that, as their expressions softened and they accepted the items.

“We accept them gratefully.”
“Ah, but you cannot take out the items from storage until you finish your training in Flaretelia. I want you two to be able to use Enchant.”
“Very well. I’ll see it as receiving one’s wages in advance.”

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